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Aceasta este o listă de fomații punk rock notabile (denumirile cărora începe cu cifre sau litere dintre A și K). Formațiile enumerate au interpretat un anumit tip de muzică punk, la un moment dat din cariera lor, deși acestea poate interpretau de asemenea și alte stiluri. Trupe care au interpretat într-un stil care a influențat punk-rock precoce, cum ar fi garage rock și protopunk—dar niciodată nu au cântat punk rock curat, nu ar trebuie să fie incluse în această listă. Formații care au cântat în genuri influențate de (dar nu subgenuri) punk rock — ca alternative rock, crossover thrash, grunge, metalcore, New Wave, și post-punk—dar niciodată nu au cântat punk rock, nu trebuie să fie listate aici.


0–9[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere
108 New York City, USA 1991–96, 2005–prezent Formație hardcore punk cu muzică inspirată de Krishna Consciousness
20 Bulls Each Dublin, Republic of Ireland 2002–prezent Formație hardcore punk irlandeză.
2 Minutos Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina 1987–prezent An Oi!/street punk band.
25 ta Life Queens, New York City, USA 1991–prezent
28 Days Frankston, Melbourne, Australia 1997–2007, 2009-present A punk/rapcore band.
30 Foot Fall Houston, Texas, USA 1993–prezent
The 4-Skins East End, London, England, UK 1979–84, 2007–prezent A working class Oi! band.
+44 Los Angeles, California, United States 2005–2009 A pop punk/alternative rock band named after the phone code for the United Kingdom, formed by members of Blink 182, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker.[1]
45 Grave Los Angeles, California, USA 1979–85, 1989–91, 2005–prezent A horror punk/deathrock band.
48May Hamilton, New Zealand 2004–08 A pop punk band.
5 Seconds Of Summer Sydney, Australia 2011–prezent A pop rock band
59 Times the Pain Fagersta, Sweden 1992–2001 A hardcore punk band with working class roots.
7 Seconds Reno, Nevada, USA 1980–prezent A straight edge melodic hardcore band who pioneered the youth crew genre.
88 Fingers Louie Chicago, Illinois, USA 1993–96, 1998–99 A melodic hardcore band.
98 Mute Hermosa Beach, California, USA 1993–2002 A street punk band.
999 London, England, UK 1976–prezent A classic punk band from England.

A[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Description
Abrasive Wheels Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK 1976–84, 2003–prezent Classic English punk band known for their seminal albums "When The Punks Go Marching In" and the singles "Vicious Circle/Voice of Youth" and "Army Song"
AC4 Umeå, Sweden 2008–prezent
!Action Pact! Stanwell, London, England, UK 1981–86 Aggressive English punk band.
Adam and the Ants London, England, UK 1977–82 A band which originally played punk rock, moving toward post-punk from 1978 to 1979. A later incarnation achieved commercial success as part of the New Romantic movement.
The Adicts Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UK 1975–prezent A British classic punk band known for dressing similar to the "droogs" (ruffians) in the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange.
The Adolescents Fullerton, California, United States 1980–81, 1986–89, 2001–prezent A hardcore punk supergroup with members from Agent Orange and Social Distortion.
ADS Copenhagen, Denmark 1980-84
The Adverts London, England, UK 1976–79 A punk rock band with one of the earliest female punk stars, Gaye Advert.
Adrenalin O.D. Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA 1981–90 A hardcore punk band.
Afektiven Naboj Struga, Macedonia
AFI Ukiah, California, USA 1991–prezent Began as a hardcore punk band before shifting to horror punk, then to alternative rock.
Afro Jetz Sweden
Against All Authority Miami, Florida, USA 1992–prezent A DIY ska punk band.
Against Brisbane, Australia 2001–prezent
Against Me! Gainesville, Florida, USA 1997–prezent A folk punk band.
Agent 51 Poway, California, USA 1995-2005
Agent Orange Placentia, California, USA 1979–prezent A surf punk band.
Agnostic Front New York City, New York, USA 1982–92, 1997–prezent A hardcore punk/crossover thrash band.
Aiden Seattle, Washington, USA 2003–prezent An alternative rock/horror punk band.
Alexisonfire St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada 2001-2011, 2012 Juno Award-winning post-hardcore band.
Alkaline Trio Chicago, Illinois, USA 1996–prezent A punk rock trio.
Alice Donut New York City, USA 1986–1996, 2001–prezent A psychedelic alternative punk rock band.
All Fort Collins, Colorado, USA 1987–prezent A band formed by members of the Descendents.
The All-American Rejects Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA 1999-present An alternative rock, emo, and pop punk band
Allister Chicago, Illinois, USA 1996–2007, 2010–prezent a melodic punk band.
The Alley Cats Los Angeles, California, USA 1978–82
GG Allin Lancaster, New Hampshire, USA 1976–93 A punk rock musician known for having debauched stage shows.
All Systems Go! Canada 1995–prezent
All Time Low Baltimore, Maryland, USA 2003–prezent A pop punk band.
Alternative TV London, England, UK 1976–79, 1981, 1985–98
Amebix Devon, England, UK 1978–87, 2008–prezent A pioneer of the crust punk genre.
Amen Los Angeles, California, USA 1994–2011
American Steel Oakland, California, USA 1995–prezent
American Hi-Fi Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1998–prezent
The Analogs Szczecin, Poland 1995–prezent An anti-fascist street punk band
Andrew Jackson Jihad Phoenix, Arizona, USA 2004–prezent DIY folk punk band from Arizona.

I- I ANGRY//YOUTH II Format:AnarchyIUS Roanoke, Virginia, USA II 2001-present II DIY street band from VA

