Listă de filme americane din 1928

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Aceasta este o listă de filme americane din 1928:

A–C[modificare | modificare sursă]

Titlu Regizor(i) Actori Gen Note
4 Devils F. W. Murnau Janet Gaynor, Anders Randolf Drama Fox Film
13 Washington Square Melville W. Brown Jean Hersholt, Alice Joyce Romance Universal
Abie's Irish Rose Victor Fleming Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Nancy Carroll Comedy Paramount
Across the Atlantic Howard Bretherton Monte Blue, Edna Murphy Drama Warner Bros.
Across to Singapore William Nigh Ramón Novarro, Joan Crawford Romance, Drama MGM
The Actress Sidney Franklin Norma Shearer, Owen Moore Drama MGM
The Adorable Cheat Burton L. King Lila Lee, Reginald Sheffield Romance Chesterfield
Adoration Frank Lloyd Billie Dove, Antonio Moreno Drama First National
The Adventurer Viktor Tourjansky Tim McCoy, Dorothy Sebastian Western MGM
After the Storm George B. Seitz Hobart Bosworth, Maude George Drama Columbia
The Air Circus Howard Hawks, Lewis Seiler Arthur Lake, Sue Carol Drama Fox
The Air Patrol Bruce Mitchell Al Wilson, Elsa Benham Drama Universal
Alex the Great Dudley Murphy Richard "Skeets" Gallagher, Albert Conti Comedy FBO [1]
Alias Jimmy Valentine Jack Conway Lionel Barrymore, William Haines Crime MGM
Alias the Deacon Edward Sloman Jean Hersholt, June Marlowe Action Universal
The Apache Phil Rosen Margaret Livingston, Warner Richmond Drama Columbia [2]
The Arizona Cyclone Edgar Lewis Fred Humes, George B. French Western Universal
Arizona Days J. P. McGowan Bob Custer, Peggy Montgomery Western Syndicate Pictures
Avalanche Otto Brower Jack Holt, Olga Baclanova Western Paramount
The Awakening Victor Fleming Vilma Bánky, Louis Wolheim Drama United Artists
The Baby Cyclone A. Edward Sutherland Lew Cody, Aileen Pringle Comedy MGM
Baby Mine Robert Z. Leonard Karl Dane, George K. Arthur, Charlotte Greenwood Comedy MGM
The Barker George Fitzmaurice Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill Drama Warner Bros.
The Battle of the Sexes D. W. Griffith Jean Hersholt, Phyllis Haver Drama United Artists
Beau Broadway Malcolm St. Clair Lew Cody, Aileen Pringle Drama MGM
Beau Sabreur John Waters Gary Cooper, Evelyn Brent, Noah Beery Adventure Paramount
Beauty and Bullets Ray Taylor Ted Wells, Duane Thompson Western Universal
Beggars of Life William A. Wellman Wallace Beery, Louise Brooks, Richard Arlen Crime Part Talkie
Beware of Bachelors Roy Del Ruth Audrey Ferris, William Collier Jr. Comedy Warner Bros.
Beware of Blondes George B. Seitz Dorothy Revier, Matt Moore Drama Columbia
Beware of Married Men Archie Mayo Irene Rich, Clyde Cook Comedy Warner Bros.
Beyond London Lights Tom Terriss Adrienne Dore, Lee Shumway Drama FBO
Beyond the Sierras Nick Grinde Tim McCoy, Polly Moran Adventure MGM
The Big City Tod Browning Lon Chaney, Betty Compson, Marceline Day Crime Lost film, MGM
The Big Killing F. Richard Jones Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton Comedy Paramount
The Big Noise Allan Dwan Chester Conklin, Alice White Comedy First National
The Black Pearl Scott Pembroke Lila Lee, Ray Hallor Mystery Rayart
Blindfold Charles Klein Lois Moran, George O'Brien Drama Fox [3]
Blockade George B. Seitz Anna Q. Nilsson, Wallace MacDonald Drama FBO
A Blonde for a Night E. Mason Hopper, F. McGrew Willis Marie Prevost, Franklin Pangborn Comedy Pathé Exchange
The Blue Danube Paul Sloane Leatrice Joy, Joseph Schildkraut, Nils Asther Romance Pathé Exchange
The Border Patrol James P. Hogan Harry Carey, Phillips Smalley Western Pathé Exchange
The Boss of Rustler's Roost Leo D. Maloney Don Coleman, Ben Corbett Western Pathé Exchange
Branded Man Scott Pembroke Charles Delaney, June Marlowe Western [4]
The Branded Sombrero Lambert Hillyer Buck Jones, Leila Hyams Western Fox
Breed of the Sunsets Wallace Fox Bob Steele, Nancy Drexel Western FBO
Bringing Up Father Jack Conway Marie Dressler, Polly Moran Comedy MGM
Broadway Daddies Fred Windemere Jacqueline Logan, Alec B. Francis Comedy Columbia [5]
The Broken Mask James P. Hogan Cullen Landis, Barbara Bedford Drama
The Bronc Stomper Leo D. Maloney Don Coleman, Ben Corbett Western Pathé Exchange
Brotherly Love Charles Reisner Karl Dane, George K. Arthur Comedy MGM
Buck Privates Melville W. Brown Lya De Putti, Malcolm McGregor Comedy Universal
Burning Bridges James P. Hogan Harry Carey, William Bailey Western Pathe Exchange
Burning Daylight Charles Brabin Milton Sills, Doris Kenyon Adventure First National
Burning the Wind Herbert Blaché, Henry MacRae Hoot Gibson, Virginia Brown Faire Drama Universal
Burning Up Broadway Phil Rosen Helene Costello, Robert Frazer Drama Sterling Pictures
The Bushranger Chester Withey Tim McCoy, Ena Gregory Western MGM
The Butter and Egg Man Richard Wallace Jack Mulhall, Greta Nissen Comedy First National
The Call of the Heart Francis Ford Joan Alden, Edmund Cobb Western Universal
The Cameraman Edward Sedgwick, Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Marceline Day Comedy, Romance MGM
The Cardboard Lover Robert Z. Leonard Marion Davies, Nils Asther Comedy MGM
Caught in the Fog Howard Bretherton May McAvoy, Conrad Nagel Thriller Warner Bros.
The Cavalier Irvin Willat Richard Talmadge, Barbara Bedford Western Tiffany
A Certain Young Man Hobart Henley Ramon Novarro, Marceline Day Romance MGM
The Charge of the Gauchos Albert H. Kelley Francis X. Bushman, Jacqueline Logan Historical FBO. Co-production with Argentina
The Chaser Harry Langdon Harry Langdon, Gladys McConnell Comedy First National [6]
Chicago After Midnight Ralph Ince Ralph Ince, James Mason Drama FBO
Chicken A La King Henry Lehrman Nancy Carroll, George Meeker Comedy Fox [7]
Chinatown Charlie Charles Hines Louise Lorraine, Harry Gribbon Comedy First National
The Circus Charles Chaplin Charles Chaplin Comedy, Adventure United Artists
The Circus Kid George B. Seitz Frankie Darro, Joe E. Brown Drama FBO
Circus Rookies Edward Sedgwick Karl Dane, George K. Arthur Comedy MGM
The Clean-Up Man Ray Taylor Ted Wells, Peggy O'Day Western Universal [8]
Clothes Make the Woman Tom Terriss Eve Southern, Walter Pidgeon Drama Tiffany
The Code of the Scarlet Harry Joe Brown Ken Maynard, Gladys McConnell Western First National
The Cohens and the Kellys in Paris William Beaudine J. Farrell MacDonald, Kate Price Comedy Universal
Companionate Marriage Erle C. Kenton Betty Bronson, William Welsh Drama First National
Comrades Cliff Wheeler Donald Keith, Helene Costello Drama First Division Pictures
Coney Island Ralph Ince Lois Wilson, Eugene Strong Drama FBO
Conquest Roy Del Ruth Monte Blue, H. B. Warner Drama Warner Bros.
The Cop Donald Crisp William Boyd, Jacqueline Logan Drama Pathé Exchange
The Cossacks George W. Hill
Clarence Brown
John Gilbert, Renée Adorée Adventure MGM
The Count of Ten James Flood Charles Ray, Jobyna Ralston Drama Universal
Court Martial George B. Seitz Jack Holt, Betty Compson Action Columbia
The Cowboy Kid Clyde Carruth Rex Bell, Brooks Benedict Western Fox
Craig's Wife William C. deMille Irene Rich, Warner Baxter Drama Pathé Exchange
The Crash Edward F. Cline Milton Sills, Thelma Todd Drama First National
The Crimson Canyon Ray Taylor Ted Wells, Lotus Thompson Western Universal
The Crimson City Archie Mayo Myrna Loy, Leila Hyams Drama Warner Bros.
Crooks Can't Win George M. Arthur Ralph Lewis, Thelma Hill Drama FBO [9]
The Crowd King Vidor Eleanor Boardman, James Murray Drama MGM

