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Aceasta este o listă de fomații punk rock notabile (denumirile cărora începe cu litere dintre L și Z). Formațiile enumerate au interpretat un anumit tip de muzică punk, la un moment dat din cariera lor, deși acestea poate interpretau de asemenea și alte stiluri. Trupe care au interpretat într-un stil care a influențat punk-rock precoce, cum ar fi garage rock și protopunk—dar niciodată nu au cântat punk rock curat, nu ar trebuie să fie incluse în această listă. Formații care au cântat în genuri influențate de (dar nu subgenuri) punk rock — ca alternative rock, crossover thrash, grunge, metalcore, New Wave, și post-punk—dar niciodată nu au cântat punk rock, nu trebuie să fie listate aici.


L[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
L7 Los Angeles, California, USA 1985–2001
Lagwagon Goleta, California, SUA 1990–prezent A pop punk band discovered by NOFX frontman Fat Mike, who signed them to his label Fat Wreck Chords.
Lard Chicago, Illinois, USA 1989–2000 A hardcore punk/industrial band formed by Jello Biafra.
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards Campbell, California, USA 2001–04 A street punk band with songs about drinking, fighting, drugs, sex, and other aspects of street life. Led by Rancid's lead guitarist, Lars Frederiksen.
Lash Perth, Western Australia, Australia 1996–2003
Latex Generation New York City, New York, USA 1990-99
Latterman Huntington Station, New York, USA 2000–07
The Lawrence Arms Chicago, Illinois, USA 1999–prezent A punk rock trio.
Leatherface Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England, UK 1988–prezent
Leathermouth New Jersey, USA 2007–prezent A hardcore punk side-project of Frank Iero, guitarist of My Chemical Romance.
Lemuria Buffalo, New York, USA 2004–prezent
Letter Kills California, USA 2002–06
Le Shok Long Beach, California, USA 1997–2001
Le Tigre New York City, New York, USA 1998–2008 An electroclash/dance-punk band formed by Kathleen Hanna.
Left Alone Wilmington, California, USA 1996–prezent A street punk band with a considerable influence from Rancid.
The Leftovers Brisbane, Australia 1976–1979, 1983 A Brisbane punk rock group
The Leftovers Portland, Maine, USA 2002–prezent
Leftöver Crack New York City, New York, USA 2000–prezent A political crust punk band with members of ska punk band Choking Victim
Legal Weapon Los Angeles, California, USA 1981–prezent Hardcore band with female vocals.
The Lemonheads Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1986-97, 2005–prezent
Less Than Jake Gainesville, Florida, USA 1992–prezent An American ska punk band.
Lesser of Two Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA 1989–2002
Let's Go Bowling Fresno, California, USA 1986–prezent
Life After Life San Francisco, California, USA 1993-98
Life's Blood New York, New York, USA 1987-89
Lifetime New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 1990–97, 2005–prezent
Limp San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA 1996–2002
Limp Wrist Albany, New York, USA 1998–prezent A hardcore/queercore band.
Link 80 San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA 1994–2002 An American skacore group who's lead singer, Nick Traina committed suicide.
Litmus Green California, USA 1991-2011
LiveonRelease Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2000–03 An all female pop punk band.
The Living End Melbourne, Australia 1994–prezent
Living with Lions Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2006–prezent
Lobotomia São Paulo, Brazil 1984-92, 2005–prezent
Lockjaw England, UK 1977-78
The Locust San Diego, California, USA 1994–prezent A hardcore punk/noisecore band and one of the first artists on Three One G Records.
Lolita No.18 Japan 1989–prezent
London London, England, UK 1976–78
London PX London, England, UK 1979–82, 2007–prezent
London SS London, England, UK 1975–76
Long Beach Dub Allstars Long Beach, California, USA 1997–2002
Long Beach Shortbus Long Beach, California, USA 2002-07
Look Back and Laugh Oakland, California, USA 2004-07
Love Equals Death Petaluma, California,USA 2003–2009
Love You to Death Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1999–prezent A Canadian powerpop pop punk band formerly known as The Pettit Project
The Loved Ones Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 2003–prezent
The Low Budgets Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 2000-08
Lower Class Brats Austin, Texas, USA 1995–prezent An American punk rock band highly influenced by the movie A Clockwork Orange.
Ludichrist New York, New York, USA 1984-89
Ludwig von 88 Paris, France 1983–99
Lumen Ufa, Russia 1998–prezent
The Lurkers Uxbridge, West London, England, UK 1976–79, 1982–84, 1987–94, 1996–prezent

