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Wikizine[modificare sursă]

Hi, I am w:nl:gebruiker:Walter of the dutch Wikipedia. I am writing you because your are listed as ambassador of your wiki. I have something to say that I think you will find useful and possibly others of your wiki also.

You know it is not easy for the members of a local wiki to be informed about what is going on in the higher levels of the Wikimedia family. This because of the language problem and the high level of fragmentation of places where you can find information.

I am now making a weekly news letter (Wikizine) that attempts to provide the news of the Wikimedia projects. The concept is to list only a very short description of the news an give the relevant url to the subject. I want it to be short, only give the news that is important for all projects. The target audience include the ambassadors. It is for people who are interested in what it going on outside there own wiki. I emphasize on the news that is practical-technical. The information comes form several "news"-pages on several wikis, the mailinglists and IRC. There will be news I can not discover. If you have news found somewhere or from you own wiki please let my know. wikizine AT wikipedia.be

I can only create one version in something that supposed to be English. I count on the readers to inform there local wiki about the news in there own language.

Wikizine is send by use of the mailinglist Announce-l. It is only used for this. So people can subscribe without being swamped by emails like the lists.


I hope that you and others of your wiki will subscribe to Wikizine and give feedback. So that Wikizine can become really a source where Wikimedians can find out what is going on. Greetings, w:nl:gebruiker:Walter PS: do not repond here. I will not see it.

Stress in Eugeniu Coșeriu[modificare sursă]

Could someone please give me the correct pronunciation (especially the place of stress) of the name Eugeniu Coșeriu? My guess is [ɛuˈʤɛnju kɔˈʃɛrju], i.e. with stresses on Eugeniu Coșeriu and the i’s not forming a syllable of their own. Please answer me at my German talk page (in any language you like). --Daniel Bunčić, 19 mai 2006 14:42 (EEST)

Historical map help on Commons[modificare sursă]

In order to avoid another Serb-Croat flame war I would like someone with good historical knowledge to give their opinions. Map commons:Image:Serbia1918.png and deletion request: commons:Commons:Deletion_requests/Image:Serbia1918.png --Ivan Bajlo 30 iulie 2007 13:41 (EEST)

Petre_Hartopeanu[modificare sursă]

Liebe Kollegen,

Übersetzung wäre schön, wenn jemand kann deutsch-rumänisch und deutsch-englisch:


und Diskussion:


Petre_Hartopeanu war ein Künstler mit Herz und Verstand und ein sehr angenehmer Mensch!

Ich kann nicht rumänisch, es wäre schön, wenn jemand aus deutsch übersetzen kann, eine englische Übersetzung wäre auch willkommen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus München http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer:Tamas_Szabo 18 decembrie 2007 03:42 (EET)

Copyright[modificare sursă]

Bonjour, Copyright or not copyright? Dans le cas des oeuvres de l'esprit produites en URSS, il n'y a pas de copyright. Pourriez vous m'indiquer s'il en va de même pour la Roumanie entre 1945 à 1989? (la question vise notamment ce tableau de Jules Perahim datant de 1952).

Merci, Popo le Chien 6 mai 2008 11:45 (EEST)

PS: English translation possible / Deutsche Übersetzung möglich / Traduccion en castillano possible -> fr:Discussion Utilisateur:Popo le Chien

Gimnasia y Esgrima[modificare sursă]

Que tal. Les escribo porque soy redactor del artículo Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata en la Wiki en español (donde es destacado), portugues (en vías de ser destacado), inglés (a punto de ser artículo bueno), simple english (propuesto a destacado) y ayudo en francés e italiano. El motivo de este mensaje es para saber si alguien podría ayudarme a redactar aunque sea algo mínimo en esta wikipedia. Bueno, no molesto más. Saludos a todos. --Elnegrojose 1 iulie 2008 05:41 (EEST)

Catalin Ionel Tutunaru[modificare sursă]

I created the article Catalin Ionel Tutunaru after it was added to the English Wikipedia. I now think that the article may be a hoax. There is an AfD for the English article at en:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Catalin Ionel Tutunaru. --Eastmain 31 iulie 2008 20:32 (EEST)

I deleted it on en.wiki; I'll delete it here as well. Thank you for the notification! --Gutza DD+ 31 iulie 2008 21:20 (EEST)

Nuisible international[modificare sursă]


Je vous signale l'arrivée sur votre wikipedia de Utilizator:Канопус Киля, bloqué sur 4 wiki dont son wiki d'origine.

Cet utilisateur tente d'imposer aux wikis étrangères l'utilisation de Kharkov pour désigner Kharkiv.

Nous avons essayé de discuter avec lui sur la wikipedia francophone (voir fr:Discuter:Kharkov).

Gèrez ce cas comme vous le souhaitez, mais sachez qu'il est complètement fermé à la discussion.

Bon courage

--Hercule (discuție) 5 august 2008 18:35 (EEST)

Merci de nous avoir prévenus, ainsi que d'avoir annulé ses actions. — AdiJapan 5 august 2008 19:29 (EEST)

Hello![modificare sursă]

Could you add Macedonian edition of Wikipedia in the toolbox În alte limbi and in the section Alte limbi on the main page? Our Wiki has more than 20.000 articles now. Thank you. (discuție) 19 ianuarie 2009 22:03 (EET)

Thank you for notification. However, at the main page, there are links which link only to Wikipedias with more than 100.000 articles.  Remigiu  discută  6 februarie 2009 20:35 (EET)
And the wikis of related languages.--Strainu (دسستي‎)   6 februarie 2009 20:48 (EET)

Translation[modificare sursă]

Hello to evreybody,

I need a little help by translation. Can you please translate the next text into your language and put it here?:

Text (original - Serbian cyrillic):

  • Уколико желите да пронађете кориснике који причају румунски, претражите Категорија:Корисник ro. За остале језике, проверите Категорија:Језичке кутијице.
  • Уколико сте регистрован корисник на Српској Википедији а не разумете српски, молимо вас додајте {{user sr-0}} на вашу корисничку страницу. Ова порука гласи - на српском - да не разумете српски језик, тако да ће остали корисници бити обавештени о томе.