D–F[modificare | modificare sursă]

Titlu Regizor(i) Actori Gen Note
The Danger Rider Henry MacRae Hoot Gibson, Monte Montague Western Universal
Danger Street Ralph Ince Warner Baxter, Martha Sleeper Drama FBO
Daredevil's Reward Eugene Forde Tom Mix, Natalie Joyce Western Fox
Dead Man's Curve Richard Rosson Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Sally Blane Action FBO
The Desert Bride Walter Lang Betty Compson, Allan Forrest Drama Columbia
Detectives Chester M. Franklin Karl Dane, George K. Arthur, Marceline Day Comedy MGM
The Devil's Skipper John G. Adolfi Belle Bennett, Montagu Love Drama Tiffany
The Devil's Trademark James Leo Meehan Belle Bennett, William V. Mong Drama FBO [10]
Diamond Handcuffs John P. McCarthy Eleanor Boardman, Lawrence Gray Drama MGM
The Divine Woman Victor Sjöström Greta Garbo, Lars Hanson Drama MGM
The Divine Sinner Scott Pembroke Vera Reynolds, Nigel De Brulier, Carole Lombard Drama Rayart
Do Your Duty William Beaudine Charles Murray, Lucien Littlefield Comedy Warner Bros.
The Docks of New York Josef von Sternberg George Bancroft, Betty Compson, Olga Baclanova Melodrama Paramount
Domestic Meddlers James Flood Claire Windsor, Lawrence Gray, Roy D'Arcy Comedy Tiffany
Domestic Troubles Ray Enright Clyde Cook, Louise Fazenda Comedy Warner Bros.
Don't Marry James Tinling Lois Moran, Neil Hamilton Comedy Fox
Doomsday Rowland V. Lee Florence Vidor, Gary Cooper Drama Paramount
The Drag Net Josef von Sternberg George Bancroft, Evelyn Brent, William Powell Crime Paramount
Dream of Love Fred Niblo Joan Crawford, Nils Asther Historical drama MGM
Dressed to Kill Irving Cummings Edmund Lowe, Mary Astor Drama Fox
Driftin' Sands Wallace Fox Bob Steele, Nina Quartero Western FBO [11]
Driftwood Christy Cabanne Don Alvarado, Marceline Day Drama Columbia
Drums of Love D. W. Griffith Mary Philbin, Lionel Barrymore Romance United Artists
Dry Martini Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast Mary Astor, Sally Eilers Comedy Fox
Easy Come, Easy Go Frank Tuttle Richard Dix, Nancy Carroll Comedy Paramount
The Escape Richard Rosson William Russell, Virginia Valli Drama Fox [12]
Excess Baggage James Cruze William Haines, Josephine Dunn Comedy MGM
The Fall of the House of Usher James Sibley Watson Herbert Stern Horror
The Farmer's Daughter Arthur Rosson Marjorie Beebe, Frank Albertson Comedy Fox [13]
Fashion Madness Louis J. Gasnier Claire Windsor, Reed Howes Drama Columbia [14]
Fazil Howard Hawks Charles Farrell, Greta Nissen Drama Fox
The Fearless Rider Edgar Lewis Fred Humes, Barbara Worth Western Universal [15]
Feel My Pulse Gregory La Cava Bebe Daniels, Richard Arlen, William Powell Romantic comedy Paramount
The Fifty-Fifty Girl Clarence Badger Bebe Daniels, James Hall Comedy Paramount
The Fightin' Redhead Louis King Buzz Barton, Duane Thompson Western FBO
Finders Keepers Wesley Ruggles, Otis Thayer Laura La Plante, John Harron Comedy Universal
The First Kiss Rowland V. Lee Fay Wray, Gary Cooper Romance Paramount
Five and Ten Cent Annie Roy Del Ruth Louise Fazenda, Clyde Cook Comedy Warner Bros.
The Five O'Clock Girl Robert Z. Leonard Charles King, Marion Davies, Joel McCrea Musical
The Fleet's In Malcolm St. Clair Clara Bow, James Hall, Jack Oakie Comedy Paramount
Fleetwing Lambert Hillyer Barry Norton, Dorothy Janis Drama Fox [16]
Flying Romeos Mervyn LeRoy Charles Murray, Fritzi Ridgeway Comedy First National [17]
Fools for Luck Charles Reisner W. C. Fields, Chester Conklin, Sally Blane Comedy Paramount
Forbidden Hours Harry Beaumont Ramon Novarro, Renée Adorée Drama MGM
The Foreign Legion Edward Sloman Norman Kerry, Lewis Stone, Mary Nolan Adventure Universal
Forgotten Faces Victor Schertzinger Clive Brook, Mary Brian Drama Paramount
The Four-Footed Ranger Stuart Paton Edmund Cobb, Marjorie Bonner Western Universal
Four Sons John Ford Margaret Mann, James Hall Drama Fox