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Mad Caddies Solvang, California, USA 1995–prezent
Mad Sin Germany 1987–prezent
Mad Virgins Brussels, Belgium 1977–prezent
Magnapop United States 1989–1997, 2002–prezent Alternative rock/pop punk group who charted the singles "Slowly, Slowly" and "Open the Door"
Make Do and Mend West Hartford, Connecticut, USA 2006–prezent
Malice Crawley, Sussex, England, UK 1976
Malignus Youth Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA 1987–94, 1999–2001
Man Alive Jerusalem, Israel 1999–prezent
Manic Hispanic Orange County, California, USA 1992–prezent
Man Is the Bastard Claremont, California, USA 1990-97
Mano Negra Paris, France 1987-95
Masters of the Backside England, UK
Masters of the Obvious New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 1981–prezent
Matanza Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1996–prezent
Matchbook Romance Poughkeepsie, New York, USA 1997–2007, 2009–prezent
The Matches Oakland, California, USA 1997–prezent An ex-ska indie punk band.
The Max Levine Ensemble Washington, D.C., USA 2000–prezent A DIY pop punk band from D.C. who are on Plan-It-X Records.
Maxeen Los Angeles, California, USA 2003–prezent
Maximillian Colby Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA 1990-95
Maximum the Hormone Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan 1998–prezent Play a mix of hardcore punk and nu metal.
Mayday Parade Tallahassee, Florida, USA 2006–prezent An emo pop punk band from Florida
MC5 Detroit, Michigan, SUA 1964–72, 2003–prezent famous for its original lineup who helped lay the foundations for punk in the late '60s and early '70s.
mclusky Cardiff, Wales, UK 1996–2005
MDC Austin, Texas, USA 1979–95, 2000–prezent A hardcore band with strong sociopolitical views. Initials stand for Millions of Dead Cops, among other things.
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes California, USA 1995–prezent A cover band fronted by Swingin' Utters' Spike Slawson. Also including Fat Mike of NOFX and Joey Cape of Lagwagon and Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters.
Mealticket Los Angeles, California, USA 1991-97
The Meatmen Lansing, Michigan, USA 1980–97, 2008–prezent
Meat Puppets Phoenix, Arizona, USA 1980–96, 1999–2002, 2006–prezent Began as an early hardcore punk band, but changed dramatically beginning on their second album, incorporating elements from cowpunk, acid rock, psychadelia and grunge throughout their career.
Mega City Four Farnborough, Hampshire, England, UK 1987–1996
The Mekons Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK 1977–prezent
The Men New York City, New York, USA 2008–prezent
The Mentors Seattle, Washington, USA 1976–97, 2000–prezent
The Members Camberley, Surrey, England, UK 1976–83
The Menzingers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2006–prezent
Métal Urbain Paris, France 1976–80, 2003–prezent
Merauder New York, New York, USA 1990–prezent
Mere Dead Men UK 1986–prezent
Mest Blue Island, Illinois, USA 1995–2006, 2008
The Methadones Chicago, Illinois, USA 1993, 1999–2010
M.I.A. Orange County, California, USA 1982–88
Middle Class Santa Ana, California, USA 1976–82
Midtown New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 1999–2004
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1985–88, 1989–2003, 2007–prezent An American ska-core band who had a big hit in the mid-90's, "The Impression That I Get".
Miles Away Perth, Australia 2002–prezent
Mill a h-Uile Rud Seattle, Washington, USA 2003–prezent
Millencolin Örebro, Sweden 1992–prezent
Million Dead London, England, UK 2001–05 British hardcore punk band that spawned folk punk artist, Frank Turner.
Mindless Self Indulgence New York City, New York, USA 1995–prezent A band that incorporates various genres of rock, including industrial rock, shock rock, and synthpunk.
Mindsnare Melbourne, Australia 1993–prezent
Mink DeVille San Francisco, California, USA 1974-1986 Early punk rock band associated with CBGB. Played a variety of different musical styles, including punk, R&B, blues, and cajun.
Minor Threat Washington, D.C., USA 1980–83 An influential hardcore punk band formed by Ian MacKaye before he formed Fugazi in 1987.
The Minutemen San Pedro, California, USA 1980–85 A short lived influential punk band featuring legendary bassist Mike Watt. It split up after D. Boon was killed in a van accident in 1985.
Mischief Brew Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 2000–prezent An anarcho-folk punk band.
Los Miserables Chile A left-wing political band, formed in the early 1990s, shortly after the demise of the military regime of Augusto Pinochet.
Misfits Lodi, New Jersey, USA 1977–83, 1995–prezent A pioneer of horror punk, whose career was cut short after original singer Glenn Danzig broke the band up in 1983. Twelve years later, the Misfits reformed without him.
MK-Ultra Chicago, Illinois, USA 1993-2000
The Mob Yeovil, Somerset, England, UK 1979–83
Mob 47 Stockholm, Sweden 1982–87, 2005–prezent
Moderat Likvidation Malmö, Sweden 1980–1985, 2007–prezent
Modern Life Is War Marshalltown, Iowa, USA 2002-08
Modern Warfare Long Beach, California, USA 1980–83
Modey Lemon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 1999-2010
Mojiganga Medellín, Colombia 1995–prezent
Mojo Nixon Danville, Virginia 1985-2004
Mondo Generator Los Angeles, California USA 1997–prezent
Monsula San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA 1988-93
The Moondogs Northern Ireland, UK 1979–prezent
Morning Glory New York, New York, USA 2001–prezent
Moss Icon Annapolis, Maryland, USA 1986–91, 2005–prezent A pioneer of emo.
Moskwa Poland 1983–91, 2001–prezent
Motion City Soundtrack Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1997–prezent
The Movielife New York City, New York, USA 1997–2003, 2010-11
The Mr. T Experience Berkeley, California, USA 1985–prezent
MU330 St. Louis, Missouri, USA 1988–2008
Much the Same Chicago, Illinois, USA 1999–2007
Mucky Pup Bergenfield, New Jersey, USA 1986-96, 2009–prezent
Mudhoney Seattle, Washington, USA 1988–prezent Garage punk/Grunge band
The Muffs Los Angeles, California, USA 1991–prezent
Murderdolls Hollywood, California, USA 2002-04, 2010–prezent
The Murder Junkies New York City, New York, USA 1991-99, 2003–prezent
Murphy's Law New York City, New York, USA 1983–prezent A hardcore punk band.
Mustard Plug Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 1995–prezent An American ska punk band.
Mutiny Melbourne, Australia 1991–prezent
MxPx Bremerton, Washington, USA 1992–prezent A Christian punk rock band consisting of three members, who were all born in 1976.
My Chemical Romance Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 2001–2013

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Na Gathan Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK 2007–prezent
Nailpin Belgia
Naked Aggression Madison, Wisconsin, SUA 1990–prezent
Naked Raygun Chicago, Illinois, USA 1981–90, 2006–prezent
Naked Violence Portland, Oregon, USA 1991–2004
Napalm Death Birmingham, England, UK 1982–prezent Credited with founding grindcore, Napalm Death are widely known for their extreme music and for their influential hardcore and crust punk.
Nastasee Bergen County, New Jersey, USA 1996-98
Nation of Ulysses Washington, D.C., USA 1988–92
National Razor Baltimore, Maryland, USA 1998–prezent
Nausea New York City, New York, USA 1985-92
Neck London, England, UK 1994–prezent A London-Irish Celtic punk band.
Necros Maumee, Ohio, USA 1979-87
The Need Olympia, Washington, USA 1996–2001
The Needles Aberdeen, Scotland, UK 1998–prezent
Negative Approach Detroit, Michigan, USA 1981–83, 2006–prezent A hardcore punk band.
Negative FX Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1981-82 A hardcore punk band.
Negative Trend San Francisco, California, USA 1977-79
Negazione Turin, Italia 1983–92
Nekromantix Copenhagen, Denmark 1989–prezent A psychobilly band whose bassist, Kim Nekroman, is guitarist for HorrorPops.
Nerf Herder Santa Barbara, California, USA 1994–2003, 2005–prezent An American pop punk band best known for playing the theme song for television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
The Nerve Agents USA 1998–2002
Nervous Gender Los Angeles, California, USA 1978–88, 1990–91, 2005–prezent One of the original innovators of "synthpunk", and an early industrial group.
The Network USA 2003-05
Neurosis Oakland, California, USA 1985–prezent began as a crust band, began incorporating other styles on later albums.
New Found Glory Coral Springs, Florida, USA 1997–prezent
New Regime Los Angeles, California, USA 1981-85 A hardcore punk band.
New Mexican Disaster Squad Orlando, Florida, USA 1999–2008
New York Dolls New York City, New York, USA 1971–77, 2004–prezent A glam punk group that is often cited as one of the founding punk bands.
Nightmare Sonata Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. 2003–prezent A Horror Punk band with Voodoo influences.
The Nils Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1978–1994
Nip Drivers Hawthorne, California, USA 1982–2000 Fast, hardcore SoCal punk.
The Nips London, England, UK 1976–81, 2008–prezent A punk rock band that incorporated elements of rockabilly, 60s garage rock, and power pop. The first band of The Pogues member Shane Macgowan. Also known as the Nipple Erectors.
No Comment North Hollywood, California, USA 1987–1993
No Doubt Anaheim, California, USA 1986–2004, 2008–prezent A ska punk band that incorporated elements of reggae, dancehall and alternative rock.
No Idea Levin and Christchurch, New Zealand 1983–1987 A New Zealand punk and Oi! band best known for their video Rugger Bugger.
No Innocent Victim San Diego, California, USA 1992–prezent
Nomataras Buenos Aires, Argentina 1990-present
No Torso Oslo, Norway 2003-09
No Trigger Massachusetts, USA 2000–prezent
No Use for a Name San Jose, California, USA 1987–prezent
No Warning Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1998–2005
NOFX Los Angeles, California, USA 1983–prezent A punk rock band that adds elements of ska and pop to their work; frontman Fat Mike is also the founder of their current label Fat Wreck Chords.
Noise Addict Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia 1992–95, 2009
Noise By Numbers Chicago, Illinois, USA 2008–prezent
Nomeansno Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 1979–prezent A Canadian progressive punk band. Also members of the band The Hanson Brothers.
None More Black New Jersey, USA 2000–prezent
Notsensibles Burnley, Lancashire, England, UK 1978–82, 1996, 2005–prezent