Angelic Upstarts South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England, UK 1977–prezent A socialist working class Oi! punk and skinhead band.
Ann Beretta Richmond, Virginia, USA 1996-2001
Anonymous Andorra la Vella, Andorra 2004–prezent
Angry Samoans Los Angeles, California, USA 1978–prezent
Anti-Cimex Gothenburg, Sweden 1981–93 One of the first bands to define Scandinavian D-beat
Antidote The Netherlands 1996–prezent
Anti-Flag Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 1988–89, 1993–prezent A political punk band.
Anti-Heros Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1984-99
Antillectual Nijmegen / Utrecht, Netherlands 2000–prezent
Anti-Nowhere League Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, UK 1980–89, 1992–prezent Classic English punk band.
Anti-Pasti Derbyshire, England, UK 1979–84, 1995 A British punk band from the third wave of punk in England during the early 1980s.
AntiProduct UK 2000–prezent
Anti-Product New York, New York, USA 1995-2002
Anti-Scrunti Faction Boulder, Colorado, USA 1984-85
Antischism Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Antisect Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, UK 1982–87
Antiseen Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 1983–prezent
The Apers Rotterdam, The Netherlands 1996–prezent
The APF Brigade Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England, UK 1980–prezent
Apocalypse Hoboken Chicago, Illinois, USA 1987–1999
The Apostles Islington, London, England, UK 1979–90 An experimental anarcho-punk band that, in general, eschewed the prevalent punk aesthetics.
Appendix Pori, Finlanda 1980–1985, 1995–prezent
The Aquabats Huntington Beach, California, USA 1994–prezent An American superhero-themed synthpunk/ska punk band.
Armia Poland 1984–prezent A Christian punk band.
Armed and Hammered Toronto, Canada 1989–2003
Arson Anthem New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 2006–prezent
The Art Attacks London, England, UK 1977–78
Articles of Faith Chicago, Illinois, USA 1981-85
The Artist Life Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2005–prezent
Die Ärzte Berlin, Germany 1982–88, 1993–prezent A punk rock band with influences ranging from rock, punk, ska, jazz, swing, and hip hop.
Asexuals Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada 1983-97, 2010–prezent
As Friends Rust Gainesville, Florida, USA 1996–2002, 2008, 2011–prezent
Ash Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, UK 1992–prezent
Ashes Washington, D.C., USA 1991-95
Assjack Gridley, California, USA 1999–prezent
Assorted Jelly Beans Riverside, California USA 1996-99, 2008–prezent
Asta Kask Töreboda, Sweden 1978–89, 1992, 2003–prezent Pioneers in trallpunk
At the Drive-In El Paso, Texas, USA 1994–2001
The Ataris Anderson, Indiana, USA 1995–prezent
Athena Istanbul, Turkey 1987–prezent A Ska punk band.
Atheist Rap Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia 1989–prezent A punk rock band from Serbia whose music is often categorized as "happy punk".
Atom and His Package Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1997–2003 A synth punk outfit consisting solely of Adam Goren.
Attaque 77 Buenos Aires, Argentina 1987–prezent
Aurora Győr, Hungary 1983–prezent
Aus-Rotten Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 1992–2001 A crust punk band.
Authority Zero Mesa, Arizona, USA 1994–prezent
Autopilot Off Orange County, New York, USA 1996–2005
Autumn Poison Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England, UK 1980-85
Avail Richmond, Virginia, USA 1987–2008
The Avengers San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA 1977-79, 1999, 2004–prezent
Avoid One Thing Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2002-05
Avskum Kristinehamn, Sweden 1982–prezent
Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli Leningrad, Russia 1979–1998
Awkward Thought New York, New York, USA