Text (original - Serbian latin):

Text (version on English):

Thanks and regards,

--FriedrickMILBarbarossatalk • 18 octombrie 2009 01:24 (EEST)

Yes check.svg Realizat --Gutza DD+ 18 octombrie 2009 01:41 (EEST)

Pier Gerlofs Donia translation[modificare sursă]

I requested a translation of the article Pier Gerlofs Donia into Romanian, Pier Gerlofs Donia, months ago, back in july. Nothing has been done so far. Could you start translating the English article into Romanian, and link the article into excisting articles while writing it? Thanks in advance, (discuție) 18 noiembrie 2009 18:00 (EET)

Good evening!!![modificare sursă]

Good evening!!! I search and do not know already to whom to address. Who can help? I have placed clause about the known sculptor, but with bad translation on Romanian. I do not know Romanian. Clause was removed with 2 times. Asked the help from many managers, but the help has not found. I have seen full ignorance. I address to you, it is possible you one of those who can to me the help. I should be translated the text about the sculptor Nikolai Shmatko, from English or Russian. These are my clauses. I the author. Please, promote!!!

--Rerter (discuție) 11 ianuarie 2010 19:40 (EET)

Costi Ionita[modificare sursă]

Hi, there is a discussion about the deletion of the article Costi Ionita on the English Wikipedia. The problem is that we cannot find sources for the article. I've seen there are several Google News sources but they're in Romanian and unfortunately we don't know the language. Can someone of you help us understand if they're indeed reliable sources about the subject and, if possible, help put them in the article in the correct place? Thank you very much! --Cyclopia (discuție) 22 ianuarie 2010 20:09 (EET)

Translation request[modificare sursă]

Hello. I am coordinating translations of articles about several Austrian writers and their (recent) books. I would like to ask you to translate the article about the short novel Hominide by Klaus Ebner to Romanian. From the link you can also choose a German, French or Spanish version if this is easier for you. If you need help, you can always contact me on my English or German user page. Mulțumesc for your endeavors. Irina Walter, Baden (Austria) --Irina Walter AT (discuție) 21 iunie 2010 13:41 (EEST)

Request for help[modificare sursă]

Hello. I am a member of the English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee, and one of the users here has requested that I help mediate an ongoing dispute as an uninvolved outsider. I do not have any knowledge of Romanian, however, and I am uncertain what help I can provide or if it is welcome. The dispute concerns Wikipedia:Pagini de recuperat/Ionuț Caragea, perhaps one of you can give me a little bit of context? Coren (discuție) 19 octombrie 2010 17:47 (EEST)

Hi Coren. The short version is: Ionuț Caragea is the real name of User:Lerman Kruger, who wrote the article some time ago. The article was deleted several times from 2007 to 2009 (either as speedy deletion or after the discussion at Wikipedia:Pagini_de_şters/Ionuţ_Caragea (quite a lengthy one as you can see). The same article was deleted shortly after on fr.wp (as fr:Snowdon_King), but is now there again under the name fr:Ionuț Caragea (we should tell them that...). User:Lerman Kruger, either logged in or as anonymous users, tried to re-establish the article since then, until he received a community interdiction to edit on ro.wp. You can find the relevant links on his userpage.
Because of this decision, we now revert all changes he makes here. I cannot speak for other people, but I would agree that an outsider view on the recovery of the article would be acceptable and even welcome, but the person in question should still be banned from ro.wp.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  19 octombrie 2010 18:15 (EEST)
That confirms my machine-translated impression. For what it's worth, and presuming that the Romanian Wikipedia's criteria for inclusion are close to those of the English Wikipedia, I would be disinclined to intervene (especially since there appears to be a clear conflict of interest). The article on the French Wikipedia seems sourced very thinly, certainly insufficiently to survive a request for deletion on my home wiki.

The editor that contacted me claims not to be Ionuț Caragea, however, and I would like to clarify the matter. Perhaps one of your checkusers could contact me and we can compare notes to rule this out? Coren (discuție) 19 octombrie 2010 18:27 (EEST)

Ionuț Caragea has a long history of claiming to be someone else. He also seems to be well versed in using proxies to avoid user checks. Just in the last few days he edited from 3 or 4 countries. It's only his style and the kind of claims he makes that allow us recognizing him.
Yesterday he hit the sweet spot by sending us an ultimatum email: lift the ban or I'll publish an article in the Romanian media uncovering the censorship and corruption at this Wikipedia. My guess is that this will expedite the discussion we're having about lifting his ban (by not lifting it). — AdiJapan 19 octombrie 2010 18:53 (EEST)
Also see e-mail. —Andreidiscuție 19 octombrie 2010 18:57 (EEST)
All of this is consistent with self-promotion, and I'm just one more venue to hit with claims of censorship. I've responded to the editor (evidently the same editor you've been having trouble with) declining to intervene in the matter. Thanks for your attention, people. Coren (discuție) 19 octombrie 2010 20:44 (EEST)

a list of keywords[modificare sursă]


I'm doing my project into language processing and I'm using Wikipedia. I want to use several languages in the tests, included the one of this version. And since I need some articles to analyze I wanted to ask for your help. Precisely, some keywords I will explain now.

Actually what I am looking for is a list in your language with the names of those territories which represents an entity of speakers (therefore possible wikipedia contributors) of your language, the name its people or gentilic, and the name of the language (if it is the same language and it has a different name). These territories must be in practice independent from each others or at least be considered so by the speakers. This is the case of colonies, excolonies, other countries which historically speak the same language or minorities attached into the country next to yours.