Four Walls William Nigh John Gilbert, Joan Crawford Drama MGM
The Fourflusher Wesley Ruggles George J. Lewis, Marian Nixon Comedy Universal
Freedom of the Press George Melford Lewis Stone, Marceline Day Mystery

G–I[modificare | modificare sursă]

Titlu Regizor(i) Actori Gen Note
Gang War Bert Glennon Jack Pickford, Olive Borden Crime FBO
The Garden of Eden Lewis Milestone Corinne Griffith, Louise Dresser Drama United Artists
The Gate Crasher William James Craft Glenn Tryon, Patsy Ruth Miller Comedy Universal
The Gateway of the Moon John Griffith Wraith Dolores del Río, Walter Pidgeon Romantic comedy Fox
Gentleman Prefer Blondes Malcolm St. Clair Ruth Taylor, Alice White Comedy Paramount
The Girl He Didn't Buy Dallas M. Fitzgerald Pauline Garon, Rosemary Cooper Drama Peerless Pictures
A Girl in Every Port Howard Hawks Victor McLaglen, Robert Armstrong, Louise Brooks Romantic Comedy Fox
Glorious Betsy Alan Crosland, Gordon Hollingshead Dolores Costello, Conrad Nagel Drama Warner Bros.
The Godless Girl Cecil B. DeMille Lina Basquette, Tom Keene Drama
Golf Widows Erle C. Kenton Vera Reynolds, Harrison Ford Comedy Columbia [18]
The Good-Bye Kiss Mack Sennett Johnny Burke, Sally Eilers Comedy First National [19]
Good Morning, Judge William A. Seiter Reginald Denny, Mary Nolan Comedy Universal
The Grain of Dust George Archainbaud Ricardo Cortez, Claire Windsor Drama Tiffany
Greased Lightning Ray Taylor Ted Wells, Betty Caldwell Western Universal
Green Grass Widows Alfred Raboch Gertrude Olmstead, Hedda Hopper Comedy Tiffany
Guardians of the Wild Henry MacRae Jack Perrin, Ethlyne Clair Western Universal
Half a Bride Gregory La Cava Esther Ralston, Gary Cooper Romance Paramount
Hangman's House John Ford Victor McLaglen, June Collyer Romance, Drama Fox
Happiness Ahead William A. Seiter Colleen Moore, Edmund Lowe Drama First National
Harold Teen Mervyn LeRoy Arthur Lake, Mary Brian Comedy First National [20]
The Hawk's Nest Benjamin Christensen Milton Sills, Doris Kenyon Crime First National
The Haunted House Benjamin Christensen Larry Kent, Thelma Todd Comedy First National
The Head Man Edward F. Cline Charlie Murray, Loretta Young Comedy [21]
The Heart of Broadway Duke Worne Pauline Garon, Robert Agnew Drama Columbia
The Heart of a Follies Girl John Francis Dillon Billie Dove, Larry Kent Comedy First National [22]
Heart to Heart William Beaudine Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes Comedy First National
Heart Trouble Harry Langdon Harry Langdon, Doris Dawson Comedy First National
Hello Cheyenne Eugene Forde Tom Mix, Caryl Lincoln Western Fox [23]
Her Summer Hero James Dugan Hugh Trevor, Harold Goodwin Comedy FBO [24]
His Private Life Frank Tuttle Adolphe Menjou, Kathryn Carver Comedy Paramount
His Tiger Lady Hobart Henley Adolphe Menjou, Evelyn Brent Drama Paramount
Hit of the Show Ralph Ince Joe E. Brown, Gertrude Olmstead Comedy FBO
The Home Towners Bryan Foy Richard Bennett, Doris Kenyon Comedy
Homesick Henry Lehrman Sammy Cohen, Marjorie Beebe Comedy Fox [25]
Honeymoon Robert A. Golden Polly Moran, Harry Gribbon Comedy MGM
Honeymoon Flats Millard Webb George J. Lewis, Dorothy Gulliver Comedy Universal
Honor Bound Alfred E. Green George O'Brien, Estelle Taylor Drama Fox [26]
A Horseman of the Plains Benjamin Stoloff Tom Mix, Sally Blane Western Fox [27]
Hot Heels William James Craft Glenn Tryon, Patsy Ruth Miller Comedy Universal
Hot News Clarence Badger Bebe Daniels, Neil Hamilton Comedy Paramount
The Hound of Silver Creek Stuart Paton Edmund Cobb, Gloria Grey Western Universal
How to Handle Women William James Craft Glenn Tryon, Marian Nixon Comedy Universal
In Old Arizona Irving Cummings, Raoul Walsh Warner Baxter, Edmund Lowe, Dorothy Burgess Western
Interference Lothar Mendes William Powell, Evelyn Brent, Clive Brook Drama Filmed in Sound and Silent versions