B[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Babes in Toyland Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States 1987–97
Backyard Babies Nässjö, Sweden 1987–prezent A glam punk/hard rock band.
Bad Astronaut USA 2000-06, 2010 – present
Bad Brains Washington, D.C., USA 1977–84, 1986–95, 1997–prezent A hardcore punk/reggae band.
Bad Religion Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA 1979–prezent A punk rock group credited with the revival of punk rock during the late 1980s, as well as influencing a large number of other punk bands. Active for over 30 years.
The Bags Los Angeles, California, USA 1977-81 One of the first generation of California punk rock bands.
Balzac Osaka, Japan 1992–prezent A Japanese horror punk band.
The Bananas Sacramento, California, USA An underground punk rock band.
Bane Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 1995–prezent
Bankrupt Budapest, Hungary 1996–prezent A melodic punk rock band.
The Banner New Jersey, USA 1999–prezent
Banner Pilot Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 2005–prezent
Barely Blind Groves, Texas USA 2003–prezent An underground Pop punk, Alternative rock, Indie rock band.
Basement Ipswich, Suffolk, England 2009-2012 (hiatus) A melodic hardcore band, heavily influenced by the 90's grunge movement
Batfoot Sydney, Australia 2008–prezent A pop punk band influenced by Screeching Weasel and The Queers.
Battalion of Saints San Diego, California, USA 1980-85, 1995–prezent
Battery Washington, D.C., USA 1990-98
Bayside Queens, New York City, USA 2000–prezent
BBQ Chickens Japan 2000–prezent A Japanese hardcore punk band formed by Ken Yokoyama of Hi-Standard.
Beastie Boys Brooklyn, New York, USA 1980–prezent Began as a hardcore punk band, transitioned into Hip-hop/rap rock.
Beat Crusaders Japan 1997–2010 A pop punk band that performs with masks of dot-matrix drawings of themselves.
Beatsteaks Berlin, Germany 1995–prezent
Bedwetters Pärnu, Estonia 2004–prezent
Beer7 Beersheba, Israel 2002–prezent
Behind Enemy Lines Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 2000–prezent An anarchist crust punk/heavy metal band with two members of Aus-Rotten.
Belvedere Alberta, Canada 1995-2005, 2011–prezent
Bérurier Noir Paris, France 1983–89, 2003–06
Best Revenge Los Angeles, California, USA 1998–2002 A queercore punk band.
Better Than a Thousand Washington, D.C., USA
Bhopal Stiffs Chicago, Illinois, USA 1985-89
Bickley Houston, Texas, USA 1995–2001
Big Black Evanston, Illinois, USA 1981-1987 Instrumental in the development of noise rock. Notable for using a drum machine instead of a kit.
Big Boys Austin, Texas, USA 1979–84 One of the pioneers of the hardcore punk genre.
Big D and the Kids Table Allston, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1995–prezent A third-wave ska band.
Big Drill Car Costa Mesa, California, USA 1987–95, 2008 One of the pioneers of the melodic hardcore genre.
Big in Japan Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK 1977–79
Bigwig Nutley, New Jersey, USA 1995–prezent
Bikini Kill Olympia, Washington, USA 1990–98 A punk rock band part of the Riot Grrrl movement.
The Bill Pionki, Poland 1988–prezent
Billy Idol Stanmore, Middlesex, England, UK 1975–prezent
Billy Talent Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 1993–prezent The punk rock group was formerly known as Pezz. They changed their name When they were threatened with a lawsuit from an American band of the same name.
Biohazard Brooklyn, New York, USA 1988–2006, 2008–prezent One of the earliest bands to fuse hardcore punk with elements of hip-hop.
Blackbird Raum Santa Cruz, California, USA
Blackfire Black Mesa, Arizona, USA 1989–prezent A Navajo traditionally influenced, punk rock group of three siblings, with strong political messages.
Black Flag Hermosa Beach, California, USA 1976–86, 1976–86, 2003 A hardcore punk band active since the late 1970s.
The Black Halos Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1993–prezent
Black Lips Dunwoody, Georgia, USA 1999–prezent A self-proclaimed "flower punk" band from Georgia.
Black Lungs St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada 2005–prezent
The Black Pacific Huntington Beach, California, USA 2010–prezent
Black Randy and the Metrosquad Los Angeles, California, USA 1977-80
Black Square Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 2002–prezent
Blaggers ITA England, UK 1988-93
Blanks 77 Hillside, New Jersey, USA 1990–2001, 2004–prezent
Bl'ast Santa Cruz, California, USA 1984-90, 2001
Blatz Berkeley, California, USA 1989–92
The Bleach Boys Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England, UK 1976–prezent
blink-182 Poway, California, USA 1992–2005, 2009–prezent A pop punk band which achieved commercial success beginning in the mid-1990s. The band started of in the punk rock/skate punk scene of southern California in the early-mid 90s.
Blitz New Mills, Derbyshire, England, UK 1980–2007 An English Oi/Street punk band.
Blitzkrieg Southport, Merseyside, England, UK 1979–1984, 1991–1995, 2007–prezent
Blondie New York City, New York, USA 1976–82, 1997–prezent A pioneer of American punk rock and New Wave music.
The Blood London, England, UK 1982–prezent The First Punk Band to feature in the Rock magazine Kerrang.
Blood for Blood Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1994-2004, 2010
The Blue Hearts Tokyo, Japan 1985–95 An influential punk band from Japan.
Blue Meanies Carbondale, Illinois, USA 1989-2001
Bobot Adrenaline Los Angeles, California, USA 2001–prezent
Body Count Los Angeles, California, USA 1990–2006, 2009–prezent
Bodyjar Melbourne, Australia 1994–2009
Bold Westchester County, New York, USA 1986–2006
Bomb the Music Industry! Nassau County, New York, USA 2004–prezent DIY punk band that offers its music by donation on Quote Unquote Records.
Bomberos Norway 2002–prezent
The Boomtown Rats Dún Laoghaire, Republic of Ireland 1975-86
Born Against New York City, USA 1989-93
The Bouncing Souls New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 1987–prezent An American punk rock band.
Box Car Racer Los Angeles, California, USA 2002–03 A side project of Blink-182, with members Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker.
The Boys London, England, UK 1976–82, 1999–prezent
Bracket Forestville, California, USA 1992–prezent
Brain Failure Bejiing, China
Brand New Levittown, New York, USA 2000–prezent An alternative rock/pop punk band.
Brand New War Los Angeles, California, USA Formerly known as The God Awfuls.
Brat Pack Nijmegen, The Netherlands 2006–prezent
Bratmobile Olympia, Washington, USA 1991-94, 1999–2003
Breakdown New York, New York, USA 1986–prezent
Break Even Perth, Australia 2005-12
The Briefs Seattle, Washington, USA 2000–prezent An American Pop-punk band.
The Briggs Los Angeles, California, USA 2001–prezent A working class-style punk band.
The Broadways Chicago, Illinois, USA 1996-98
Broadway Calls Rainier, Oregon, USA 2005–prezent
Broken Bones England, UK 1983–prezent An English street punk/thrash band.
The Bronx Los Angeles, California, USA 2002–prezent
Brother's Keeper Erie, Pennsylvania, USA 1994-2003
The Bruce Lee Band California, USA 1997-2005
The Bruisers Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA 1988–1998 A street punk band featuring future Dropkick Murphys singer Al Barr
Brutal Juice Denton, Texas, USA 1991-97
Brygada Kryzys Varșovia, Poland 1981–prezent
Buck-O-Nine San Diego, California, USA 1991–prezent
Bus Station Loonies Plymouth, Devon, England, UK 1995–prezent A comedic anarcho-punk band, including ex-members of Oi Polloi and Disorder.
The Business Lewisham, South London, England, UK 1979–1988, 1992–prezent
Bunkface Klang, Selangor, Malaysia 2005–prezent A Malaysian pop punk band.
Bulbulators Poland 1989–prezent
Bullets and Octane St. Louis, Missouri, USA 1998–prezent
Bullet Treatment Los Angeles, California, USA
Burn New York, New York, USA 1988–prezent
Burning Heads Orléans, France 1988–prezent
…But Alive Hamburg, Germany 1992–99 A political punk rock band, signed with G7 Welcoming Committee Records.
Butthole Surfers San Antonio, Texas, USA 1981–prezent
Buzzcocks Manchester, England, UK 1975–81, 1989–prezent A punk rock band that influenced later pop punk bands and were also one of the first punk bands to establish an independent record label.