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
The Odorants Nurmo, Finlanda 1995–prezent
Off! Los Angeles, California, USA 2009–prezent Supergroup formed by members of Circle Jerks, Rocket from the Crypt, Redd Kross and Burning Brides.
Off with Their Heads Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 2002–prezent
The Offspring Garden Grove, California, SUA 1984–prezent A punk rock/skate punk band that has been very popular since the release of their 1994 classic, Smash.
Oi Polloi Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 1981–prezent
Old Man Markley Los Angeles, California, USA 2007–prezent Punk/Bluegrass Fat Wreck Chords [1]
One Bad Pig Austin, Texas, USA 1985–prezent
One-Eyed Doll Austin, Texas, USA 2008–prezent Goth-punk.
One Hit Wonder Long Beach, California, USA 1993-99
One King Down Albany, New York, USA 1994–2002
One Man Army San Francisco, California, USA 1996–2005
One Shot Left Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada 1997–prezent
One Way System Lancashire, England, UK 1979–86, 1995–prezent
Only Crime USA 2003–prezent
The Only Ones South London, England, UK 1976–82, 2007–prezent
Operation Ivy Berkeley, California, USA 1987–89 A hardcore punk/ska punk band; Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman were in this band before they formed Rancid.
The Oppressed Cardiff, Wales, UK 1981–prezent
Orange 9mm New York, New York, USA 1994-99
Osaka Popstar New York City, New York, USA 2006–prezent A Punk Rock supergroup with members of The Misfits and Black Flag with a major influence in anime.
Outbreak Maine, USA 2002-11
The Outcasts Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK 1977–85
Over My Dead Body San Diego, California, USA 2001-03
Oxymoron Germania 1992–prezent

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Picks and Rubbers Glenmoore, pa 2012-13
Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
The Pagans Cleveland, Ohio, SUA 1977–1979, 1982–1983
Pain Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA 1994-99 Energetic punk band that often made use of horn instruments.
Paint It Black Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 2002–prezent
Painted Thin Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1994–99
Panda Monterrey, Nuevo León, México 1997–prezent
Panic! at the Disco Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 2004–prezent
Pankrti Ljubljana, Slovenia 1977–87, 1996, 2007–prezent Slovene punk rock band whose name means "The Bastards", the first punk band in Yugoslavia.
Panx Romana Athens, Grecia 1982–prezent
Paraf Rijeka, Croatia 1976–84
Paramore Franklin, Tennessee, USA 2004–prezent
Paranoid Visions Dublin, Republic of Ireland 1981–1992, 2006–prezent The Republic of Ireland's longest running punk band, releasing through their own label FOAD.
Parasites Livingston, New Jersey, USA 1986–prezent
Paris Violence Paris, France 1994–prezent
Partibrejkers Belgrad, Serbia 1982–prezent
The Partisans Bridgend, Wales, UK 1978–1984, late 1990s-present
Patti Smith Group New York City, New York, USA 1971–prezent
The Peace & Freedom Band England, UK 1986–2008
The Peacocks Winterthur, Elveția 1990–prezent
Pegboy Chicago, Illinois, USA 1990–prezent An American punk band from Chicago.
Pekinška patka Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia 1978–81, 2008
Penetration County Durham, England, UK 1976–1980, 2001–prezent
Pennywise Hermosa Beach, California, USA 1988–prezent A punk rock band that has achieved some success since signing to their longtime home Epitaph in 1990.
Pere Ubu Cleveland, Ohio, USA 1975–82, 1987–prezent
La Pestilencia Bogotá, Colombia 1986–prezent
Peter Pan Speedrock Eindhoven, The Netherlands 1997–prezent
Peter and the Test Tube Babies Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK 1978–prezent An Oi! punk rock band, considered part of the punk pathetique subgenre.
Pg. 99 Sterling, Virginia, USA 1998–2003, 2011 Among the first screamo/emoviolence bands
Phinius Gage Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK 2001–prezent Melodic hardcore punk band.
The Piass Sapporo, Japan 1990–95, 1998–prezent
Picture Frame Seduction Haverfordwest, Wales 1982-87, 2003–prezent
Pidżama Porno Poznań, Polonia 1987–90, 1995–2007
Pimpbot Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 2001–prezent
Pinkerton Thugs Kennebunk, Maine 1994-2000, 2008–prezent
Pink Lincolns Tampa, Florida, USA 1986–prezent
Pinhead Gunpowder East Bay, California, USA 1990–prezent
Pipedown Grass Valley, California, USA 1997–2005
Pipes and Pints Prague, Czech Republic 2006–prezent A Celtic punk band.
The Pist Connecticut, USA 1992-96
Pitchblende Washington, D.C., USA 1991-95
Pivit San Diego, California, USA 1994–2003 Late 90s melodic hardcore punk band.
Pixies Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1986-93, 2004–prezent
The Plague London, England, UK 1976–1981, 2005–prezent
Plasmatics New York City, New York, USA 1977-83, 1987 An early shock rock act in the punk scene.
The Plugz Los Angeles, California, USA 1977-84
The Pogues Kings Cross, London, England, UK 1982-96, 2001–prezent
Pointed Sticks Vancouver, British Columbia, USA 1978-81, 2006–prezent
Point of No Return São Paulo, Brazil 1996-2006
Point of Recognition San Bernardino, California, USA 1998–2002, 2007
Poison Girls Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK 1976-87
Poison Idea Portland, Oregon, USA 1980-93, 1998–prezent
La Polla Records Salvatierra/Agurain, Basque Country, Spain 1979–2003 One of the most influential Spanish punk rock bands
Polysics Tokyo, Japan 1997–prezent
Porcos Cegos Barueri, Brazil 1993–prezent
Poslednie Tanki V Parizhe Saint-Petersburg, Russia 1996–prezent
Post Regiment Varșovia, Poland 1986–2000
Potshot Tokyo, Japan 1995–2005
Pour Habit Long Beach, California, USA 2004–prezent
Pridebowl Newport Beach, California, USA 1994-98, 2003–prezent
Los Prisioneros San Miguel, Chile 1979–1991, 2001–2006
The Professionals London, England, UK 1979-82
Project X New York City, New York, USA 1987
The Proletariat Fall River, Massachusetts, USA 1980-85
Propagandhi Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 1986–prezent An anarchist punk rock/thrash band.
Pro-Pain New York, New York, USA 1992–prezent
Propeller Tallinn, Estonia 1980–prezent
Proud Scum Auckland, New Zealand 1979–1981; 2008–prezent Covered by The Lemonheads
Psychoterror Tallinn, Estonia 1991–prezent
Public Disturbance Cardiff, Wales 1995–2000
Pueblo Criminal Zurich, Elveția 2006–prezent A Elveția ska-punk-band from Zurich with reggae and Latin music influences
Pulley Simi Valley, California, USA 1994–prezent
Puncture London, England, UK 1976-78
The Punkles Hamburg, Germania 1998–2006
Punkreas Parabiago, Italia 1989–prezent
Pussy Riot Moscow, Russia 2011–prezent
Pygmy Lush Sterling, Virginia, USA 2004–prezent

