Listă de filme americane din 1922

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Aceasta este o listă de filme americane din 1922:

Titlu Regizor(i) Actori Gen Note
According to Hoyle W. S. Van Dyke David Butler, Helen Ferguson Western Independent[1]
Across the Continent Phil Rosen Wallace Reid, Mary MacLaren Sports Paramount
Across the Deadline Jack Conway Frank Mayo, Russell Simpson Drama Universal
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Robert F. Hill Harry Myers, Noble Johnson Adventure Universal. Film serial now lost
Afraid to Fight William Worthington Frank Mayo, Lillian Rich Drama Universal
Alias Julius Caesar Charles Ray Charles Ray, Barbara Bedford Comedy First National
The Altar Stairs Lambert Hillyer Frank Mayo, Louise Lorraine Drama Universal
Always the Woman Arthur Rosson Betty Compson, Emory Johnson Romance Goldwyn
Angel of Crooked Street David Smith Alice Calhoun, William McCall Crime Vitagraph
Anna Ascends Victor Fleming Alice Brady, Robert Ellis Romance Paramount
Another Man's Shoes Jack Conway Herbert Rawlinson, Barbara Bedford Comedy Universal
Any Wife Herbert Brenon Pearl White, Holmes Herbert Drama Fox Film
Apartment Wanted Alfred J. Goulding Lee Moran, Alberta Vaughn Comedy Universal
Arabian Love Jerome Storm John Gilbert, Barbara Bedford, Barbara La Marr Drama Fox Film
The Bachelor Daddy Alfred E. Green Thomas Meighan, Leatrice Joy Comedy Paramount
Back Home and Broke Alfred E. Green Thomas Meighan, Lila Lee Comedy Paramount
Back Pay Frank Borzage Seena Owen, Matt Moore Drama Paramount
The Barnstormer Charles Ray Wilfred Lucas, Florence Oberle Comedy First National
The Bearcat Edward Sedgwick Hoot Gibson, Lillian Rich Western Universal
The Beautiful and Damned William A. Seiter Marie Prevost, Kenneth Harlan Drama Warner Bros.
The Beauty Shop Edward Dillon Raymond Hitchcock, Louise Fazenda Comedy Paramount
Beauty's Worth Robert G. Vignola Marion Davies, Forrest Stanley Comedy Paramount
Bells of San Juan Scott R. Dunlap Buck Jones, Fritzi Brunette Western Fox Film
Beyond the Rainbow Christy Cabanne Harry T. Morey, Billie Dove, Clara Bow Drama FBO
Beyond the Rocks Sam Wood Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino Drama Paramount
Billy Jim Frank Borzage Fred Stone, Billy Bletcher Comedy western FBO
The Black Bag Stuart Paton Herbert Rawlinson, Virginia Valli Mystery Universal
The Blacksmith Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox Comedy First National, Short
A Blind Bargain Wallace Worsley Lon Chaney, Raymond McKee Horror Goldwyn
Blood and Sand Fred Niblo Rudolph Valentino, Nita Naldi, Lila Lee Drama Paramount
Bobbed Hair Thomas N. Heffron Wanda Hawley, William Boyd Romance Paramount
The Bond Boy Henry King Richard Barthelmess, Charles Hill Mailes Drama First National
The Bonded Woman Phil Rosen Betty Compson, John Bowers Drama Paramount
Boomerang Bill Tom Terriss Lionel Barrymore, Marguerite Marsh Crime Paramount
The Bootleggers Roy Sheldon Walter Miller, Paul Panzer Drama FBO
The Bootlegger's Daughter Victor Schertzinger Enid Bennett, Fred Niblo Drama Independent
Borderland Paul Powell Agnes Ayres, Milton Sills Drama Paramount
The Boss of Camp Four W. S. Van Dyke Buck Jones, Fritzi Brunette Western Fox Film[2]
Bought and Paid For William C. deMille Agnes Ayres, Jack Holt Drama Paramount
Boy Crazy William A. Seiter Doris May, Fred Gamble Romantic comedy FBO[3]
Brawn of the North Laurence Trimble Irene Rich, Lee Shumway Adventure First National
The Bride's Play George Terwilliger Marion Davies, John B. O'Brien Romance Paramount
Broad Daylight Irving Cummings Lois Wilson, Jack Mulhall Crime Universal
The Broadway Madonna Harry Revier Dorothy Revier, Harry von Meter Drama FBO
The Broadway Peacock Charles Brabin Pearl White, Joseph Striker Drama Fox Film
Broadway Rose Robert Z. Leonard Mae Murray, Monte Blue Drama Metro