C[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Cancer Bats Toronto, Canada 2004–prezent A hardcore punk/sludge metal band.
Capdown Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, UK 1997–2007 A ska punk band.
Capitalist Casualties Santa Rosa, California, USA 1987–prezent A hardcore crust punk band
Carburetor Dung Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1991–prezent A Malaysian anarcho-punk group
Cardiac Kidz San Diego, California, USA 1978–81 An American street punk band. Multiple Killed By Death appearances known also as first punk band to appear on San Diego TV.
Care Bears on Fire Brooklyn, New York, USA 2007–prezent An all girl pop punk band.
Career Soldiers San Diego, California, USA 2002–09 An American hardcore punk/street punk band.
Career Suicide Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2001–prezent
Carpathian Melbourne, Australia 2003-11
The Carrier Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2006-12
Cartel Conyers, Georgia, USA 2003–prezent
The Casualties Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 1990–prezent A street punk band.
Catch 22 East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 1996–prezent A third wave ska band notable for launching the career of Tomas Kalnoky.
Catholic Discipline Los Angeles, California, USA 1979–80 A Los Angeles punk band notable for appearing in The Decline of Western Civilization.
Caustic Christ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 2000–prezent A crust punk band.
Cauterize Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 1995–2007 A pop punk band.
CCCP Fedeli alla linea Reggio Emilia, Italy 1982–90 A genre-bending punk/industrial/electropop/world band.
Cerebral Ballzy New York, New York, USA 2008–prezent
Ceremony Rohnert Park, California, USA 2005–prezent Began as a hardcore punk band and shifted to a post-punk style.
Chain of Strength California, USA 1988–91 An influential Southern California straight edge hardcore band.
Chainsaw Brussels, Belgia 1976-78
Champion Seattle, Washington, USA 1999–2006 A youth crew band.
A Change of Pace Peoria, Arizona, USA 2001–2011
Channel 3 Cerritos, California, USA 1980–prezent A hardcore punk band.
Chaos UK Portishead, Somerset, England, UK 1979–prezent A politically charged English hardcore punk group.
Charged GBH Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK 1978–prezent Pioneers of English hardcore punk.
Charles Bronson Chicago, Illinois, USA 1994–97 A powerviolence/thrashcore band.
Charta 77 Köping, Sweden 1983–prezent A prolific Swedish punk/pop rock band.
Cheap Sex San Diego, California, USA 2002–07 An American street punk band.
Chelsea London, England, UK 1976–prezent An English punk rock band.
Chemical People Los Angeles, California, USA 1986-97
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Eugene, Oregon, USA 1989–prezent A funkska punk band that later integrated into the swing revival of the late 1990s.
Children 18:3 Morris, Minnesota, USA 1999–prezent An American Christian punk band
The Chinkees San Francisco, California, USA 1998-2003
Chixdiggit Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1991–prezent
Chokehold Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1990–96 A vegan straight edge hardcore punk band.
Choking Victim New York City, USA 1992–93, 1995–97, 1999, 2005–06 A crust punk/ska punk band describing themselves as "crack rocksteady".
Christ on Parade San Francisco, California, USA 1985-89
Chumbawamba Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK 1982–prezent A one-hit wonder British anarcho-punk band.
Circle Jerks Hermosa Beach, California, USA 1979–89, 1994–95, 2001–prezent A hardcore punk band formed by former Black Flag singer Keith Morris (and future/current Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson).
Citizen Fish Bath, Somerset, England, UK 1990–prezent A ska punk band with a member from the Subhumans.
CIV New York City, New York, USA 1994–2000 A New York hardcore band featuring members of Gorilla Biscuits.
Civet Long Beach, California, USA
The Clash Notting Hill, London, England, UK 1976–86 A highly influential and widely acclaimed punk rock band with reggae influences. As they put it, "the only band that matters".
Classics of Love Emeryville, California, USA 2008–prezent A hardcore punk band fronted by Operation Ivy's Jesse Michaels.
Clit 45 Long Beach, California, USA 1996–2006 A street punk band.
Closet Monster Ajax, Ontario, Canada 1997–2005, 2009
Cobra Osaka, Japan 1982–91, 1999–2005, 2007–prezent One of the first Japanese Oi! bands.
Cobra Skulls Reno, Nevada, USA 2005–prezent
Cock Sparrer East End, London, England, UK 1972–78, 1982–84, 1992–prezent An influential working class Oi! band.
Cockney Rejects East End, London, England, UK 1977–prezent A hugely influential Oi! band whose single "Oi, Oi, Oi" was the inspiration for the name of the genre itself.
Cocobat Japan 1991–prezent A Japanese hardcore punk band.
The Code Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 2000–2006
Code Orange Kids Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 2008-present A band that mixes hardcore punk with sludge metal
Code 13 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1995–2000
Cólera São Paulo, Brazil 1979–prezent An influential Brazilian hardcore punk band.
Color Osaka, Japan 1985–95 Credited as one of the bands to start the Japanese visual kei movement.
Colossal Chicago, Illinois, USA 2003-07
Combat 84 Chelsea, London, England, UK 1981–84, 2000 A British punk rock/oi! band.
Comeback Kid Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 2002–prezent A hardcore punk band.
Condemned 84 Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UK 1980–prezent A British punk rock/oi! band.
Conflict Eltham, London, England, UK 1981–prezent A British punk rock/street punk band who helped to push issues such as animal rights and nuclear disarment in the limelight.
Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti Italy 1992–2000 An Italian punk band composed of former members of CCCP Fedeli alla linea.
Consumed Nottingham, England, UK 1994–2003
Converge Salem, Massachusetts, USA 1990–prezent A band blending hardcore punk and metal.
The Cooters Oxford, Mississippi, USA 1993–prezent
Corrosion of Conformity Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 1982–prezent One of the first bands to fuse heavy metal with hardcore punk, but later only played straight metal.
Corrupted Ideals Long Beach, California, USA 1987–1995, 2013-Present One of the first bands to bring back the original Oi! sound, and noted for influencing bands like Swingin Utters and Dropkick Murphys, they are known for their later anarcho-punk sound, but earlier releases were straight ahead hardcore punk.
The Cost San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA 1999–2003 A San Francisco Bay Area punk rock band.
Count Me Out Richmond, Virginia, USA 1997–2003 A straight edge melodic hardcore group.
The Cramps Sacramento, California, USA 1976–2009 An influential psychobilly band.
Crass Epping, Essex, England, UK 1977–84 A British anarcho-punk band.
The Creepshow Burlington, Ontario, Canada 2005–prezent A rockabilly punk band.
Crime San Francisco, California, USA 1976–82; 2007–prezent An early US punk rock band, notable for releasing the first single released by a U.S. punk act from the West Coast, "Hot Wire My Heart", which was later covered by Sonic Youth.
Crime in Stereo New York, New York, USA 2002-10
The Criminals Berkeley, California, USA 1994–2001
Crimpshrine Berkeley, California, USA 1982–prezent An influential DIY punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area.
Cringer Hawaii, USA 1985-91
Crisis England, UK 1978–81 A politically charged punk rock group.
Cro-Mags New York City, USA 1982–prezent One of the founders of the New York City hardcore scene.
The Crucified Fresno, California, USA 1984–93 A Christian crossover thrash group.
Crucifix Berkeley, California, USA 1980–84 A D-beat/anarcho-punk band.
The Crucifucks Lansing, Michigan, USA 1981-89, 96-98
Los Crudos Chicago, Illinois, USA 1991–98
Cruel Hand Portland, Maine, USA 2006–prezent
Crumbsuckers Baldwin, New York, USA 1982-89 Pioneers of the thrash genre.
Crying Nut Seoul, South Korea 1993–prezent An influential punk band from South Korea. They released 6 albums.
Cunter Brampton, Ontario, Canada 2009–prezent
Cursed Canada 2001–08 A hardcore punk band.
The Cute Lepers Seattle, Washington, USA 2007–prezent
Cypher in the Snow San Francisco, California, USA 1996–98 An all-woman queercore group.