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
The Quails San Francisco, California, USA 1999–2003
The Queers Portsmouth, New Hampshire, SUA 1982–84, 1990–prezent A pop punk band influenced by the Ramones.
Quit Miami, Florida, USA 1988-90

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
The Rabble Auckland, New Zealand 2000–prezent
Rabid Leicester, England, UK 1979–86
Racetraitor Chicago, Illinois, USA 1996-99
Radical Dance Faction Hungerford, Berkshire, England, UK 1986-?
Radio Birdman Sydney, Australia 1974-78, 1996–2008
The Radioactive Chicken Heads Santa Ana, California 1994-present A comedy punk band known for their heavy use of props and puppetry. Originally known as ska punk band Joe & the Chicken Heads until 2004.
Raimundos Brasília, Brazil 1987-90, 1992-2001, 2001-present
The Raincoats Crouch End, London, England, UK 1977-84, 1993–prezent
Raised Fist Luleå, Sweden 1993–prezent A hardcore punk band that got its name from the lyrics of Rage Against the Machine's song "Know Your Enemy".
R.A.M.B.O. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1999–2007
Ramones Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, New York, SUA 1974–96 A band that is often regarded as one of the first punk rock groups to come out of the United States.
Rancid Albany, California, USA 1991–prezent A punk rock/ska punk band that has been credited with reviving mainstream popular interest in punk rock in the United States during the mid-1990s. Band members have been involved in numerous other bands.
Random Hand Keighley, West Yorkshire, England, UK 2002–prezent
Randy Hortlax, Sweden 1992–prezent
Rashit Istanbul, Turkey 1993–prezent The first major Turkish punk rock band.
Ratos de Porão São Paulo, Brazil 1980–prezent A D-beat/crossover thrash band whose lead singer is João Gordo, a popular VJ for MTV Brasil.
Rattus Vilppula, Finland 1978-88, 2001–prezent
Raw Power Reggio Emilia, Italia 1981–prezent An Italian hardcore punk/thrashcore band.
The Razors Namur, Belgium 1977-78
Razors in the Night Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2009–prezent
Reach the Sky Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1997–2003
Reagan Youth Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, New York, USA 1980–88, 2006–prezent An American hardcore band that is known for their extreme satire of racism.
The Real McKenzies Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1992–prezent A Scottish-influenced Celtic punk band.
The Reatards Memphis, Tennessee, USA 1998-2005 The first project of musician Jay Reatard.
Redemption 87 East Bay, California, USA 1995-99
Redd Kross Hawthorne, California, USA 1980-97, 2004–prezent
Red Lights Flash Graz, Austria 1997–2010
Reel Big Fish Huntington Beach, California, USA 1992–prezent A third-wave ska band
Refused Umeå, Sweden 1991–1998 A Swedish hardcore punk band.
Regents Washington, D.C., USA 2007–prezent
Relient K Canton, Ohio, USA 1998–prezent A band that plays a blend of punk and power pop.
Remembering Never Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 2000–prezent
Rentokill Austria 1996–prezent
Reset Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1993–prezent A punk rock/melodic hardcore band formed when members were only 13-years-old. The original vocalist and drummer are now in Simple Plan.
The Restarts London, England, UK 1995–prezent
Revenge 88 Ostend, Belgium 1981
Re-Volts San Francisco, California, USA 2007–prezent
The Rezillos Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 1976–78, 2001–prezent
RF7 California, USA 1979–prezent
Rhino 39 Los Angeles, California, USA
Ricanstruction New York, New York, USA 1990–2006
Rich Kids on LSD Montecito, California, USA 1982–90, 1992–96, 1997–2006 A band associated with the "Nardcore" scene, whose career has been slowed down by members involved in their projects.
Ringworm Cleveland, Ohio, USA 1991–prezent
RIOT 111 New Zealand 1981-84
Riot/Clone West London, England, UK 1979-83
The Riptides Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1998–prezent
Rise Against Chicago, Illinois, USA 1999–prezent A melodic hardcore/hardcore punk band that has been very popular since signing to a major label.
Rise and Fall Ghent, Belgium 2002–prezent
Rites of Spring Washington, D.C., USA 1984–86 A Washington, D.C. hardcore emo band sometimes cited as the founders of "emotive hardcore".
The Rivals Ramsgate, Kent, England, UK 1976-81
Riverboat Gamblers Denton, Texas, USA 1997–prezent
River City High Richmond, Virginia, USA 1999–prezent
Riverdales Chicago, Illinois, USA 1994–97, 2003, 2008–11
Rocket from the Crypt San Diego, California, USA 1990–2005 A punk/rock and roll band whose name was inspired by the 70s band Rocket from the Tombs.
Rocket from the Tombs Cleveland, Ohio, USA 1974–75, 2003–prezent
Roger Miret and The Disasters USA 1999–prezent
Rollins Band Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, USA 1987–2003, 2007
Rorschach New Jersey, USA 1989-93, 2009
Rubella Ballet London, England, UK 1979-91, 2000–prezent
Rudi Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK 1975-83
Rudimentary Peni England, UK 1981–prezent An anarcho-punk band.
The Rudiments East Bay, California, USA 1990–96 An American skacore band.
The Runaways Los Angeles, California, USA 1975–79 A teenage all-girl band that included a young Joan Jett and Lita Ford.
The Ruts London, England, UK 1977-80, 2007
Rx Bandits Seal Beach, California, USA 1995–2011