For example, a list in english something like. "english", "england", "irish", "ireland", "scottish", "scotland", "british", "united_kingdom", "american", "united_states", "canada", "canadian", "australia", "australian", "new_zealand", "new_zealander". Probably there are some others which are not very big but I don't know cuz I'm not familiar.

If you were so kind to produce me this list, I would so appreciate it! Thank you very much!

--Micrib (discuție) 20 noiembrie 2010 02:15 (EET)

I guess this could be it:
I'm not sure how to call the Romanian speakers in Voievodina. I guess still Romanians (in română români) or bănățeni (as the zone is also known as the Serbian Banat)?
In Romania there are 3 main historical provinces (Ardeal, Moldova, Muntenia), but the language differences are very small, and nowadays, with people moving around, everybody knows most of the words specific to a region. Except those, there are 3 more smaller regions (Banat - sometimes included in Ardeal, Dobrogea - quite often included in Muntenia and Bucovina - very often included in Moldova).--Strainu (دسستي‎)  20 noiembrie 2010 14:58 (EET)

Thank you very much. It's been so useful! --Micrib (discuție) 20 noiembrie 2010 22:16 (EET)

Fișier:James m buchanan.jpg[modificare sursă]

This fair use image has been replaced with a free alternative in the James M. Buchanan article. It can probably be deleted. I am unfamiliar with local policies. Does an experienced editor here know what to do? If someone wants to tell me what template to use in this case, I would appreciate it.--Chaser (discuție) 14 ianuarie 2011 22:54 (EET)

{{șr}} (ștergere rapidă) is the quiqk delete template for ro.wp. I will take care of the fair use image.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  14 ianuarie 2011 23:01 (EET)
{{speedy}} (such as in Commons, en.wp etc) works equally well. —Andreidiscuție 9 februarie 2011 12:12 (EET)

100 Books of the Century[modificare sursă]

(I do not speak Romanian, but I am interested in languages generally.)
I have now translated this English page en:Le Monde's 100 Books of the Century into Romanian. It is a book list.
I have already created Polish and Russian versions of the page.
My question: What should I call the page in Romanian?
It is called:

  • Le Monde's 100 Books of the Century

because the list was created by the Paris newspaper Le Monde.
Sincerely, Varlaam (discuție) 9 februarie 2011 07:42 (EET) (in Toronto)

Probably something like this: Cele 100 de cărți ale secolului după Le Monde. I'm not sure if Le Monde should really be specified in the title, unless there is at least one more such list. Without Le Monde, the title should be: Cele 100 de cărți ale secolului. — AdiJapan 9 februarie 2011 10:39 (EET)
In every language, except the original French, it says "Le Monde". Because, of course, other organizations can create lists.
The Norwegians have a list called The Best Books of All Time which I will probably translate into other languages, including Romanian.
That is perfect for now.
Of course, Romanian readers are invited to make any necessary corrections or improvements after the page appears.
Thanks, Varlaam (discuție) 9 februarie 2011 12:07 (EET)

The page, Cele 100 de cărți ale secolului după Le Monde, is now active.
Thanks very much.
I only used the information available to me in Romanian WP.
So readers might know the Romanian titles of some books that I could not find here.
Varlaam (discuție) 15 februarie 2011 20:39 (EET) (in Toronto)

P.S. I have never visited Romania, but I have seen Romania.
I saw Romania on the other side of the Danube when I was in Serbia in 1987.
I was close enough to swim to Romania.
Thanks, Varlaam (discuție) 15 februarie 2011 20:43 (EET)

Foundation Images Policy[modificare sursă]

Hi everyone,
I am Yosri from Malay Wikipedia. Recently I was informed by certain parties that MS Wiki need to delete any images tagged as Non-Commercial under Foundation Licensing policy. After I have done some studies, I realised that Wikipedia Foundations is moving towards allowing commercialises all images, as such they are acting on behalf of commercial company to require all images loaded with tagging Non-Commercial in all Wiki Project to be removed, including those loaded in local Wiki. You are only allowed to licenses your images under "free content", which specifically allows commercial reuse, example GDLF 1.2. Certain images is exempted under a very narrow EDP ("exemption doctrine policy") definition. If you all already aware about this, please ignore this comment. Otherwise, for more details please visit http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Village_pump#Wikimedia_projects_still_using_non-commercial-only_images.3F Yosri (discuție) 2 martie 2011 07:19 (EET)

Thanks for bringing this up Yosri. We now have an EDP (Wikipedia:Materiale protejate). I have updated the meta page accordingly.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  2 martie 2011 10:01 (EET)

Article request[modificare sursă]

Hi! Would you mind creating an article about en:Interstate Aviation Committee in Romanian?

The language of Moldova (one of the IAC member states) is Romanian (although there it is called "Moldovan" and written in Cryllic).

Thank you, WhisperToMe (discuție) 23 iunie 2011 03:16 (EEST)

It's written in Cyrillic in the breakaway region of Transnistria. In the rest of Moldova it uses the same orthography as in Romania. — AdiJapan 23 iunie 2011 05:08 (EEST)
Oh, ok. Anyway, would anyone mind having a version of en:Interstate Aviation Committee in Romanian? Thank you WhisperToMe (discuție) 13 septembrie 2011 00:14 (EEST)

Cuisine roumaine[modificare sursă]

Bonjour. Nous avons un problème avec quelques plats et ustensiles présentés comme typiquement Roumains sur la wikipédia en Français :

Merci de commenter sur fr:Discussion Projet:Alimentation et gastronomie#Cuisine roumaine, le retour, des sources de qualité seraient très appréciées. Amicalement, Comte0 (discuție) 6 iulie 2011 15:58 (EEST)

Fișier:Tratatul de aderare semnare.jpg[modificare sursă]

This image needs to be deleted, since it is not free enough for Wikipedia. The template on it is one where conditions for use can be specified, and says that these cannot restrict "commercial or educational use". However, the conditions specified include "no non-commercial use". The image was copied to the English Wikipedia and has been listed for deletion there. Innotata (discuție) 12 august 2011 23:42 (EEST)