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Daggermouth Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2004-08
Dag Nasty Washington, D.C., United States 1985–92
Daisy Chainsaw London, England, UK 1989–95
Damage New York, New York, USA 1983-88
The Damned London, England, UK 1976–prezent Believed to be the first UK punk band to release an album. Pioneers of the gothic rock genre.
Dance Hall Crashers Berkeley, California, USA 1987-95, 1997–prezent
Darby Crash Band Los Angeles, California, USA 1980
Darkbuster Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1996–prezent
Darkthrone Kolbotn, Norway 1987–prezent Origineally a black metal band, a major stylistic shift to crust punk occurred in 2006.
Dayglo Abortions Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 1979–prezent A hardcore punk band.
d.b.s. North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1992–2001 A melodic punk rock band, whose later work incorporated post-hardcore.
De Lyckliga Kompisarna Stockholm, Sweden 1989–97, 2008
The Dead Boys Cleveland, Ohio, USA 1976–2005 Known for their outlandish gigs at New York's CBGB's and Max's Kansas City.
Dead Kennedys San Francisco, California, USA 1978–86, 2001–prezent A highly influential political hardcore punk band.
Dead Milkmen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1983–95, 2004, 2008 A comedic punk band who often used satirical lyrics.
Dead Swans Brighton, England, UK 2006–prezent
Dead to Me Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1983–95, 2004, 2008 An Amiercan satirical punk band.
Death Detroit, Michigan, USA 1971–76, 2009 An early American punk/protopunk band from 1970s.
Death Before Dishonor Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2000–prezent
Death by Stereo Orange County, California USA 1996–prezent
Deep Wound Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 1982-84
Defeater Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2004–prezent
Defiance Portland, Oregon, USA 1993–prezent
Defiance, Ohio Columbus, Ohio, USA 2002–prezent An underground folk punk band.
The Demics London, Ontario, Canada 1977-80
Derozer Vicenza, Italy 1989–2008 An influential Italian punk rock band.
Descendents Manhattan Beach, California, USA 1978–83, 1984–89, 1995–97, 2002–prezent A pioneer of pop punk, whose career has largely been dictated by the coming and going of lead singer Milo Aukerman.
Destine Tilburg, Netherlands 2006–prezent An emo pop punk band from the Netherlands.
Destroy! Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1988-94 Crust punk band.
The Destructors Peterborough, UK 1977-84 UK punk band who featured Gizz Butt of The Prodigy
Devo Akron, Ohio, USA 1972–prezent Early songs featured punk rock, mixed with synthesizers.
The Devotchkas Long Island, New York, USA 1996–2001
Dezerter Varșovia, Poland 1981–prezent One of the most popular Polish punk bands.
D.I. Orange County, California, USA 1982–95, 1997–prezent A band featuring members of The Adolescents and Social Distortion.
The Dicks Austin, Texas, USA 1982–84, 2004–prezent A hardcore punk band that incorporates blues rock.
The Dickies San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California USA 1977–prezent One of the first-wave of Los Angeles punk bands.
The Dictators New York City, USA 1973–prezent
Die Mannequin Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2005–prezent
DieMonsterDie Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 1995–prezent Horror punk
The Diffs Los Angeles, California, USA 2003–prezent
Dillinger Four Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1994–prezent
The Dils Carlsbad, California, USA 1977-80
The Diodes Toronto, Canada 1977-82, 1998, 2007, 2010
DIRT England, UK 1980–1986, 1992 An anarchist crust punk band on Crass Records.
Dirty District Sèvres, France 1985–1996
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Houston, Texas, USA 1982–prezent A crossover thrash band.
Discharge Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, UK 1977–87, 1991–95, 2001–prezent Street punk band that single-handedly created the genre "D-Beat".
Disclose Kōchi City, Japan
Discount Vero Beach, Florida, USA 1995-2002
Disfear Nyköping, Sweden 1989–prezent A Swedish D-beat crust punk group.
Disme Nijmegen, The Netherlands 1998–2005
Disorder Bristol, England, UK 1980–prezent
Disrupt Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1987–1994
Distemper Moscow, Russia 1989–prezent A Russian ska punk band.
The Distillers Los Angeles, California, USA 1998–2006 An American punk band led by Brody Dalle.
División Minúscula Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico 1996–prezent
DMZ Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1976-78, 1993, 2001-03
D.O.A. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1978–prezent An early Canadian political hardcore band that still performs today.
Dog Eat Dog Bergen County, New Jersey, USA 1990–prezent A Christian punk band.
Dog Faced Hermans Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 1986-95
Doggy Style Fullerton, California, USA 1983-88, 2009–prezent
Dogsflesh Teesside, England, UK 1982–85, 2005–prezent A UK82 punk band.
Dogwood Escondido, California, USA 1993–prezent
Donots Ibbenbüren, Germany 1993–prezent
Doom Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK 1987–90, 1992–2005
Down by Law USA 1990–prezent
downset. Los Angeles, California, USA 1989–2009
Down to Nothing Richmond, Virginia, USA 2000–prezent
Drabness Motala, Sweden 1994-98
The Draft Gainesville, Florida, USA 2006–prezent
The Dreams Tórshavn, Insulele Feroe 2006–prezent
Dresden 45 Houston, Texas, USA 1985-93
Driller Killer Malmö, Sweden 1993–prezent
Dr. Know Oxnard, California, USA 1981–prezent A nardcore band fronted by child star Brandon Cruz.
Dropdead Providence, Rhode Island, USA 1990–prezent A hardcore punk who draw on crust punk, powerviolence, D-beat, and thrashcore.
Dropkick Murphys Quincy, Massachusetts, USA 1996–prezent A Celtic punk/Oi! band.
Drunk Injuns San Jose, California, USA 1983–prezent
The Ducky Boys Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1995–prezent A street punk band from Boston.
The Dumb Fox Lodi, California, USA 2007–prezent A power pop/punk rock band.
Dwarves Chicago, Illinois, USA 1986–prezent Formerly a garage punk band then a notorious scum punk band; now known for their irreverent attitude and diverse punk sound.
DYS Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1983–93
Dystopia Orange County, California, USA 1991-2008