Broken Chains Allen Holubar Colleen Moore, Malcolm McGregor, Ernest Torrence Drama Goldwyn
Brothers Under the Skin E. Mason Hopper Pat O'Malley, Helene Chadwick, Mae Busch Comedy Goldwyn
Burning Sands George Melford Wanda Hawley, Milton Sills, Jacqueline Logan Drama Paramount
A California Romance Jerome Storm John Gilbert, Estelle Taylor Historical Fox Film
The Call of Home Louis J. Gasnier Léon Bary, Irene Rich Drama FBO
Calvert's Valley John Francis Dillon John Gilbert, Sylvia Breamer Drama Fox Film
Captain Fly-by-Night William K. Howard Johnnie Walker, Francis McDonald Adventure FBO
Catch My Smoke William Beaudine Tom Mix, Lillian Rich, Claude Payton Western Fox Film
Caught Bluffing Lambert Hillyer Frank Mayo, Edna Murphy Western Universal
Channing of the Northwest Ralph Ince Eugene O'Brien, Norma Shearer Drama Selznick
Chasing the Moon Edward Sedgwick Tom Mix, Eva Novak Drama Fox Film
Clarence William C. deMille Wallace Reid, Agnes Ayres Comedy drama Paramount
Colleen of the Pines Chester Bennett Jane Novak, Edward Hearn Drama FBO
Come on Over Alfred E. Green Colleen Moore, Ralph Graves Comedy Goldwyn
Confidence Harry A. Pollard Herbert Rawlinson, Harriet Hammond Comedy Universal
Conquering the Woman King Vidor Florence Vidor, Mathilde Brundage Drama Independent
Cops Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox Comedy First National, Short
The Country Flapper F. Richard Jones Dorothy Gish, Glenn Hunter Comedy Independent
The Cowboy and the Lady Charles Maigne Mary Miles Minter, Tom Moore Western Paramount
The Cradle Paul Powell Ethel Clayton, Charles Meredith Drama Paramount
The Crimson Challenge Paul Powell Dorothy Dalton, Jack Mower Western Paramount
The Crossroads of New York F. Richard Jones Noah Beery, Ethel Grey Terry Comedy First National
The Crusader Howard M. Mitchell William Russell, Gertrude Claire, Helen Ferguson Western Fox Film
A Dangerous Game King Baggot Gladys Walton, Spottiswoode Aitken Drama Universal
The Dangerous Little Demon Clarence G. Badger Marie Prevost, Jack Perrin Comedy Universal
The Darling of the Rich John G. Adolfi Betty Blythe, Montagu Love, Charles K. Gerrard Drama Independent
A Daughter of Luxury Paul Powell Agnes Ayres, Tom Gallery, Edith Yorke Comedy Paramount
Daydreams Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Renée Adorée Comedy First National, Short
Deserted at the Altar William K. Howard Bessie Love, Tully Marshall Drama Independent
The Dictator James Cruze Wallace Reid, Theodore Kosloff, Lila Lee Adventure Paramount
Divorce Coupons Webster Campbell Corinne Griffith, Holmes Herbert] Drama Vitagraph
Do and Dare Edward Sedgwick Tom Mix, Claire Adams Western Fox Film
A Doll's House Charles Bryant Alan Hale Sr., Alla Nazimova Drama United Artists
Domestic Relations Chester Withey Katherine MacDonald, William P. Carleton Drama First National
Don't Get Personal Clarence G. Badger Marie Prevost, George Nichols Romantic comedy Universal[4]
Don't Shoot Jack Conway Herbert Rawlinson, Edna Murphy Crime Universal
Don't Write Letters George D. Baker Gareth Hughes, Bartine Burkett Comedy Metro
Down to the Sea in Ships Elmer Clifton Marguerite Courtot, Raymond McKee, Clara Bow Drama Independent
Dr. Jack Fred C. Newmeyer Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis Comedy Pathé Distributors
The Deuce of Spades Charles Ray Charles Ray, Lincoln Plumer Comedy First National
Dusk to Dawn King Vidor Florence Vidor, Jack Mulhall Drama Independent
Dust Flower Rowland V. Lee Helene Chadwick, James Rennie Drama Goldwyn
East Is West Sidney Franklin Constance Talmadge, Edmund Burns Drama First National
Ebb Tide George Melford Lila Lee, Raymond Hatton Adventure Paramount
The Electric House Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox Comedy First National, Short