J–L[modificare | modificare sursă]

Titlu Regizor(i) Actori Gen Note
Jazz Mad F. Harmon Weight Jean Hersholt, Marian Nixon Drama Universal
Just Married Frank R. Strayer James Hall, Ruth Taylor Comedy Paramount
King Cowboy Robert De Lacey Tom Mix, Sally Blane Western FBO [28]
Kit Carson Lloyd Ingraham, Alfred L. Werker Fred Thomson, Nora Lane Western Paramount
Ladies' Night in a Turkish Bath Edward F. Cline Dorothy Mackaill, Sylvia Ashton Comedy First National
Ladies of the Mob William A. Wellman Clara Bow, Richard Arlen, Helen Lynch, Mary Alden Crime Paramount
Lady Be Good Richard Wallace Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall Comedy First National
A Lady of Chance Robert Z. Leonard Norma Shearer, Lowell Sherman Romance MGM
Lady Raffles Roy William Neill Estelle Taylor, Roland Drew Comedy crime Columbia
Land of the Silver Fox Ray Enright Rin Tin Tin, Leila Hyams Adventure Warner Bros.
The Last Command Josef von Sternberg Emil Jannings, Evelyn Brent, William Powell Melodrama Paramount
The Latest from Paris Sam Wood Norma Shearer, Ralph Forbes Drama MGM
Laugh, Clown, Laugh Herbert Brenon Lon Chaney, Loretta Young Melodrama MGM
The Law of the Range William Nigh Tim McCoy, Joan Crawford, Rex Lease Western MGM
The Law's Lash Noel M. Smith Robert Ellis, Mary Mayberry Western Pathé Exchange
The Legion of the Condemned William A. Wellman Fay Wray, Gary Cooper War Paramount
Let 'Er Go Gallegher Elmer Clifton Frank Coghlan Jr., Harrison Ford Comedy crime Pathé Exchange
Lights of New York Bryan Foy Helene Costello, Cullen Landis, Eugene Pallette Crime, Drama Warner Bros.
Lilac Time George Fitzmaurice, Frank Lloyd Colleen Moore, Gary Cooper War Warner Bros.
Lingerie George Melford Alice White, Malcolm McGregor, Mildred Harris Drama
The Lion and the Mouse Lloyd Bacon May McAvoy, Lionel Barrymore Drama Warner Bros.
The Little Buckaroo Louis King Buzz Barton, Milburn Morante Western FBO
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Alfred Santell Richard Barthelmess, Molly O'Day Drama First National [29]
The Little Snob John G. Adolfi May McAvoy, Robert Frazer Comedy Warner Bros.
The Little Wild Girl Frank S. Mattison Lila Lee, Cullen Landis Drama Trinity Pictures
The Little Wildcat Ray Enright Audrey Ferris, James Murray Comedy Warner Bros.
The Little Yellow House James Leo Meehan Orville Caldwell, Martha Sleeper Romance FBO [30]
The Lookout Girl Dallas M. Fitzgerald Jacqueline Logan, Ian Keith Mystery Quality Distributing
Love and Learn Frank Tuttle Esther Ralston, Lane Chandler Comedy Paramount
Love Me and the World Is Mine Ewald André Dupont Mary Philbin, Betty Compson Romance Universal
Loves of an Actress Rowland V. Lee Pola Negri, Nils Asther Romance Paramount
Love Hungry Victor Heerman Lois Moran, Marjorie Beebe Comedy Fox [31]
The Love Thief John McDermott Norman Kerry, Greta Nissen, Marc MacDermott Romance Universal