Cerere pentru traducere textului explaciv al unei truse importante viaf.user.js[modificare sursă]

Greasemonkey-Skript "viaf"

Dragi prieteni! Vă rog să traduceți textul explicativ de la pagina Utilizator:Леонид Розенфельд/Greasemonkey-Skript în limba română. Vă rog să adaugați traducerea la sfărșitul paginii. Mulțumesc anticipat! Amike user:Gangleri (fost administrator cu ani în urmă)
Traducerea poate fii adaugată și direct la commons:Commons:VIAF inter project linking/viaf.user.js_Greasemonkey-Skript/ro. Mulțirumesc anticipat! ‫·‏לערי ריינהארט‏·‏T‏·‏m‏:‏Th‏·‏T‏·‏email me‏·‏‬ 29 august 2011 02:18 (EEST)

Translations wanted[modificare sursă]

Hello all, For Wiki Loves Monuments we would like the following page to be translated: http://etherpad.wikimedia.org/WLM-thankyou-survey-ro Please make sure that " here[LINK] " links to a local page on this wiki where new users can read about editing Wikipedia. The talkpage message should be in wikisyntax (and can be gender specific), the survey will be elsewhere. If you have questions, just ask on the chat on the right of the linked page, at IRC(webbased version) or at my talkpage. Thanks! - Romaine (discuție) 5 octombrie 2011 00:52 (EEST)

Photo request - TAROM head office/Int'l Departures building at Otopeni Airport[modificare sursă]


I would like to ask somebody to take a photo for Wikipedia. It is:

  • TAROM headquarters in International departures building at Henri Coanda Airport, with TAROM logos visible

It would be useful to the TAROM article Thank you WhisperToMe (discuție) 15 decembrie 2011 02:51 (EET)

Photo request: Int'l departures building at Otopeni Airport, Bucharest[modificare sursă]

Would anyone mind photographing the Int'l departures building at Otopeni Airport, Bucharest? It needs to be photographed because it is the TAROM headquarters

Thank you WhisperToMe (discuție) 27 februarie 2012 23:14 (EET)

QRpedia?[modificare sursă]

hi[modificare sursă]

Please help: replace this red text with a translation of the English message below. Thank you!
@MonmouthpediA announces the Charles Rolls Challenge

This is a multilingual collaboration to create a wiki-town. All Wikipedians can take part, in any Wikipedia language. The challenge was announced on 1 March (Prizegiving webstreamed on 21st April).
[Sign up now!]
"Can you imagine a Wiki Project that involves 1,000 QRpedia codes and free WiFi?"

About 15 articles so far in Welsh, could we have entrants from Romania? Victuallers (discuție) 29 februarie 2012 16:35 (EET)

articol Ion Mincu revizuit[modificare sursă]

Sint managerul unui program al Ordinului Arhitectilor din Romania - Centenarul Arhitect Ion Mincu.

Din acest program face parte un modul de promovare nationala si internationala a arhitectului. Credem ca promovarea pe internet este cea mai eficienta si atinge un numar foarte mare de persoane tinta.

Am comandat unui cercetator in istoria arhitecturii un articol enciclopedic Ion Mincu si am dori sa-l oferim wikipedia.ro, deocamdata in romana, imediat apoi in engleza si franceza, poate si in germana si spaniola in etapa viitoare.

Va rog sa ma lamuriti: - daca este nevoie sa ne facem un cont pe wikipedia care sa ne dea permisiunea de a uploada articolele enciclopedice - daca aveti o structura standard pentru articolele enciclopedice referitoare la personalitati - cum procedam cu tag-urile sau link-urile catre alti termeni existenti pe wikipedia - cum intram in legatura cu administratia wikipedia international - de ce trebuie sa tinem cont ca sa atingem acest obiectiv al proiectului.

De asemenea, odata cu acest proiect, ne-ar interesa sa initiem si un articol similar privind Ordinul Arhitectilor din Romania. Exista o structura standard pentru institutii/organizatii?

Va multumesc.

Monica Lotreanu arhitect si istoric de arta monica.lotreanu@gmail.com

Bună seara și bine ați venit pe Wikipedia. Ne bucurăm întotdeauna să primim materiale care respectă anumite standarde de calitate. Aveți răspunsurile mai jos:
  • Nu este nevoie să aveți un cont pentru a edita articolele Wikipedia și nici nu sunt permise conturi "publice", care pot fi folosite de mai multe persoane (ca de ex. Utilizator:Ordinul Arhitecților din România). Totuși, pentru a păstra mai bine legătura, ar fi preferabil să numiți o persoană de contact care să-și facă cont și să scrie și articolul. Contul nu necesită niciun fel de informații personale, nici măcar adresa de email.
  • Oarecum. Structura generală a unui articol poate fi găsită la Wikipedia:Manual de stil (există și o secțiune specială pentru biografii). Pentru articolele biografice, mai trebuie urmate îndrumările de la Wikipedia:Articole_biografice, care se referă mai ales la criteriile de notabilitate, după care se decide dacă persoana respectivă trebuie să aibă un articol pe Wikipedia. Articolul Ion Mincu are deja o oarecare formă, cred că nu va fi foarte greu să fie adaptată articolului nou.
  • Legăturile interne se fac astfel: [[Articol]]. Mai multe detalii despre marcajele wiki găsiți la Ajutor:Cum_modific_o_pagină
  • Fundația Wikimedia nu se implică în niciun fel în politica editorială, mai ales la Wikipedia în limba română, deci nu vă vor putea ajuta direct în realizarea obiectivelor proiectului. Dacă doriți totuși să-i contactați, aveți adresa de email pe site.
  • Cel mai important lucru de care trebuie să țineți cont este Politica oficială. În plus, se pune mare bază pe Citarea surselor și implicit și pe selecția lor conform acestor sfaturi.
    În plus, trebuie să acceptați faptul că oricine va putea modifica articolul respectiv, precum și că el va fi licențiat sub o licență care permite orice fel de reutilizare, inclusiv comercială.
    De asemenea, este posibil ca persoana care se va ocupa de scrierea articolului să întâlnească ocazional reacții mai puțin prietenoase. Este important ca în aceste situații să comunice cu calm în vederea rezolvării disputelor.
Vă urăm mult succes în întreprinderea dvs. și vă mulțumim că ați ales să contribuiți la Wikipedia.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  6 martie 2012 20:53 (EET)