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Los Saicos Lima, Peru 1964-66 Considered by some people one of the first punk rock bands.
Saint Alvia Burlington, Ontario, Canada 2005–prezent A punk rock band with former members of Boys Night Out and Jersey.
The Sainte Catherines Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1999–prezent
The Saints Brisbane, Australia 1974–prezent
The Salads Newmarket, Ontario, Canada 1993–prezent
Les Sales Majestés Paris, France 1992–prezent
Sam Black Church Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1988-2000
Samhain New Jersey, SUA 1983–87, 1999 A short lived project formed by Glenn Danzig after the 1983 demise of The Misfits; the project changed its name to Danzig in 1987.
Samiam Berkeley, California, USA 1988–prezent
Sarcastic Front Karviná, Czech Republic 1990-93
Satanic Surfers Lund, Sweden 1989–2007
Save Ferris Orange County, California, USA 1995–2002
Saves the Day Princeton, New Jersey, USA 1994–prezent A band that played pop punk and Indie-punk in their early years.
The Scarred Anaheim, California, USA 2003–prezent
Scaterd Few Burbank, California, USA 1983–85, 1989–95, 1997–98, 2001–02 A Christian punk band.
The Scenics Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1976–82, 2008–prezent
The Schizo's Emmen, Netherlands 1985-88, 2008–prezent
Scream Alexandria, Virginia, USA 1981-90, 2009–prezent
The Screamers Los Angeles, California, USA 1975-81 Influential synthpunk band, never released an album.
Screeching Weasel Chicago, Illinois, USA 1986–89, 1991–94, 1996–2001, 2004–prezent A satirical punk band.
Screw 32 Berkeley, California, USA 1992–97 An East Bay punk band.
Scuba Dice County Wexford, Republic of Ireland 2003–prezent
Scum Norway 2002–prezent
Seaweed Tacoma, Washington, USA 1989–2000, 2007–prezent
Secret Crowds Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 2008–prezent
The Secretions Sacramento, California 1991-present
Sedes Wrocław, Polonia 1980–prezent
Senior Discount Warren, Rhode Island, USA 2004–prezent
Senses Fail Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA 2001–prezent A band that is primarily emo/screamo but also plays pop punk.
Set Your Goals Orinda, California, USA 2004–prezent A pop punk/melodic hardcore band.
Superchick Chicago, Illinois, USA 1999—present An American Christian rock, pop punk band.
Severed Head of State USA
Sex Pistols London, England, UK 1975–78, 1996, 2002–03, 2007–prezent A pioneer of the English punk rock scene, who released the album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, which many of today's bands cite as their main influence.
Shaila Buenos Aires, Argentina 1994–prezent
Shai Hulud Pompano Beach, Florida, USA 1995–prezent
Sham 69 Hersham, Surrey, England, UK 1975–80, 1989–prezent A very influential Oi! band named after faded graffiti promoting the local football (soccer) team.
Sharks Royal Leamington Spa, England, UK 2007–prezent
Shattered Faith California, USA 1978–prezent
She Devils Argentina 1995–prezent
Sheer Terror New York, New York, USA 1984-98, 2004, 2010
Shelter New York, New York, USA 1991–2001, 2002–prezent
Shonen Knife Osaka, Japan 1981–prezent All-female pop punk band. One of the first Japanese bands to become known in the United States.
Shook Ones Bellingham, Washington, USA 2004–prezent
Short Stack Budgewoi, New South Wales, Australia 2005–prezent
Sick of It All Queens, New York City, New York, USA 1986–prezent
Side by Side New York City, New York, USA 1988
Siege Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA 1983-85, 1991-92
Siekiera Puławy, Poland 1984–1988
The Sillies Detroit, Michigan, USA 1977–prezent
Simple Plan Montréal, Québec, Canada 1999–prezent A punk rock band. Before Simple Plan it was called Reset.
Sin 34 Santa Monica, California, USA 1981–84, 2008–prezent one of few hardcore punk bands with a female singer.
Sin Dios Madrid, Spain 1988–2006
Singer Vinger Estonia 1986–prezent
Siouxsie and the Banshees London, England, UK 1976–96 A successful post-punk, and gothic rock band, considered to be one of the pioneers of goth fashion and influential to punk fashion
Sister George London, England, UK 1994–2008
Sixer Richmond, Virginia, USA 1999–prezent
Ska-P Madrid, Spain 1994–2005, 2008–prezent A Third-wave Ska Band
Skarface France 1991–prezent
Skarhead New York, New York, USA
Skankin' Pickle San Jose, California, USA 1989-96 A Third-wave Ska Band
Skazki Chernogo Goroda Voronezh, Russia 2007-present Followers of the greatest russian horror-punk band Korol i shut
Skewbald / Grand Union Washington D.C., USA 1981
Skrewdriver Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK 1976–93 A neo-Nazi white power skinhead band. Originally were Oi!
The Skids Dunfermline, Scotland, UK 1977–82, 2007, 2009, 2010
Skindred Newport, Wales, UK 1999–prezent A reggae punk metal band.
Skitsystem Göteborg, Sweden 1994–2007, 2009–prezent
The Skitzos Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2004–08 A band with influences of raw 70s punk and straight up rock and roll.
Slapshot Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1985–prezent
Slapstick Elgin, Illinois, USA 1993-96
Slaughter & The Dogs Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, UK 1976–78, 1979–81, 1996–prezent
Sleater-Kinney Olympia, Washington, USA 1994–2006 A riot grrrl indie rock group.
Sledgeback Seattle, Washington, USA 2004–prezent
Sleepytime Trio Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA 1994–prezent
The Slickee Boys Washington D.C., USA 1975-91
Slightly Stoopid San Diego, California, USA 1995–prezent
Slime Germania 1979-91
The Slits London, England, UK 1976–82, 2005–10
Sloppy Seconds Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 1985–prezent
Slow Gherkin Santa Cruz, California, USA 1993–2002
Sludgeworth Chicago, Illinois, USA 1989-92, 2007
Smoke or Fire Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1998–prezent
Smoking Popes Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA 1991-99, 2005–prezent
Smut Peddlers Redondo Beach, California, USA 1993–prezent
Snapcase Buffalo, New York, USA 1991–2005, 2007, 2010–prezent
SNFU Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1981–89, 1991–2005, 2007–prezent
Snot Santa Barbara, California, USA 1995-98, 2008
Snuff London, England, UK 1986–prezent
Social Distortion Orange County, California, USA 1978–85, 1986–prezent A band that is often regarded as one of the leading bands of the 1980s hardcore punk explosion.
Softball Tokyo, Japan 1999–2003
Some Girls San Diego, California, USA 2002-07
Sonic Boom Six Manchester, England, UK 2002–prezent A four-piece punk/reggae/hip-hop band.
Sonic's Rendezvous Band Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 1975-80
Son of Sam Los Angeles, California, USA 200-01, 2007 – present
Sore Throat Yorkshire, England, UK 1987-90
Sort Sol Copenhagen, Denmark 1977–prezent
The Soviettes Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 2000–2006, 2010 A four-piece punk band with 3 girls and 1 guy.
Soziedad Alkoholika Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain 1988–prezent
Spazz Redwood City, California, USA 1992–2000
Special Duties Colchester, Essex, England, UK 1977-83, 1995–prezent
The Specials Coventry, West Midlands, England, UK 1977–81, 2008–prezent A 2 Tone/ska band.
Spermbirds Kaiserslautern, Germania 1982–1988, 1990–prezent
Spitboy San Francisco, California, USA 1990-95
The Spits Seattle, Washington, USA
Split Lip Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 1990-96, 2009
Splodgenessabounds Keston, London, England, UK 1979–prezent An English Oi!/punk pathetique band notorious for their provocative live shows.
The Squids Chicago, Illinois, USA 1989-2005
Squirrel Bait Louisville, Kentucky, USA 1983-88
Squirtgun Lafayette, Indiana, USA 1993–98, 2001–04, 2008–prezent
SS Japan 1977–prezent One of the first Japanese hardcore punk bands.
SSD Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1981–85 A hardcore punk band.
Stagebeast Belgium
The Stalin Fukushima City, Japan 1980–85, 1987–88, 1989–93
Stampin' Ground Cheltenham, England, UK 1995–2006
Stance Punks Japan 1999–prezent
The Star Club Nagoya, Japan 1977–prezent
Star Fucking Hipsters New York City, New York, USA 2005–prezent
State of Alert Washington D.C., USA 1980-81
Step Forward Umeå, Sweden 1989-91
Stiff Little Fingers Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK 1977–82, 1987–prezent A very influential Northern Irish punk band known for their single "Suspect Device".
The Stooges Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 1967–71, 1972–74, 2003–prezent
The Stranglers Guildford, Surrey, England, UK 1974–prezent Influential and enduring English punk Band, with many hit singles, including "Grip", "Peaches", "Something Better Change", "No More Heroes" and "5 Minutes".
Stray from the Path New York, New York, USA 2001–prezent
Street Dogs Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2002–prezent
Streetlight Manifesto East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 2002–prezent A ska punk/alternative rock band with members from Catch 22.
Stretch Arm Strong Columbia, South Carolina, USA 1992–2010
Strife Los Angeles, California, USA 1991-99, 2001–prezent
Strike Anywhere Richmond, Virginia, USA 1999–prezent A pop punk/melodic hardcore band.
Strike Under Chicago, Illinois, USA 1979-81
Strongarm Pompano Beach, Florida, USA 1993-97
Strongarm and the Bullies Los Angeles, California, USA 1998–prezent
Strung Out Simi Valley, California, USA 1989–prezent
Subhumans Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1978–83, 2005–prezent
Subhumans Wiltshire, England, UK 1980–87, 1998, 2004–prezent A hardcore anarcho-punk band.
Sublime Long Beach, California, USA 1988–96 A pioneer of ska punk, whose career was cut short following the death of singer/guitarist Bradley Nowell.
Sublime with Rome California, USA 2009–prezent
Suburban Lawns Long Beach, California, USA 1978-83
Suburban Rhythm Long Beach, California, USA 1990-94
Suburban Studs Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK 1976-78, 1996 One of the original British punk bands. Played at the infamous 100 Club gig.
Subway Sect London, England, UK 1976-80
Suicide City New York, New York, USA 2005–prezent
The Suicide Commandos Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1975-79
The Suicide File Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2001-03
The Suicide Machines Detroit, Michigan, USA 1991–2006 A punk band with and often fun lyrics and influences of ska.
Suicidal Tendencies Venice, California, USA 1981–95, 1997–prezent Began their career as a hardcore punk band. As soon as second guitarist Mike Clark joined them in 1987, they eventually became metal.
Sugarcult Santa Barbara, California, USA 1998–prezent A band that incorporates power pop and pop punk music.
Sum 41 Ajax, Ontario, Canada 1996–prezent A Canadian punk rock band.
Super Heroines Los Angeles, California, USA 1981-88
Superjoint Ritual USA 1993–2004
Superman Is Dead Bali, Indonesia 1995–prezent An Indonesian Punk Rock band.
Supernova Costa Mesa, California, USA 1989–prezent
The Survivors Brisbane, Australia 1976–1978 A Brisbane punk rock group with Sixties leanings
Sweet Empire Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2008–prezent
Swell Maps Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK 1972-80
The Swellers Flint, Michigan 2002-present
Swing Kids San Diego, California, USA 1994-97, 2009
Swingin' Utters Santa Cruz, California, USA 1988–prezent An American punk/folk punk band.
Swiz Washington, D.C., USA 1987-90
Sworn Enemy New York, New York, USA 1997–prezent Initially a hardcore punk band, the sound has changed to crossover thrash and metalcore on later albums