M–O[modificare | modificare sursă]

Titlu Regizor(i) Actori Gen Note
Mad Hour Joseph C. Boyle Sally O'Neil, Alice White Drama First National
The Magnificent Flirt Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast Florence Vidor, Loretta Young Comedy Paramount
Manhattan Cocktail Dorothy Arzner Nancy Carroll, Richard Arlen Drama Paramount
Manhattan Cowboy J. P. McGowan Bob Custer, Lafe McKee Western
The Man from Headquarters Duke Worne Cornelius Keefe, Edith Roberts Crime Rayart
Man in the Rough Wallace Fox Bob Steele, Marjorie King Western FBO
The Man Who Laughs Paul Leni Mary Philbin, Conrad Veidt Melodrama Universal
Marriage by Contract James Flood Patsy Ruth Miller, Lawrence Gray Drama Tiffany
Marry the Girl Phil Rosen Barbara Bedford, Robert Ellis, DeWitt Jennings Drama Sterling Pictures
The Masks of the Devil Victor Sjöström John Gilbert, Alma Rubens Drama MGM
The Matinee Idol Frank Capra Bessie Love, Johnnie Walker Romance Columbia
The Mating Call James Cruze Thomas Meighan, Evelyn Brent Drama Paramount
Me, Gangster Raoul Walsh June Collyer, Don Terry, Anders Randolf Crime Fox
Midnight Life Scott R. Dunlap Francis X. Bushman, Gertrude Olmstead Crime Lumas Film
Midnight Madness F. Harmon Weight Clive Brook, Jacqueline Logan Drama Pathé Exchange
Midnight Rose James Young Lya De Putti, Kenneth Harlan Crime Universal
The Midnight Taxi John G. Adolfi Antonio Moreno, Myrna Loy Melodrama Warner Bros., part-Talkie
Modern Mothers Phil Rosen Helene Chadwick, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Drama Columbia [32]
Moran of the Marines Frank R. Strayer Richard Dix, Ruth Elder Crime Paramount
Mother Knows Best John G. Blystone, Charles Judels Madge Bellamy, Louise Dresser, Barry Norton Drama Fox
Mother Machree John Ford Belle Bennett, Neil Hamilton Drama Fox Film
My Man Archie Mayo Fanny Brice, Edna Murphy Comedy Warner Bros.
The Mysterious Lady Fred Niblo Greta Garbo, Conrad Nagel Romance, Drama MGM
Name the Woman Erle C. Kenton Anita Stewart, Huntley Gordon Drama Columbia [33]
Nameless Men Christy Cabanne Claire Windsor, Antonio Moreno Drama Tiffany
Naughty Baby Mervyn LeRoy Alice White, Jack Mulhall Comedy First National
The Naughty Duchess Tom Terriss Eve Southern, H. B. Warner Mystery Tiffany
News Parade David Butler Nick Stuart, Sally Phipps Comedy Fox
The Night Bird Fred C. Newmeyer Reginald Denny, Corliss Palmer Comedy Universal
A Night of Mystery Lothar Mendes Adolphe Menjou, Evelyn Brent Drama Paramount
Night Watch Alexander Korda Billie Dove, Paul Lukas Drama First National
No Other Woman Lou Tellegen Dolores del Río, Don Alvarado Romance Fox
Noah's Ark Michael Curtiz George O'Brien, Alois Reiser Drama Warner Bros.
None but the Brave Albert Ray Charles Morton, Sally Phipps Comedy Fox
The Noose John Francis Dillon Richard Barthelmess, Montagu Love First National
Nothing to Wear Erle C. Kenton Jacqueline Logan, Theodore von Eltz Comedy Columbia [34]
Object: Alimony Scott R. Dunlap Lois Wilson, Ethel Grey Terry Drama Columbia [35]
Oh, Kay! Mervyn LeRoy Colleen Moore, Lawrence Gray Comedy First National
The Old Code Ben F. Wilson Walter McGrail, Lillian Rich Historical
On Trial Archie Mayo Pauline Frederick, Bert Lytell Drama Sound film
Our Dancing Daughters Harry Beaumont Joan Crawford, Nils Asther Melodrama MGM
Outcast William A. Seiter Corinne Griffith, Edmund Lowe Drama First National
Out of the Ruins John Francis Dillon Richard Barthelmess, Marian Nixon Drama First National

P–R[modificare | modificare sursă]