Shanghai Y10[modificare sursă]

nu vb chineza si nu wp contine informatii ca Shanghai Y10 este copie dupa boeing707. vreau sa-i dati in judecata sau sa indepartati afirmatiaFormat:Need cite


Din păcate mesajul dvs. este de neînțeles. Puteți lăsa un mesaj în altă limbă dacă doriți.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  7 iulie 2012 12:59 (EEST)

Translation please[modificare sursă]

can you translate this articles =>> Specialized city and this =>> Types of cities by geographical regions. Thank you very much !. פארוק (Diskussion) 23:00, 12. Aug. 2012 (CEST)

If they were better referenced, maybe we would be more tempted to translate them. Otherwise, they look like someone's original research, and we tend to focus our translation efforts on good quality articles — B-class at least. —Andreidiscuţie 13 august 2012 15:29 (EEST)

GibraltarpediA[modificare sursă]

'Domesday Book'
Please translate the text below into the language of your wiki

We would like to invite you to contribute to the GibraltarpediA project, the world's first WIkipedia City. The project needs writers, photographers, translators and others to help build the first wiki city which bridges Europe and Africa. We are going to transform Gibraltar and the surrounding areas in Morocco and Spain into areas rich with encyclopedic content immediately accessible using QR codes and NFC on plaques for visitors and local people.

There are prizes to reward contributors in the Gibraltarpedia Multilingual challenge for the best editors, photographs and cartographers... whoever you are. More at Gibraltarpedia.org

'Domesday Book'

--Palinodial (discuție) 30 august 2012 14:14 (EEST)

it.wiki in trouble, once again, this time is worse than last year[modificare sursă]

Hi, this is just to let you know that the dangerous law that wasn't issued last year, when we blacked-out the site, is once again under discussion at the Italian Senate. This time things seem to be much much worse than one year ago. The act is now harder and contains many more obligations, so many and so dangerous that no sysops would work at such conditions because it would definitely be too risky. Very few among our users would go on editing BLPs or "spicy" topics any more because it could be very costly: up to 100,000 euros! And any legalised troll saying that something in our articles disturbs him, would be entitled to request an addition (inside the article) which actually we are not going to accept because the troll is not required to be honest and tell the truth, any liar would be legally welcomed and we couldn't even comment... (I'm not kidding, it's incredible but true...)
Moreover, this time the approval could more probably be forced by the so-called technical government (headed by Mr. Monti), and all the bigger Italian parties toghether (Berlusconians hands in hands with former communists - both had separately tried to enforce such an act before) are working for strengthening the act. So, this time we need a critical help from anyone, we need it now because the scheduled vote on next Monday could be the last time we can freely work on it.wiki. We need it strong because main Italian media are simply ignoring our protest, and we can't read any news about it outside the web.
So, please, please, please, do whatever you can in order to avoid at least that this can happen in a complete silence. Inform your deputy, call the closest Italian embassy, spam your papers and/or our Senators (open individual files for addresses), use your fantasy and do whatever you think might be strongly helpful in protecting Wikipedia, starting from spreading the news across the WikiWorld.
Any little thing you can do will be vitally important for it.wiki.
Thank you in advance --g (talk) 00:09, 27 October 2012 (UTC)

As a start, I translated the sitenotice message: [1]. — AdiJapan 27 octombrie 2012 16:45 (EEST)

Interwiki request[modificare sursă]

--Sije (discuție) 18 ianuarie 2013 04:36 (EET)

Rezolvat Done. Thank you. //  Gikü  vorbe  fapte  sâmbătă, 19 ianuarie 2013 15:26 (EET)

Wikimedia Polska scholarships for Wikimania 2013[modificare sursă]

Hello! On behalf of Wikimedia Polska (WMPL), Wikimedia's local chapter in Poland, I would like to invite those active editors of this project, who wish to take part in Wikimania 2013 in Hongkong (August 7-11), to apply for WMPL's scholarship. It is WMPL's annual tradition that we fund scholarships for Wikimania not only for Polish editors, but also for a group of Wikimedians from other former Eastern Bloc states. The scholarship covers air travel, accomodation, insurance and conference fee. If you would like to learn more or ask any questions, please visit this site. Hope to see you there! Powerek38 (discuție) 6 februarie 2013 00:59 (EET)

Arieșeni - 2 articles[modificare sursă]

Hello. Please verify: Arieșeni, Alba and Comuna Arieșeni, Alba. I think it's the same locality. (The interwikis are identical). The 2 atricles should be united into one. Best regards: -- Akela (discuție) 9 decembrie 2013 19:28 (EET)

Comuna Arieșeni, Alba is an administrative unit (see en:Communes of Romania) composed of 18 villages, while Arieșeni, Alba is one of those 18 villages. Răzvan Socol mesaj 9 decembrie 2013 20:48 (EET)
I have sorted the interwiki links: Q1820095 is for the commune and Q15293538 is for the village. Most projects have only one article, which reffers to the commune. Only ro.wiki and uk.wiki have separate articles for each of the items. Răzvan Socol mesaj 9 decembrie 2013 21:11 (EET)

The Top 100 Crime Novels[modificare sursă]

en Hi,
I am compiling a Romanian version of this English book list: en:The Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time.
What is a good Romanian name for the page when it is finished?
Thank you.
In Toronto, Varlaam (discuție) 30 decembrie 2013 08:48 (EET)