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Tales of Terror Sacramento, California, USA 1982–86 An American hardcore punk band often cited as a key inspiration for the grunge scene.
Tara Perdida Lisbon, Portugal 1995–prezent
Tarakany! Moscova, Russia 1991–prezent
The Taxpayers Portland, Oregon, USA 2007–prezent
Team Dresch Olympia, Washington, SUA 1993-98, 2004–prezent
Teenage Head Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1975–prezent An early Canadian punk band, considered the "Canadian Ramones".
Teenage Bottlerocket Laramie, Wyoming, USA 2001–prezent A skate punk band with pop punk influences.
Teengenerate Tokyo, Japan 1993-1996 A Japanese garage punk band.
The Teen Idles Washington, D.C., USA 1979–80 A short lived American D.C. hardcore band and a leading band in the straight edge movement.
Teen Idols Nashville, Tennessee, USA 1992–2003, 2008-10
Television New York City, New York, USA 1973–78, 1992–93, 2001–prezent An art punk band.
Ten Foot Pole Simi Valley, California, USA 1993–prezent
Tenpole Tudor London, England, UK 1974–prezent A British rockabilly and punk group.
Ten Yard Fight Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1995-99
Terror Los Angeles, California, USA 2002–prezent
Terrorgruppe Berlin, Germania 1993–2005
Terveet Kädet Tornio, Finlanda 1980–prezent
Tex & the Horseheads Los Angeles, California, USA 1980-86, 2007–prezent
Þeyr Reykjavík, Iceland 1980-83, 2006 Format:Not a typo
The Things Dublin, Republic of Ireland 2001–2009 An Irish Punk Rock band inspired by the Cramps and the Misfits.
This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb Pensacola, Florida, USA 1997–prezent An American folk punk band on Plan-It-X Records.
This Is Hell New York, New York, USA 2004–prezent
This Is a Standoff Canada 2007–prezent
The Thorns of Life New York, New York, USA 2008-09
Thought Riot California, USA 1997–2007
Three Dollar Bill Chicago, Illinois, USA 1998–prezent
Thrice Irvine, California, USA 1998–prezent
Throwdown Orange County, California, USA 1997–prezent
The Thumbs Baltimore, Maryland, USA 1995–2002
Tiger Army Berkeley, California, USA 1995–prezent A psychobilly band.
Tijuana Sweetheart Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2005-12
Tilt East Bay, California, USA 1992–2001
Time Again Los Angeles, California, USA 2004–prezent An American street punk band that is heavily influenced by Rancid.
Title Fight Kingston, Pennsylvania, USA 2003–prezent
Titus Andronicus Glen Rock, New Jersey, USA 2005–prezent Critically acclaimed punk/indie rock band.
The Toasters New York, New York, USA 1981–prezent
Toe to Toe Sydney, Australia 1992–prezent
Too Rude Hermosa Beach, California, USA
Total Chaos Pomona Valley, California, USA 1989–prezent An American hardcore punk band.
Totalitär Hudiksvall, Sweden 1984–2000, 2006–prezent
Die Toten Hosen Düsseldorf, Germania 1982–prezent A German punk band.
Touché Amoré Los Angeles, California, USA 2007–prezent
The Tower of Dudes Prague, Czech Republic 2007–prezent
Towers of London London, England, UK 2004–prezent
Toxic Narcotic Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1989–prezent A DIY hardcore punk band.
Toxic Reasons Dayton, Ohio, USA 1979–prezent
Toy Dolls Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England, UK 1979–prezent
Toys That Kill Los Angeles, California, USA 1999–prezent
Tragedy Memphis, Tennessee, USA 2000–prezent
Los Traidores Montevideo, Uruguay 1986–2003
Transplants California, USA 1999–2003, 2004–06 A rapcore project made up by members of Rancid and Blink-182.
Trap Them Salem, New Hampshire, USA 2001–prezent An American band that blends Grindcore, crust punk and death metal.
Trashlight Vision USA 2004-07, 2011
Trash Talk Sacramento, California, USA 2005–prezent
The Trashwomen San Francisco, California, USA 1991-97, 2007-08
Treble Charger Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada 1992–2006 A pop punk/alternative rock band.
Tribe 8 San Francisco, California, USA 1995–2005
Tripface New York, New York, USA 1993-97
Tři sestry Czech Republic
T.S.O.L. Long Beach, California, USA 1979–prezent An American hardcore/horror punk band that later turned to hair metal. Initial stand for True Sounds of Liberty.
Tsunami Bomb Petaluma, California, USA 1998–2005
The Tuberkuloited Estonia 1991-2007
Tuesday Chicago, Illinois, USA 1996-98
Turbonegro Oslo, Norway 1998, 2002–prezent A glam punk band that combines hard rock and punk rock into a style the band describes as "deathpunk".
Turning Point New Jersey, USA 1988-91
Two Man Advantage Long Island, New York, USA 1997-present
TZN Xenna Varșovia, Polonia 1981-87