Titlu Regizor(i) Actori Gen Note
Painted Post Eugene Forde Tom Mix, Natalie Kingston Western Fox Film [36]
Partners in Crime Frank R. Strayer Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton, Mary Brian Comedy Paramount
The Patriot Ernst Lubitsch Emil Jannings, Florence Vidor Historical Paramount
The Patsy King Vidor Marion Davies, Orville Caldwell Comedy MGM
Pay as You Enter Lloyd Bacon Louise Fazenda, Clyde Cook Comedy Warner Bros.
The Perfect Crime Bert Glennon Clive Brook, Irene Rich Crime FBO [37]
A Perfect Gentleman Clyde Bruckman Monty Banks, Ernest Wood, Henry Barrows, Ruth Dwyer Comedy Pathé Exchange
The Phantom City Albert S. Rogell Ken Maynard, Eugenia Gilbert Western First National [38]
The Phantom Flyer Bruce M. Mitchell Al Wilson, Buck Connors Western Universal
Phyllis of the Follies Ernst Laemmle Alice Day, Matt Moore Comedy Universal
The Pinto Kid Louis King Buzz Barton, Frank Rice Western FBO
The Pioneer Scout Lloyd Ingraham, Alfred L. Werker Fred Thomson, Nora Lane Western Paramount
Plane Crazy Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney Animated Short First appearance of Mickey Mouse
Plastered in Paris Benjamin Stoloff Sammy Cohen, Jack Pennick Comedy Fox Film
The Play Girl Arthur Rosson Madge Bellamy, Johnny Mack Brown Comedy Fox Film[39]
Powder My Back Roy Del Ruth Irene Rich, Audrey Ferris Comedy Warner Bros.
Power Howard Higgin William Boyd, Jacqueline Logan Comedy Pathé Exchange
The Power of the Press Frank Capra Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Jobyna Ralston Drama Columbia
Prep and Pep David Butler David Rollins, Nancy Drexel Comedy Fox Film [40]
The Price of Fear Leigh Jason Bill Cody, Duane Thompson Western Universal
Prowlers of the Sea John G. Adolfi Carmel Myers, Ricardo Cortez Adventure Tiffany
Put 'Em Up Edgar Lewis Gloria Grey, Tom London Western Universal
Quick Triggers Ray Taylor Fred Humes, Derelys Perdue Western Universal
A Race for Life D. Ross Lederman Rin Tin Tin, Virginia Brown Faire Drama Warner Bros.
The Racket Lewis Milestone Thomas Meighan, Marie Prevost Crime Paramount
Ramona Edwin Carewe Dolores del Río, Warner Baxter Melodrama United Artists
Ransom George B. Seitz Lois Wilson, Edmund Burns Drama Columbia
The Rawhide Kid Del Andrews Hoot Gibson, Georgia Hale Action Universal
The Red Dance Raoul Walsh Dolores del Río, Charles Farrell Drama Fox Film
Red Hair Clarence G. Badger Clara Bow, Lane Chandler Comedy Paramount
Red Hot Speed Joseph Henabery Reginald Denny, Alice Day Comedy Universal
Red Lips Melville W. Brown Marian Nixon, Charles "Buddy" Rogers Drama Universal
Red Riders of Canada Robert De Lacey Patsy Ruth Miller, Charles Byer Adventure FBO [41]
Red Wine Raymond Cannon June Collyer, Conrad Nagel Comedy Fox Film [42]
Restless Youth Christy Cabanne Marceline Day, Ralph Forbes Drama Columbia [43]
Revenge Edwin Carewe, Joseph Schenck Dolores del Río, James A. Marcus Drama United Artists
Riders of the Dark Nick Grinde Tim McCoy, Dorothy Dwan Western MGM
The Riding Renegade Wallace Fox Bob Steele, Nancy Drexel Western FBO
Riley the Cop John Ford J. Farrell MacDonald, Nancy Drexel Comedy Fox Film
Rinty of the Desert D. Ross Lederman Rin Tin Tin, Audrey Ferris Drama Warner Bros.
The River Pirate William K. Howard Victor McLaglen, Lois Moran Drama Fox Film
Road House Richard Rosson Maria Alba, Lionel Barrymore Drama Fox Film
The Road to Ruin Norton S. Parker Helen Foster, Grant Withers Exploitation
Romance of the Underworld Irving Cummings Mary Astor, John Boles Drama Fox Film
Rose-Marie Lucien Hubbard Joan Crawford, James Murray Drama MGM
Rough Ridin' Red Louis King Buzz Barton, Frank Rice Western FBO
Runaway Girls Mark Sandrich Shirley Mason, Hedda Hopper Drama Columbia
The Rush Hour E. Mason Hopper Marie Prevost, Seena Owen Comedy Pathé Exchange

S–U[modificare | modificare sursă]