Use one of these:
  • Cele mai bune 100 de romane polițiste dintotdeauna
  • Cele mai bune 100 de romane polițiste din toate timpurile
AdiJapan 30 decembrie 2013 11:24 (EET)
Hello again!
You helped me before with my earlier list, Cele 100 de cărți ale secolului după Le Monde.
My worry with this new list is that it has no "după Le Monde" in the title.
The title is too extreme, and readers can object to the title.
So what do you think?
If the Romanian title were:
"... according to mystery writers"
or "... according to British and American mystery writers"
or "... according to English-speaking writers"
then maybe that would be a better title for everyone.
But thanks.
We now have a title to begin with.
Cheers, Varlaam (discuție) 30 decembrie 2013 18:26 (EET)
The Romanian title is a little confusing, yes, but the English one is just as confusing, because it's not immediately apparent that it's a book title. I think we should use the direct translation as I suggested above and then explain things in the lead section. As far as I can tell, none of the 15 articles on the same subject in other languages specify the source in the title. But if this turns out to be a problem, we can add "(book)" at the end of the title as a disambiguation-like specifier. In Romanian, that would give:
Cele mai bune 100 de romane polițiste dintotdeauna (carte)
I think the "according to" versions are excessively long. — AdiJapan 30 decembrie 2013 19:38 (EET)
It is better to discuss first and avoid a problem later.
This is how the table looks now:
Nr. Titlul original Titlul în română Autor An
1 en:The Daughter of Time Fiica timpului Josephine Tey 1951
2 en:The Big Sleep Somnul de veci (film) Raymond Chandler 1939
The English page does not include films, because most of the books have their own page.
In other languages, I have been adding films so people will have more pages to read.
Varlaam (discuție) 31 decembrie 2013 06:28 (EET)
I've edited the table headings. Have fun! (And a happy New Year!) — AdiJapan 31 decembrie 2013 10:52 (EET)
This is why I like working at rowiki. It is friendly here.
Not all WP projects are like this one. Not at all.
And a happy new year to you.
I met a Transylvanian here a week ago. He works in the IT department where I have been going to graduate school.
In Toronto, Varlaam (discuție) 1 ianuarie 2014 19:58 (EET)
Cele mai bune 100 de romane polițiste dintotdeauna
The page is active.
Thanks, Varlaam (discuție) 2 ianuarie 2014 05:23 (EET)

Sockpuppeteer Beleiutz[modificare sursă]

Hello. I'm principally active on English Wikipedia and on Commons, where the user Utilizator:Beleiutz has been causing long-term problems with copyright violations, spamming, promotional language, sockpuppetry, and other disruptive editing. The user is exclusively interested in certain Romanian celebrities, and even claims to officially represent them. I've checked a few of his sockpuppets' contributions here and have seen that the behaviour is similar. As I don't have a good enough understanding of Romanian Wikipedia's policies, perhaps an administrator here could investigate and issue any necessary warnings or blocks. Here's a list of sockpuppets discovered and confirmed so far:

The user also edits anonymously from a wide range of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Further details can be found at the following:

Psychonaut (discuție) 1 ianuarie 2014 14:38 (EET)

Thanks for the warning. We'll watch them. Happy New Year! -- Victor Blacus (discuție) 1 ianuarie 2014 15:19 (EET)
I do not understand these people.
If they have so much energy, why don't they do something good with it?
I have Wikipedia Master Editor on my professional résumé, in the section called "Volunteer Work".
Cheers, Varlaam (discuție) 1 ianuarie 2014 19:46 (EET)

There's a fresh sockpuppet account, Laurian D. (discuție · contribuții), which is being disruptive on English Wikipedia and on Commons. The account is also active on this wiki; an administrator may want to check it out. —Psychonaut (discuție) 16 ianuarie 2014 23:15 (EET)

And yet another one resuming copyvios here and on Commons: Mariusescu Grigore (discuție · contribuții). Psychonaut (discuție) 20 ianuarie 2014 18:46 (EET)
Active again today as Vlad 22222 (discuție · contribuții). —Psychonaut (discuție) 10 februarie 2014 00:51 (EET)
He's back here today as Andrei Dorian (discuție · contribuții). See the SPI on en.wiki for further details. —Psychonaut (discuție) 12 februarie 2014 23:45 (EET)
And he's back again as Matei Traian (discuție · contribuții), as per en:Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/Beleiutz. —Psychonaut (discuție) 14 februarie 2014 17:36 (EET)
Can you confirm this IP? -- Victor Blacus (discuție) 14 februarie 2014 23:41 (EET)
Yep, that's him. He makes a lot of anonymous edits from that IPv6 range. And in this case his self-identification as "Vlad Mateescu" and his claims to represent movie distributors are dead giveaways. In the past two days he's left similar messages on English Wikipedia: [2] [3] [4]Psychonaut (discuție) 15 februarie 2014 00:07 (EET)
Thanks. That matches this. -- Victor Blacus (discuție) 15 februarie 2014 00:39 (EET)

By the way, as this is turning into a major cross-wiki problem (Wikimedia Commons plus English, Romanian, French, Spanish, German, and other Wikipedias) there's now a cross-wiki vandalism report on Meta to help track things: meta:Vandalism reports#BeleiutzPsychonaut (discuție) 15 februarie 2014 00:09 (EET)

OK, he's on the watchlist. -- Victor Blacus (discuție) 15 februarie 2014 00:42 (EET)

Beleiutz is back as Vasi Mihai (discuție · contribuții) and very active here. Victor Blacus or other admins, could you please block and do the necessary cleanup? —Psychonaut (discuție) 28 iunie 2014 14:40 (EEST)

Blocked till infinity. To help with cleaning please confirm IP 2a02:2f0e:d2af:ffff::bc1b:2efd (and others that appear there as well). -- Victor Blacus (discuție) 28 iunie 2014 15:24 (EEST)
The IPv6 addresses are consistent with the ranges normally used by Beleiutz, and the behaviour matches very well (use of Reflinks, fixation on certain Romanian celebrities such as Andra, use of inappropriately promotional language such as "legendara cântăreață", addition of copyright-infringing images uploaded by his sockpuppets). Looks like a definite match to me. —Psychonaut (discuție) 28 iunie 2014 19:39 (EEST)

He's back again today as Georgiana Ene (discuție · contribuții). —Psychonaut (discuție) 29 iunie 2014 14:01 (EEST)

Ten years of Wikipedia in Asturian language[modificare sursă]

Excuse me for not speaking Romanian yet.