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
UFX Blackpool, England, UK 2000–prezent UK "junk rock" band.
U.K. Subs London, England, UK 1976–prezent A band part of the original punk rock movement in England during the late 70's.
The U-Men Seattle, Washington, SUA 1981–88
Unbroken San Diego, California, USA 1991-95, 2010
The Undead New Milford, New Jersey, USA 1980–prezent An American horror punk band.
Undeclinable 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands 1992–2009
The Undertones Derry, Northern Ireland, UK 1976–83, 1999–prezent A punk rock and sometimes considered power pop or New Wave band.
Union 13 East Los Angeles, California, USA 1992–prezent A hardcore punk band who incorporate elements of their Central American background in their music.
The Units San Francisco, California, USA 1978–84
Unsane New York City, New York, USA 1988–2000, 2003–prezent
The Unseen Hingham, Massachusetts, USA 1993–prezent An American street punk band.
Untouchables Washington, D.C., USA 1979-81
Unwritten Law San Diego, California, USA 1990–prezent An American rock band.
Urban Waste New York, New York, USA 1981-84
Urinals Los Angeles, California, USA 1978–prezent A punk rock band known for their minimalistic style in their lyrics, sometimes even referred to as "punk haiku".
U.S. Bombs Huntington Beach, California, USA 1993–prezent An American punk rock band.
Useless ID Haifa, Israel 1995–prezent The most successful Punk Rock band in Israel