Titlu Regizor(i) Actori Gen Note
Sadie Thompson Raoul Walsh Gloria Swanson, Lionel Barrymore Drama United Artists
Sailors' Wives Joseph Henabery Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes Romance First National
Sally of the Scandals Lynn Shores Bessie Love, Irene Lambert Drama FBO
Sally's Shoulders Lynn Shores Lois Wilson, Huntley Gordon Drama FBO [44]
The Sawdust Paradise Luther Reed Esther Ralston, Reed Howes Drama Paramount
Say It with Sables Frank Capra Francis X. Bushman, Helene Chadwick Drama Columbia
The Scarlet Dove Arthur Gregor Lowell Sherman, Josephine Borio Romance Tiffany
The Scarlet Lady Alan Crosland Lya de Putti, Don Alvarado Drama Columbia
The Secret Hour Rowland V. Lee Pola Negri, Jean Hersholt Romance Paramount
Shadows of the Night D. Ross Lederman Lawrence Gray, Louise Lorraine Drama MGM
The Shady Lady Edward H. Griffith Phyllis Haver, Louis Wolheim Comedy Pathé Exchange
Sharp Shooters John G. Blystone George O'Brien, Lois Moran Comedy Fox
The Shield of Honor Emory Johnson Neil Hamilton, Dorothy Gulliver Crime Universal
Ships of the Night Duke Worne Jacqueline Logan, Sôjin Kamiyama, Jack Mower Adventure Rayart
The Shopworn Angel Richard Wallace Nancy Carroll, Gary Cooper Romance Paramount
Show Folks Paul L. Stein Lina Basquette, Carole Lombard Drama Pathé Exchange
Show Girl Alfred Santell Alice White, Donald Reed Comedy First National
Show People King Vidor Marion Davies, William Haines Comedy MGM
The Showdown Victor Schertzinger George Bancroft, Evelyn Brent Drama Paramount
The Sideshow Erle C. Kenton Marie Prevost, Ralph Graves Drama Columbia [45]
The Singing Fool Lloyd Bacon Al Jolson, Betty Bronson Melodrama Warner Bros.
Sinners in Love George Melford Olive Borden, Huntley Gordon Drama FBO
Sinner's Parade John G. Adolfi Victor Varconi, Dorothy Revier Crime Columbia [46]
Sins of the Fathers Ludwig Berger Emil Jannings, Ruth Chatterton Drama Paramount
Sisters of Eve Scott Pembroke Anita Stewart, Betty Blythe Mystery Rayart
Skinner's Big Idea Lynn Shores Bryant Washburn, William Orlamond Comedy FBO [47]
Skyscraper Howard Higgin William Boyd, Alan Hale Drama
The Sky Rider Alan James Gareth Hughes, Josephine Hill Drama Chesterfield
The Smart Set Jack Conway William Haines, Jack Holt Comedy MGM
So This Is Love? Frank Capra Shirley Mason, William Collier Jr. Comedy Columbia
Soft Living James Tinling Madge Bellamy, Johnny Mack Brown Comedy Fox [48]
Someone to Love F. Richard Jones Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Mary Brian Comedy Paramount
Something Always Happens Frank Tuttle Esther Ralston, Neil Hamilton Comedy Paramount
Son of the Golden West Eugene Forde Tom Mix, Sharon Lynn Western FBO [49]
Speedy Ted Wilde Harold Lloyd, Ann Christy Comedy Paramount
The Speed Classic Bruce M. Mitchell Rex Lease, Mildred Harris Action Excellent Pictures
The Sporting Age Erle C. Kenton Belle Bennett, Holmes Herbert Drama Columbia
Sporting Goods Malcolm St. Clair Richard Dix, Ford Sterling Comedy Paramount
Square Crooks Lewis Seiler Robert Armstrong, Johnny Mack Brown Comedy Fox [50]
Stand and Deliver Donald Crisp Rod La Rocque, Lupe Velez Drama Pathé Exchange
State Street Sadie Archie Mayo Conrad Nagel, Myrna Loy Crime Warner Bros.
Steamboat Bill, Jr. Charles Riesner Buster Keaton, Marion Byron Comedy United Artists
Steamboat Willie Ub Iwerks Animated Short
Stocks and Blondes Dudley Murphy Gertrude Astor, Jacqueline Logan Comedy FBO
Stolen Love Lynn Shores Marceline Day, Rex Lease Drama FBO [51]
Stool Pigeon Renaud Hoffman Olive Borden, Charles Delaney Crime Columbia [52]
Stop That Man! Nat Ross Arthur Lake, Barbara Kent Comedy Universal
Street Angel Frank Borzage Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell Melodrama Fox
The Street of Illusion Erle C. Kenton Virginia Valli, Ian Keith Drama Columbia [53]
The Street of Sin Mauritz Stiller, Ludwig Berger, Lothar Mendes Olga Baclanova, Emil Jannings, Fay Wray Drama Paramount
Submarine Frank Capra Jack Holt, Dorothy Revier Drama Columbia
The Sunset Legion Lloyd Ingraham, Alfred L. Werker Fred Thomson, Edna Murphy Western Paramount
Take Me Home Marshall Neilan Bebe Daniels, Neil Hamilton Comedy Paramount
Taking a Chance Norman Z. McLeod Rex Bell, Lola Todd Western Fox [54]
Taxi 13 Marshall Neilan Chester Conklin, Ethel Wales Comedy FBO
Telling the World Sam Wood William Haines, Anita Page Comedy MGM
Tempest Sam Taylor John Barrymore, Camilla Horn Drama United Artists
Tenderloin Michael Curtiz Dolores Costello, Conrad Nagel Crime Warner Bros.
The Terror Roy Del Ruth May McAvoy, Edward Everett Horton Mystery Warner Bros.
The Texas Tornado Frank Howard Clark Tom Tyler, Frankie Darro Western FBO
Thanks for the Buggy Ride William A. Seiter Laura La Plante, Glenn Tryon Comedy [55]
That Certain Thing Frank Capra Viola Dana, Ralph Graves Comedy Columbia
That's My Daddy Fred C. Newmeyer Reginald Denny, Barbara Kent, Lillian Rich Comedy Universal
Thief in the Dark Albert Ray George Meeker, Doris Hill Mystery Fox
Their Hour Alfred Raboch John Harron, Dorothy Sebastian Comedy Tiffany
Three-Ring Marriage Marshall Neilan Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes Drama First National
Three Sinners Rowland V. Lee Pola Negri, Warner Baxter, Olga Baclanova Drama Paramount
Three Weekends Clarence Badger Clara Bow, Neil Hamilton Comedy drama Paramount
Through the Breakers Joseph Boyle Margaret Livingston, Holmes Herbert Drama Lumas Film
Thunder Riders William Wyler Ted Wells, Charlotte Stevens Western [56]
Tillie's Punctured Romance A. Edward Sutherland W. C. Fields, Louise Fazenda, Chester Conklin Comedy Paramount
Tracked Jerome Storm Sam Nelson, Caryl Lincoln Western FBO
The Trail of '98 Clarence Brown Dolores del Río, Ralph Forbes Melodrama MGM
Terror Mountain Louis King Tom Tyler, Frankie Darro Drama FBO
Tropic Madness Robert G. Vignola Leatrice Joy, Lena Malena Drama FBO [57]
Tropical Nights Elmer Clifton Patsy Ruth Miller, Malcolm McGregor Drama Tiffany
Two Lovers Fred Niblo Vilma Bánky, Ronald Colman Drama United Artists
Two Outlaws Henry MacRae Jack Perrin, Kathleen Collins Western Universal
Tyrant of Red Gulch Robert De Lacey Tom Tyler, Frankie Darro Western FBO
Under the Black Eagle W. S. Van Dyke Ralph Forbes, Marceline Day Drama MGM
Under the Tonto Rim Herman C. Raymaker Richard Arlen, Mary Brian Western Paramount
Undressed Phil Rosen David Torrence, Hedda Hopper Drama Sterling