E[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
E!E Příbram, Czech Republic 1987–prezent
Early Graves San Francisco, California, USA 2007–prezent
Earth Crisis Syracuse, New York, United States 1989–2001, 2007–prezent
Easy Cure Crawley, Sussex, England, UK 1976-78
Eater Finchley, London, England, UK 1976–79, 1996, 2006
Eamon McGrath and the Wild Dogs Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 2006–prezent
Ebba Grön Rågsved, Stockholm, Sweden 1977–83 One of the most famous Swedish punk bands.
Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, UK 1976–77 A punk band known for the later success of many of its members, which include Morrissey (of the Smiths), Billy Duffy (The Cult), and Ed Garrity (Slaughter & The Dogs).
Eddie and the Hot Rods Rochford, Essex, England, UK 1975–81, 1984–85, 1992, 1994, 2005
The Effigies Chicago, Illinois, USA 1980-86, 1987–90, 1992, 1995–96, 2004–prezent
electric eels Cleveland, Ohio, USA 1972–1975 Industrial guitars, unproduced noise, clever lyrics and a tendency to nihilistic violence.
Electric Frankenstein Whippany, New Jersey, USA 1991–prezent
Eleventyseven Laurens, South Carolina, USA 2002–prezent A synth-punk/pop punk band, that has also used various other elements into their music.
Elisium Nizhniy Novgorod,. Russia 1994–prezent
Ellegarden Chiba, Japan 1998-2008
Embers Oakland, California, USA 2004–prezent
Embrace Today Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1998-2006
Endpoint Louisville, Kentucky, USA 1988-94
Enemy You San Francisco, California, USA 1997–2007
English Dogs Grantham, England, UK 1981–87, 1993–99, 2007–prezent
Ensign New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 1995–prezent
Eppu Normaali Ylöjärvi, Finlanda 1976–prezent
The Ergs! South Amboy, New Jersey, USA 2000–2008
Eskorbuto Santurtzi, Spain 1980–1998 Basque punk rock band from Santurtzi (Greater Bilbao, Biscay, Basque Country, Spain). They have been one of the most influential bands for Spanish and Latin American punk rock. They are known for their strong attitude and crude lyrics and one of the first bands to perform punk with lyrics in Spanish.
Eve 6 La Crescenta-Montrose, California, USA 1995–2004, 2007–prezent
Excuse 17 Olympia, Washington, USA 1993-95
The Ex Amsterdam, Netherlands 1979–prezent Punk collective active in a variety of punk-related genres.
The Expelled Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK 1981–prezent
The Exploder Richmond, Virginia, USA 1997-2000
Exploding White Mice Adelaide, Australia 1983-94
The Exploited Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 1979–prezent One of the founding hardcore bands, later turning into a crossover thrash band.
The Explosion Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1998–2007
Extinction of Mankind England, UK 1992–prezent
Extreme Noise Terror Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UK 1985–prezent
Eye for an Eye Bielsko-Biała, Poland 1997–prezent A hardcore punk band.
The Eyeliners Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 1995-2005

F[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Fabulous Disaster San Francisco, California, United States 1998–2007
Face to Face Victorville, California, USA 1991–2003, 2008–prezent A punk band best known for their signature song "Disconnected", which has been frequently played by KROQ.
The Faction San Jose, California, USA 1982–85, 1989, 2001-05
The Faith Washington, D.C., USA 1981–83 An American D.C. hardcore band led by Alec MacKaye, brother of Minor Threat front man Ian MacKaye.
Fairweather Virginia, USA 1999-2003 An emo/pop punk band
The Falcon Chicago, Illinois, USA 2004–prezent A supergroup with members or former members of The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, Rise Against, and other bands.
Fall Out Boy Wilmette, Illinois, USA 2001-2009, present A pop punk/emo pop band that achieved massive commercial success in the mid-2000s. In 2009, the group went on hiatus. They came off hiatus in early 2013
Fang Berkeley, California, USA 1981-89, 1995, present
Farben Lehre Płock, Poland 1986–prezent
The Fartz Seattle, Washington, USA 1981–83, 1998–2003 An American hardcore band on Dead Kennedys' lead singer Jello Biafra's record company, Alternative Tentacles.
Los Fastidios Verona, Italy 1991–prezent
Fatal Microbes England, UK 1979
Fear Los Angeles, California, USA 1977–prezent A hardcore punk band.
Fenix TX Houston, Texas, USA 1995–2002, 2005–prezent A pop punk band.
Feeling B Berlin, Germany 1983-93, 2007
Fiasco Brooklyn, New York City, USA 2005–prezent A trio of teenagers from Brooklyn. They play a combination of hardcore and math punk.
Fifteen Berkeley, California, USA 1991–1996, 1998–2000
The Fight Dudley, England, UK 2000-09
Figure Four Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1996–prezent
Figures of Light USA 1970–prezent Best known for song "It's Lame"
Filth East Bay, California, USA 1989-91, 2010
Filthy Thieving Bastards Oakland, California, USA 2000–prezent
Final Conflict Long Beach, California, USA 1983–prezent
Finley Milano, Italy 2003–prezent An Italian band plays a kind pop-rock rhythms and sounds that tend to pop-punk and to hard rock
First Arsch Schwerin, Germania 1986
Fit For Rivals Jacksonville, Florida, USA 2006–prezent An American Punk Rock, Emo & Hardcore punk band
The Fits Blackpool, England, UK 1979-present
Fitz of Depression Tumwater, Washington, USA 1987–1997, 2000, 2002
Five Iron Frenzy Denver, Colorado, USA 1995–2003 A Christian ska band.
Flatcat Belgium 1993–prezent
Flatfoot 56 Chicago, Illinois, USA 2000–prezent A Celtic punk band from Chicago.
The Flatliners Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2002–prezent A Canadian punk rock/ska punk band.
Fleas and Lice Groningen, Netherlands, 1993–prezent
Flema Avellaneda, Argentina 1987–2002, 2007–prezent A punk rock band.
The Flesh Eaters Los Angeles, California, USA 1977–1983, 1990–1993, 1999–prezent
Fleshies Oakland, California, USA 1999–prezent
Flipper San Francisco, California, USA 1979–87, 1990–95, 2005–prezent A noise punk band from California. Credited as one of Nirvana's biggest influences.
Flogging Molly Los Angeles, California, USA 1997–prezent A celtic punk band.
Flux of Pink Indians Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, UK 1980-86
The Flys Coventry, England, UK 1976–1980
F-Minus Huntington Beach, California, USA 1995–2004 A crust punk band on Hellcat Records.
FM Static Toronto, Canada 2003–prezent A Christian pop punk band.
Fokofpolisiekar Bellville, South Africa 2003– present An Afrikaans punk band from Bellville, South Africa.
Fonzie Lisbon, Portugal 1996–prezent
Fools Dance Horley, Surrey, England, UK 1983-85
forgetters Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA 2009–prezent
Forgotten Rebels Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1977–prezent A Canadian punk band.
Foreign Legion Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK 1984–prezent, 2000–prezent Wales's longest running punk/streetpunk band.
Four Walls Falling Richmond, Virginia, USA 1983-95
Four Year Strong Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 2001–prezent
FPB Teplice, Czech Republic 1981–87, 1990, 2008 An early Czechoslovakian punk rock band, notable for integrating musical complexity and poetry into their music.
Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 Landis, North Carolina, USA 1996–2002, 2004–05
Frenzal Rhomb Sydney, Australia | |1992–prezent
The Freeze Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA 1978–prezent A hardcore punk band.
The Frisk Berkeley, California, USA 2000-05
Frodus Washington, D.C., USA 1993–1999, 2009
From Ashes Rise Nashville, Tennessee, USA 1997–2005, 2010–prezent
The Frustrators USA 1999–prezent
The F.U.'s Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1982-90
Fucked Up Toronto, Canada 2001–prezent Polaris Music Prize-winning hardcore punk band.
Fuel East Bay, California, USA 1989-91
Fugazi Washington, D.C., USA 1987–prezent One of the first and most important post-hardcore bands.
Fun People Campana, Argentina 1989–2000 A straight edge melodic hardcore band.
Funeral Dress Belgium 1985–prezent Street Punk band from Antwerpen region.
Fun Things Brisbane, Australia 1979–1980 A Brisbane punk rock group.
Fuzigish Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa 1997– present A Ska punk band from Johannesburg, South Africa.
F.Y.P USA 1989-99