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Vampire Lovers Brisbane, Australia 1982–1984, 1988–1990 A Brisbane punk rock group, which developed into a horror punk/heavy metal hybrid in their later period.
The Vandals Huntington Beach, California, SUA 1980–prezent A punk band turned pop punk, well known for their use of humor and sarcasm.
The Varukers UK 1979–88, 1993–prezent A UK hardcore punk/anarcho-punk band.
Vatican Commandos Darien Connecticut, USA 1982–85 A hardcore punk band of which Moby was a member.
Vennaskond Tallinn, Estonia 1984–2006, 2007–prezent
Venomous Concept New York, New York, USA 1989–prezent
Verbal Abuse San Francisco, California, SUA 1981–95, 2005–prezent A hardcore punk band.
Verse Providence, Rhode Island, USA 2003-09, 2011 – present
The Vibrators London, England 1976–prezent
Vice Squad Bristol, England, UK 1978–85, 1997–prezent Female fronted punk rock band.
The Victims Perth, Australia 1977–79
Victims of Circumstance Clearwater, Florida, USA 2007–prezent A punk-ska band known for blending pop-hooks with a unique style of ska.
The Viletones Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Vindictives Chicago, Illinois, USA 1991-96, 99
The Virus Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1998–2004 A street punk band.
Virus Nine Medford, Oregon, USA 1996-2010
Los Violadores Buenos Aires, Argentina 1981–92 An early Latino-American punk band, founded during Argentina's "El Proceso" military dictatorship.
Violent Delight St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK 2000–prezent
Violent Femmes Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 1980–prezent A folk punk band consisting of three members. Although still active, they had not released any new material since 2000.
Vision of Disorder Long Island, New York City, New York, USA 1992–2002, 2006, 2008–prezent
Richard Hell and the Voidoids New York City, New York, USA 1976–79, 1982–84, 1990, 2000
Le Volume Était Au Maximum Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2000–prezent
Voodoo Glow Skulls Riverside, California, USA 1988–prezent An American ska punk band.
Voorhees Durham, County Durham, England, UK 1990–2001
Void Washington D.C., USA 1979-83

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
The Wall Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, England, UK 1978–83
The Waltons Isle of Wight, England
Les Wampas Paris, France 1983–prezent A pop punk/psychobilly band that refers to their music as "Yé-yé punk".
Warzone Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, New York, SUA 1982-97
Wasted Youth Los Angeles, California, USA 1981-88
Wayne County & the Electric Chairs New York City, New York, USA
Wavves Los Angeles, California, USA 2008–prezent A lo fi punk rock project started by Nathan Williams and also includes members from Jay Reatard's band.
WC Miastko, Polonia 1981–prezent
Wednesday 13 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 1992–prezent
Wednesday Night Heroes Edmonton, Alberta, Cananda 1997–prezent
The Weirdos Los Angeles, California, USA 1976–81, 1986, 1990, 2004–05
Westbound Train Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2001–prezent
Western Addiction San Francisco, California, USA 2003-06
Weezer Los Angeles, California, USA 1992–prezent A band that started out playing pop punk, Alternative rock and then in 2010 indie pop.
The Wedding Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA 2003–prezent A christian punk band from Fayetteville, Arkansas.
White Cross Richmond, Virginia, USA 1980-84
White Flag Inland Empire, California, USA 1982–prezent
The White Stripes Detroit, Michigan, USA 1997–2011
White Trash Debutantes San Francisco, California, USA 1989–prezent
Whole Wheat Bread Jacksonville, Florida, USA 2003–prezent An American pop punk/rapcore group who was toured with bands such as Big D and the Kids Table and The Aquabats.
The Wildhearts Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK 1989–97, 2001–05, 2006–10
A Wilhelm Scream New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA 1996–prezent Formerly known as Smackin' Isaiah and Koen
The Wipers Portland, Oregon, USA 1977–2001
Wire London, England, UK 1976–80, 1985–92, 1999–2004, 2006–prezent An influential band, especially in the development of the post-punk genre.
Wisdom In Chains Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA 2002–prezent
WIZO Sindelfingen, Germania 1985–2005
włochaty Szczecin, Poland 1987–prezent
Wolfbrigade Sweden 1995–2004, 2007–prezent
The Wonder Years Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA 2005–prezent
World Burns to Death Austin, Texas, USA 2000–prezent
The World/Inferno Friendship Society Brooklyn, New York, USA 1996–prezent
Wrangler Brutes Los Angeles, California, USA 2003-04
The Wynona Riders East Bay, California, USA 1988–prezent

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
X Australia 1977–prezent
X SUA 1977–93, 2004–prezent
xDISCIPLEx A.D. Erie, Pennsylvania, USA 1995–2004
X!NK Belgium 2001–prezent
X-Pistols California, USA 2010–prezent
X-Pulsion Brussels, Belgium 1977-78
X-Ray Spex London, England, UK 1976–79, 1991, 1995–96, 2008 A punk band that featured Poly Styrene on vocals and Lora Logic on saxophone.

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Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Yeah Yeah Yeahs New York City, New York, SUA 2000–prezent
Yellowcard Jacksonville, Florida, USA 1997–2008, 2010–prezent
Yidcore Australia 2001-09
You Me At Six Surrey, UK 2006–prezent
Youngblood Brass Band Madison, Wisconsin, USA 1997–prezent
Young Canadians Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1979–80
The Young and the Useless New York, New York, USA 1980-84
Young Werewolves Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, SUA 2002–prezent
Your Heart Breaks Bellingham, Washington, USA 1999–prezent A "collaborative music project"—with over 50 members in the lower 48 states—that plays a blend of indie rock, folk and punk, with electronic influence
Youth Brigade Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA 1980–prezent An American hardcore band consisting of three brothers.
Youth Brigade Washington, D.C., USA 1981
Youth Defense League New York, New York, USA 1986–prezent
Youth Gone Mad Los Angeles, California / New York, New York, USA 1980–prezent
Youth in Asia UK
Youth of Today New York City, New York, USA 1985–90 A straight edge New York/positive hardcore punk band.
The Yuppie Pricks Austin, Texas, USA 1999–prezent A comedy punk band that reverses the traditional "working class punk" ethos and instead flaunts their wealth and affluence, in a comical, over-the-top way.

Z[modificare | modificare sursă]

Formația Origine Ani activi Descriere sumară
Zbogom Brus Li Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia 1992–2000, 2005–prezent
Zebrahead La Habra, California, SUA 1996–prezent A rapcore/ska punk band.
Zegota Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 1997–prezent
Zeke Seattle, Washington, USA 1993–prezent
The Zeros Chula Vista, California, USA 1976-80
The Zeros UK 1977
Zero Boys Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 1979–86, 1990–93 A hardcore punk band.
Zikney Tzfat Tel Aviv, Israel 1990-96
Zóna A Bratislava, Slovakia 1984–prezent
Zounds Reading, Berkshire, England, UK 1977–82, 2001–prezent

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