V–Z[modificare | modificare sursă]

Titlu Regizor(i) Actori Gen Note
The Valley of Hunted Men Richard Thorpe Jay Wilsey, Oscar Apfel Action Pathé Exchange
Vamping Venus Edward F. Cline Charles Murray, Louise Fazenda, Thelma Todd Comedy First National [58]
The Vanishing Pioneer John Waters Jack Holt, Sally Blane, William Powell Western Paramount
Varsity Frank Tuttle Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Mary Brian Comedy Paramount
The Viking Roy William Neill Pauline Starke, Donald Crisp Historical MGM
Virgin Lips Elmer Clifton Olive Borden, John Boles Drama Columbia [59]
The Wagon Show Harry Joe Brown Ken Maynard, Ena Gregory Western First National
Walking Back Rupert Julian Sue Carol, Ivan Lebedeff Drama Pathé Exchange
Wallflowers James Leo Meehan Hugh Trevor, Mabel Julienne Scott Drama FBO [60]
Waterfront William A. Seiter Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall Comedy drama First National
The Water Hole F. Richard Jones Jack Holt, Nancy Carroll Western Paramount
The Way of the Strong Frank Capra Mitchell Lewis, Alice Day Crime Columbia
We Americans Edward Sloman George Sidney, Patsy Ruth Miller Drama Universal
We Faw Down Leo McCarey Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy Comedy MGM
The Wedding March Erich von Stroheim Erich von Stroheim, Fay Wray Melodrama Paramount
West of Zanzibar Tod Browning Lon Chaney, Lionel Barrymore Melodrama MGM
West of Santa Fe J.P. McGowan Bob Custer, Peggy Montgomery Western Syndicate Pictures
West Point Allan Dwan William Haines, Joan Crawford Romance MGM
What a Night! A. Edward Sutherland Bebe Daniels, Neil Hamilton, William Austin Romantic comedy Paramount
What Price Beauty? Tom Buckingham Nita Naldi, Natacha Rambova Drama Pathé Exchange
Wheel of Chance Alfred Santell Richard Barthelmess, Bodil Rosing Drama First National [61]
When the Law Rides Robert De Lacey Tom Tyler, Frankie Darro Western FBO
While the City Sleeps Jack Conway Lon Chaney, Anita Page Crime drama MGM
The Whip Charles Brabin Dorothy Mackaill, Ralph Forbes, Anna Q. Nilsson Drama First National
The Whip Woman Joseph C. Boyle Estelle Taylor, Hedda Hopper Drama First National
White Shadows in the South Seas W. S. Van Dyke Monte Blue, Raquel Torres Drama, Adventure MGM
Why Sailors Go Wrong Henry Lehrman Sally Phipps, Nick Stuart Comedy Fox
Wickedness Preferred Hobart Henley Lew Cody, Aileen Pringle, George K. Arthur Comedy MGM
The Wife's Relations Maurice Marshall Shirley Mason, Ben Turpin Comedy Columbia
Wife Savers Ralph Ceder Wallace Beery, ZaSu Pitts, Sally Blane Comedy Paramount
Win That Girl David Butler David Rollins, Sue Carol Comedy Fox
Wild West Romance R.L. Hough Rex Bell, Caryl Lincoln Western Fox [62]
The Wild West Show Del Andrews Hoot Gibson, Dorothy Gulliver Action Universal
The Wind Victor Sjöström Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson Drama MGM
Wizard of the Saddle Frank Howard Clark Buzz Barton, Milburn Morante Western FBO [63]
A Woman of Affairs Clarence Brown Greta Garbo, John Gilbert Melodrama MGM
A Woman Against the World George Archainbaud Harrison Ford, Georgia Hale Drama Tiffany
The Woman Disputed Henry King, Sam Taylor Norma Talmadge, Gilbert Roland Drama United Artists
A Woman's Way Edmund Mortimer Margaret Livingston, Warner Baxter Romance Columbia [64]
Woman Wise Albert Ray June Collyer, Walter Pidgeon Comedy drama Fox
Women They Talk About Lloyd Bacon Irene Rich, Audrey Ferris Comedy Warner Bros.
Won in the Clouds Bruce M. Mitchell Al Wilson, Helen Foster Adventure Universal
The Wreck of the Singapore Ralph Ince Estelle Taylor, Jim Mason Drama FBO
The Wright Idea Charles Hines Johnny Hines, Louise Lorraine Comedy First National [65]
Wyoming W. S. Van Dyke Tim McCoy, Dorothy Sebastian Western MGM
Yellow Lily Alexander Korda Billie Dove, Clive Brook Drama First National
Young Whirlwind Louis King Buzz Barton, Edmund Cobb Western FBO

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