Oviedo, September 8, 2014

Asturian is alive and in use.

Next September 12 and 13, the Asturian Wikipedia community of users will celebrate with the support of Wikimedia España Chapter the tenth anniversary of Uiquipedia, the free encyclopedia in Asturian. The events will take place in Auditorio Príncipe Felipe (Plaza La Gesta, Oviedo).

The first article in Asturian was «Zazaki», a minority language spoken in Turkey. That first edit was in July 26, 2004. Ten years later, more than 800 000 edits have been made on almost 20 000 articles, and numbers are growing every day with the work of tens of volunteers. And it doesn’t stop there: other Wikimedia projects in Asturian have developed, such as Wikicionary, Wikisource and Wikiquote. Managed by Wikimedia Foundation, all of them make part of a global movement that started in 2001 when Wikipedia started with the goal of delivering freely all human knowledge.

To commemorate this date, Uiquipedia and Wikimedia España are carrying out two days of celebration events so that the projects in Asturian are better known. Literature, poetry music and traditions in Asturian will be present. It’s free and everybody is welcome. In addition, Wikimedia España will have its annual General Assembly in Oviedo.

See here the schedule of activities.

B25es (discuție) 8 septembrie 2014 19:36 (EEST)

Borrar mi página de usuario y su discusión[modificare sursă]

Saludos hermanos rumanos. Quisiera que me hagáis un favor: deseo que borren mi página de usuario y su discusión. Lo que sucede es que no tengo planes para contribuir en vuestra Wikipedia pues no domino vuestro idioma. Espero vuestra comprensión y ayuda. --Humberto del Torrejón (discuție) 6 mai 2015 03:56 (EEST)

Astra Vagoane[modificare sursă]

International Railway Systems heißt heute Astra Rail Industries. Bitte den Artikel verschieben & aktualisieren--Kopiersperre (discuție) 7 mai 2015 23:38 (EEST)

Erledigt, aber mit keine aktualisieren. --Wintereu 7 iulie 2015 18:40 (EEST)

Question: What is "Schools in Detroit" in Romanian?[modificare sursă]

I would like to add the label "Schools in Detroit" in Romanian to Commons:Category:Schools in Detroit. What is it in Romanian?

Thanks WhisperToMe (discuție) 7 iulie 2015 18:00 (EEST)

There you go //  Gikü  vorbe  fapte  marți, 7 iulie 2015 18:13 (EEST)
Gikü, conform propriilor noastre categorii, nu ar trebui să fie, de fapt, Școli din Detroit ? --Wintereu 7 iulie 2015 18:18 (EEST)
Ce contează, oricum nu citește nimeni ce am scris acolo :) Puteam să scriu „Scandaluri cu Madonna” //  Gikü  vorbe  fapte  marți, 7 iulie 2015 18:19 (EEST)

Thank you! WhisperToMe (discuție) 8 iulie 2015 06:23 (EEST)

If you don't mind another question... What is Commons:Category:Detroit Public Schools schools in Romanian? Thanks again! WhisperToMe (discuție) 8 iulie 2015 07:07 (EEST)

That would be Școli publice din Detroit, but such a category does not exist. --Wintereu 8 iulie 2015 14:19 (EEST)
Thanks for the answer! Yes, there s no category on that in the Romanian Wikipedia. One was installed on the Commons WhisperToMe (discuție) 11 iulie 2015 14:28 (EEST)

Merge request: X-Zibit and Xzibit[modificare sursă]

There are 2 articles about Xzibit: X-Zibit and Xzibit. Can someone please merge them? After that I can merge the 2 items on Wikidata. Mbch331 (discuție) 10 decembrie 2015 11:05 (EET)

Yes check.svg Realizat. —Andreidiscuţie 10 decembrie 2015 11:09 (EET)
Thanks. Mbch331 (discuție) 10 decembrie 2015 11:40 (EET)

Merging a river[modificare sursă]

Is it possible to merge Râul Racovița, Olteț with Râul Racovița (Brașov). It looks like they are the same river, and so does the english wp look to them. Please leave a message here, or contact me at Wikidata. QZanden (discuție) 14 februarie 2017 13:21 (EET)

Afil, puteți verifica vă rog dacă cele 2 râuri sunt unul și același?--Strainu (دسستي‎)  14 februarie 2017 16:11 (EET)
Cele două râuri sunt complet diferite. Primul este afluent al râului Olteț și se află în județul Olt. Al doilea este afluent al râului Olt (pe care, se află un lac numit lacul Olteț) și este situat în județul Brașov. Pentru a elucida problema am indicat pentru ambele râuri coordonatele la izvor și vărsare. afil (discuție) 15 februarie 2017 05:18 (EET)

QZanden, apparently the two rivers are different. Afil has added coordinates for both rivers.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  15 februarie 2017 10:13 (EET)

Wiki Loves Pride featured picture drive[modificare sursă]

Men kissing in IKEA.jpg

Comments and feedback on the planned international LGBT+ Wiki Loves Pride featured picture drive are welcome on the discussion page, see link.

The competition encourages high quality photographs from Pride events and other LGBT+ cultural related images to be released to Wikimedia Commons. The goal is to see a jump in the numbers of LGBT+ cultural related photographs nominated for Featured Picture status on all Wikimedia projects.