G[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Gallhammer Tokyo, Japan 2003–prezent An all-female crust punk band.
Gang Green Boston, Massachusetts, United States 1981–98, 2000–prezent An American hardcore band.
Gallows Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England, UK 2005–prezent A British Hardcore punk band currently fronted by Canadian musician Wade MacNeil.
Garotos Podres Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil 1982–prezent
The Gaslight Anthem New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 2006–prezent
Generation X London, England, UK 1976–81 A punk rock band led by Billy Idol.
Genocide Superstars Örebro, Sweden 1994-2004 Disbanded after guitarist/vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk was killed in the 2004 tsunami.
The Germs Los Angeles, California, USA 1977–80, 2005–prezent A punk band whose singer, Darby Crash, died of a heroin overdose, days after performing a live show almost solely to raise the funds to buy the heroin.
The Ghost Chicago, Illinois, USA 2001-2004
Ghost Mice Bloomington, Indiana, USA 2002–prezent A folk punk duo.
The Ghost of a Thousand Brighton, England, UK 2004–2011
The Gits Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA 1986-93
Give Up the Ghost Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1998–2004
Glittertind Lillesand, Norway 2001–prezent
A Global Threat Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1997–2000, 2000–07 An American street punk band.
The Go Set Victoria, Australia 2002–prezent
Gob Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada 1994–prezent A pop punk band.
Goblini Šabac, Serbia 1992–2001
Gogol Bordello Lower East Side, New York City, USA 1999–prezent One of the most popular Gypsy punk bands, known for its theatrical stage shows.
Goldfinger Los Angeles, California, USA 1994–prezent A ska punk/pop punk band named after the 1964 James Bond film.
Good Charlotte Waldorf, Maryland, USA 1996–prezent
Good Clean Fun Washington, D.C., USA 1997–prezent
Goodnight Nurse Auckland, New Zealand 2001–prezent A pop punk band.
Good Riddance Santa Cruz, California, USA 1986–2007
Gorilla Biscuits New York City, USA 1986–91, 2005–prezent A hardcore punk band.
The Government Toronto, Canada 1979-81
Government Issue Washington, D.C., USA 1980–89, 2007 A hardcore punk band.
Grade Burlington, Ontario, Canada 1993-2002
Gray Matter Washington, D.C. USA 1983–86, 1990–93
Grazhdanskaya Oborona Omsk, Russia 1984–2008
Green Day East Bay, California, USA 1987–prezent A punk rock group that has achieved tremendous popular success, selling over 80 million albums worldwide.
Green Jellÿ Kenmore, New York, USA 1981–1995, 2008–prezent Formerly known as Green Jellö, but where forced to change after a lawsuit. It is still pronounced the same.
Greyskull Dallas, Texas, USA 2001–prezent
Groovie Ghoulies Sacramento, California, USA 1983–2007
Guerilla Poubelle Paris, France 2003–prezent
The Gun Club Los Angeles, California, USA 1979-96
Guns n' Wankers England, UK
Guttermouth Huntington Beach, California, USA 1988–prezent A punk rock band known for their outrageous lyrics and behavior which are deliberately offensive and intended to shock, usually in a humorous and sarcastic manner.
GWAR Richmond, Virginia, USA 1985–prezent A thrash metal/punk rock band

H[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
H2O New York City, New York, United States 1995–prezent
Hagar the Womb Wapping, London, England, UK 1980-86
Hagfish Dallas, Texas, USA 1991-2001
Haloo Helsinki! Helsinki, Finlanda 2007–prezent
The Hanson Brothers Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 1984–prezent A Canadian punk rock band. Alter-ego of progressive rock band Nomeansno
De Hardheid Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1996–prezent
Hard-Ons Sydney, Australia 1982–93, 1998–prezent
Hatebreed New Haven, Connecticut, USA 1994–prezent
Haunted Garage Los Angeles, California, USA 1985-1993, 2013-present Horror punk/metal band fronted by actor Dukey Flyswatter
Have Heart New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA 2002-09
Hawk Nelson Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 2003–prezent Voted "Favorite New Artist" by CCM Magazine in 2006.
Hazen Street USA 2004-06, 2009
Heart Attack New York, New York, USA 1980-84
The Heartbreakers New York City, USA 1975–78, 1979, 1982, 1984, 1990
Hed PE Huntington Beach, California, USA 1994–prezent A rap/hardcore punk band.
Heideroosjes Horst aan de Maas, The Netherlands 1989–2012
The Hellacopters Stockholm, Sweden 1994-2008
Hellbastard Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK 1985-92, 2008–prezent
Hiatus Liège, Belgia 1989-96
Hipodil Sofia, Bulgaria 1988–prezent
His Hero Is Gone Memphis, Tennessee, USA 1995-99
Hi-Standard Japan 1991–2000
Hit the Lights Lima, Ohio, USA 2003–prezent
The Hives Fagersta, Sweden 1995–prezent A garage punk band known for their high-energy live performances and matching suits.
Hjertestop Copenhagen, Denmark 2004–prezent
Hladno Pivo Zagreb, Croatia 1988–prezent
Hog Hoggidy Hog Cape Town, South Africa, 1998–prezent
Hogan's Heroes Toms River, New Jersey, USA 1984-1993 Classic seminal hardcore band. Metalcore pioneer. Part of the original crossover thrash scene.
Hole Los Angeles, California, USA 1989–2002, 2009–prezent Alternative/punk rock band led by Courtney Love.
Holly Tree São Paulo, Brazil 1995–prezent
The Homosexuals London, England, UK 1976–prezent
The Honor System Chicago, Illinois, USA 1999–prezent
The Hope Bombs San Francisco, California, USA 1994-97
The Hope Conspiracy Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1999–prezent
HorrorPops Copenhagen, Denmark 1996–prezent Female fronted psychobilly band whose guitarist is Kim Nekroman, bassist for Nekromantix.
Hot Cross Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 2000-07
Hot Water Music Gainesville, Florida, USA 1993–96, 1997–2006, 2008–prezent
The Hunkies Poland 2003–prezent
Huggy Bear London, UK 1991-94
Humble Gods Hermosa Beach, California 1990–prezent
Die' Hunns USA 2000–prezent
The Huntingtons Baltimore, Maryland, USA 1995–2005
Hüsker Dü Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA 1979–88
The Hydromatics Michigan, The Netherlands, Sweden 1999–prezent A garage punk supergroup with members from the USA, The Netherlands and Sweden.