Help is needed to prepare a banner in Romanian! See banner translations.

Thank you! -- (discuție) 23 aprilie 2017 22:48 (EEST)

Фамилиа.[modificare sursă]

Приветствую,я Богдан Грекин,я бы хотел узнать кто мой прадедушка (grandfather Грекин Greckin есть старая фотография с Бузау"был врагом народа СССР") как узнать его военные награды раз он был офицером,тем более бюрократический аппарат у военных развит,хотелось бы узнать он с Молдавии но был в Румынской армии. Ион Грекин(1940-1945 он умер в лагере СССР) Спасибо, еще Хотелось бы отучиться в городе ЯССЫ,там лежит могила моей прабабушки-тетушки там учился и мой дед на товароведа. Дед был "сыном врага народа" и не был много разговорчив спасибо за внимание.думаю как то можно поднять архивы. Acest comentariu nesemnat a fost adăugat de GrekinBogdan (discuție • contribuții).

@GrekinBogdan: Ну, это не к нам. Хотите статьи писать? Тогда другой разговор. А так, мы не справочная. //  Gikü  vorbe  fapte  11 august 2017 00:34 (EEST)

WikiScienceCompetition 2017[modificare sursă]

Hi! Wiki Science Competition has started, sitenotices have appeared for sure in Spain, Austria, Russian Federation, USA and Ukraine, and Italy will be join very soon with a massive national campaign.

As a member of the academic committee I did my best to reduce the gap between countries both in the composition of the juries and now in the outreach. I did inform many platforms (enwiki, eswiki, frwiki) during the preparation of the event, now I am informing all national institutions, associations and federations of science and technology I can contact, especially those located in countries without national juries (including Romania and Moldova), I am posting notes on LinkedIn groups everyday, and I am contacting national chapters and user groups... and so on. That's why I am here.

We prepared banners for some countries but on meta they say it is not wise to use them all, so if you want to use the style and do one here on your wiki for few days, just let us know. In your case the banner is not country-specific, so it is ok if it is generic.

Otherwise, if you have social media and you want to inform your friends and colleagues, the twitter hashtags are #WSC2017, #WikiScience2017, #WikiScience

Thank you in advance and whatever you do (join, inform, ignore) have fun!--Alexmar983 (discuție) 4 noiembrie 2017 09:09 (EET)

en:Euro-orphan[modificare sursă]

What is Romanian name of the problem? Is it described here?Xx236 (discuție) 7 decembrie 2017 12:41 (EET)

The literal translation would be euro-orfani, but this word is used rarely, only in a few articles in the media. Sources mostly speak of copii cu părinți plecați în străinătate (literally, children whose parents have left the country.
We don't have an article yet on this topic. —Andreidiscuție 7 decembrie 2017 12:54 (EET)
It seems that the problem is important in Moldova.Xx236 (discuție) 18 decembrie 2017 14:49 (EET)

Comuna Kleszczów[modificare sursă]

Wrong picture, see

Wikimedia Commons conține materiale multimedia legate de Ambasadă

Xx236 (discuție) 18 decembrie 2017 15:13 (EET)

Our image comes from Wikidata, you can change it there.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  18 decembrie 2017 17:11 (EET)

Romeo Sacchetti[modificare sursă]

excuse me if I write in italian: Romeo Sacchetti è l'allenatore della nazionale italiana di baschet e i suoi nonni paterni, italiani, emigrarono in Romania all'inizio del 900; vi manca la voce e su it.wikipedia c'è a disposizione la base su cui crearla, se v'interessa.. -- (discuție) 28 februarie 2018 17:41 (EET)

Help with a project[modificare sursă]

I am initiating ​​a project to record the name of my language in all the languages ​​present in Wikipedia. First, I encourage you to create / improve the article on the Asturian language and, on the other hand, to help me in my project I would need a man and a woman to record how it is said in your language: Asturian and then upload it to Commons. Thanks in advance. - Vsuarezp (discuție) 16 noiembrie 2018 00:35 (EET)

Wikimedia Sustainability Initiative[modificare sursă]

Hi all. Please help us to translate Sustainability Initiative on meta in your language and add your name to the list of supporters to show your commitment to environment protection. Let's spread the word! Kind regards, --Daniele Pugliesi (discuție) 28 noiembrie 2018 18:41 (EET)

Please translate w:de:Ernst Lossa[modificare sursă]

Dear friends" Ernst Lossa (d:Q122955) is the most famuous victim of the murder of disabeled children in an action named cynically "euthanasia" during the rule of National Socialists in Germany. The murdering of hundert thousends of mentaly disabeled people was an "exercise" to planed murder culminatring with the holocaust / the shoa. An English article about Ernst Lossa has a greath significance wider then en.wiki.
The birthday of Ernst Lossa is the first of of November. Since more then ten years people are gethering at the place of his burial [5]. The oficial page for the remembrance this year is Lichter gegen das Vergessen (Lights against forgetting).
In my private involvement I want to mention here: the FB page for the street named after Ernst Lossa in Augsburg, the FB page of the Ernst Lossa street in Kaufbeuren, a private event page named [https://www.facebook.com/events/2292842320784822/ "Lichter gegen das Vergessen - kandeloj kontraŭ la forgeso" and the page of the author on Ernst Lossa's "biography" Robert Domes Nebel im August - Die Lebensgeschichte des Ernst Lossa and finaly an associated FB-event .Lichter gegen das Vergessen.
I appreciate your efforts in asvance! Best regards
no bias — קיין אומוויסנדיק פּרעפֿערענצן — keyn umvisndik preferentsn talk contribs 8 octombrie 2019 07:35 (EEST)

Two categories for similar content[modificare sursă]

I've just written a comment on Discuție Categorie:Autori americani pointing out a possible problem between two categories here with different names but similar content. Kindly refer this to editors who can evaluate the matter. -- Cheers, Deborahjay (discuție) 23 ianuarie 2020 21:10 (EET)