I[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
I Against I Dordrecht, The Netherlands 1994-2008
I Am the Avalanche Brooklyn, New York, USA 2004–prezent
I Shot Cyrus São Paulo, Brazil 1997-2009
I Spy Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1991–96 An anarchist hardcore punk band known for its radical left-wing political subject matter. Todd Kowalski, now of Propagandhi, was part of the band.
Iceage Copenhagen, Denmark 2008–prezent
The Icemen New York, New York, USA 1982–prezent
Icons of Filth Cardiff, Wales, UK 1979–2004
Iggy Pop Muskegon, Michigan, United States 1963–prezent A protopunk/garage rock musician that is considered one of the most influential musicians in the development of punk rock, and so nicknamed "the Godfather of Punk". Known for his wild stage antics.
Ignite Orange County, California, United States 1993–prezent
Los Illegals Los Angeles, USA
The Inchtabokatables Berlin, Germany 1991-2002
Indecision New York, New York, USA 1993-2000
The Influents East Bay, California, USA 1999-2003
In My Eyes Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1997-2000
Inocentes Brazil 1981–prezent
Inquisition Richmond, Virginia, USA 1991-96
Inside Out Orange County, California, USA 1988-91
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Umeå, Sweden 1998–prezent
International Robot Minneapolis, Minnesota 2000–2002 Featured Danny Henry from The Soviettes.
Intro5pect Orange County, California, USA 1997–prezent
I.R.A. Medellín, Columbia 1985–prezent
Iron Cross Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Iskra Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 2002–prezent
Isocracy Berkeley, California, USA 1986-88

J[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
The Jabbers USA 1977-84, 2003–prezent
Jackson United California, USA 2003-2008 (hiatus) A punk rock supergroup featuring Chris Shiflett from Foo Fighters and Scott Shiflett from Face to Face
The Jam Woking, Surrey, England, UK 1972–82 A highly celebrated British band, both popularly and critically. Their early recordings were harder and more aggressive, while subsequent works honed the sounds of the late 1970s mod revival movement.
Jack Off Jill Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 1992–2000 A gothic punk/riot grrl band.
Jawbox Washington, D.C., United States 1989–97, 2009
Jawbreaker San Francisco, California, USA 1988–96 A very influential band which has often been credited with the beginning of modern emo music, though they differ greatly from what is considered emo music today.
J Church San Francisco, California, USA 1992-2007
Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine Los Angeles, California, USA 2008–prezent A hardcore punk band founded by Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra.
Jerry's Kids Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1981–85, 1987–?, 2004–prezent A hardcore punk band.
Jersey Burlington, Ontario, Canada 1996-2005, 2011–prezent
JFA Phoenix, Arizona, USA 1981–prezent A hardcore skate punk band. Initials stand for Jodie Foster's Army.
Jimmy Eat World Mesa, Arizona, USA 1993–prezent A pop punk/emo band.
J.M.K.E. Tallinn, Estonia 1986–prezent
Joan Jett Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, USA 1975–prezent
Johnie All Stars Medellín, Columbia 1997–prezent
Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains Brattleboro, Vermont USA ?-2007 Folk punk band fronted by Pat the Bunny.
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp San Diego, California, USA 1994–prezent A pop punk band.
Johnny Socko Bloomington, Indiana, USA 1990-2002
The Joneses Hollywood, California, USA 1979-1989 A junk rock glam band
Joyce Manor Torrance, California, USA 2008-present A pop punk band
The Joykiller Huntington Beach, California, USA 1995–2003 A side project band of Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L.
Jr. Gone Wild Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1982-95
Judge New York City, USA 1987–91 A straight edge hardcore punk band.
Jughead's Revenge Los Angeles, California, USA 1988–2001, 2009–prezent
Justice League California, USA 1983-88

K[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Kaaos Tampere, Finlanda 1980-1985, 1999-2005
KBO! Kragujevac, Serbia 1982–prezent
Kid Dynamite Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1997–2000
The Kids Belgium 1976–85, 1996–prezent
Killing Joke London, England, UK 1978–96, 2002–prezent Post-punk band who were highly influential on industrial rock.
Killing Time New York, New York, USA 1988-98, 2001-05
Kill Your Idols Long Island, NY 1995-2007 A widely regarded New York hardcore band.
King Apparatus London, Ontario, Canada 1987-94, 2000
The King Blues London, England, UK 2004-12
Kinoklub Zagreb, Croatia 2008–prezent
Kisschasy Melbourne, Australia 2002–prezent
Kiss It Goodbye Seattle, Washington, USA 1997-98
Klamydia Vaasa, Finlanda 1988–prezent Ramones-influenced punk.
Knuckledust London, England, UK 1996–prezent
Komety Varșovia, Poland
The Kominas Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2004–prezent A taqwacore band playing Islam-themed punk.
Korol i Shut Saint Petersburg, Russia 1988–prezent A Russian horror punk band.
Krasnaya Plesen Yalta, Ukraine 1989–prezent
Kraut New York, New York, USA 1981-
Die Kreuzen Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 1981-92 One of the first hardcore punk bands from the Midwest. Highly influential.
The Kristet Utseende Sweden
Kronstadt Uprising Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England, UK 1981-86
KSMB Skärholmen, Stockholm, Sweden 1977–82, 1993 One of the well-known Swedish punk bands
KSU Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland 1977–prezent
KUD Idijoti Pula, Croatia 1981–prezent

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