Elope If You Must C.R. Wallace Eileen Percy, A. Edward Sutherland Comedy Fox Film
Enter Madame Wallace Worsley Clara Kimball Young, Louise Dresser Romantic comedy Metro
The Eternal Flame Frank Lloyd Norma Talmadge, Adolphe Menjou, Conway Tearle Adventure First National
Evidence George Archainbaud Elaine Hammerstein, Niles Welch Drama Selznick
Extra! Extra! William K. Howard Edna Murphy, Johnnie Walker Adventure Fox Film
The Face Between Bayard Veiller Bert Lytell, Sylvia Breamer Drama Metro
The Face in the Fog Alan Crosland Lionel Barrymore, Seena Owen Mystery Paramount
Fair Lady Kenneth Webb Betty Blythe, Thurston Hall Drama United Artists
Fascination Robert Z. Leonard Mae Murray, Creighton Hale Drama Tiffany
The Fast Freight James Cruze Roscoe Arbuckle, Lila Lee Comedy Paramount
The Fast Mail Bernard J. Durning Buck Jones, Eileen Percy Action Fox Film
The Fighting Guide William Duncan William Duncan, Edith Johnson Action Vitagraph
The Fighting Streak Arthur Rosson Tom Mix, Patsy Ruth Miller Western Fox Film
Find the Woman Tom Terriss Alma Rubens, Harrison Ford Mystery Paramount
The Fire Bride Arthur Rosson Ruth Renick, Edward Hearn Adventure FBO
Five Days to Live Norman Dawn Sessue Hayakawa, Tsuru Aoki Drama FBO
The Five Dollar Baby Harry Beaumont Viola Dana, Ralph Lewis Comedy Metro
The Flaming Hour Edward Sedgwick Frank Mayo, Helen Ferguson Drama Universal
Flesh and Blood Irving Cummings Lon Chaney, Edith Roberts Drama Independent
The Flirt Hobart Henley George Nichols, Eileen Percy Comedy Universal
A Fool There Was Emmett J. Flynn Estelle Taylor, Lewis Stone, Irene Rich Drama Fox Film
Foolish Wives Erich von Stroheim Erich von Stroheim, Mae Busch Drama Universal. Most expensive film made to this year.
Fools First Marshall Neilan Richard Dix, Claire Windsor Drama First National
For Big Stakes Lynn Reynolds Tom Mix, Patsy Ruth Miller Western Fox Film
For the Defense Paul Powell Ethel Clayton, Vernon Steele Mystery Paramount
Forget Me Not W. S. Van Dyke Irene Hunt, Bessie Love, Gareth Hughes Drama Metro
The Forgotten Law James W. Horne Milton Sills, Jack Mulhall Drama Metro
Forsaking All Others Emile Chautard Colleen Moore, Cullen Landis Drama Universal
Fortune's Mask Robert Ensminger Earle Williams, Patsy Ruth Miller Drama Vitagraph
The Fourteenth Lover Harry Beaumont Viola Dana, Jack Mulhall, Theodore von Eltz Comedy Metro
French Heels Edwin L. Hollywood Irene Castle, Ward Crane, Charles K. Gerrard Romantic comedy Independent
A Front Page Story Jess Robbins Edward Everett Horton, Lloyd Ingraham, Edith Roberts Comedy Vitagraph
The Frozen North Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Sybil Seely Comedy First National, Short
The Galloping Kid Nat Ross Hoot Gibson, Edna Murphy Western Universal
A Game Chicken Chester Franklin Bebe Daniels, Pat O'Malley Romantic comedy Paramount
Gas, Oil and Water Charles Ray Charles Ray, Otto Hoffman Comedy First National
Gay and Devilish William A. Seiter Doris May, Cullen Landis Romantic comedy FBO[5]
The Ghost Breaker Alfred E. Green Wallace Reid, Lila Lee Comedy Paramount
The Girl in His Room Edward José Alice Calhoun, Warner Baxter Drama Vitagraph
The Girl Who Ran Wild Rupert Julian Gladys Walton, Vernon Steele Action Universal
A Girl's Desire David Smith Alice Calhoun, Warner Baxter Comedy Vitagraph
Glass Houses Harry Beaumont Viola Dana, Gaston Glass Romance Metro
Gleam o'Dawn John Francis Dillon John Gilbert, Barbara Bedford Drama Fox Film
The Glorious Fool E. Mason Hopper Helene Chadwick, Richard Dix Comedy drama Goldwyn
The Glory of Clementina Emile Chautard Pauline Frederick, Edward Martindel Drama FBO
Golden Dreams Benjamin B. Hampton Rose Dione, Claire Adams Adventure Goldwyn
The Golden Gallows Paul Scardon Miss DuPont, Edwin Stevens, Eve Southern Drama Universal
The Golden Gift Maxwell Karger Alice Lake, John Bowers Drama Metro
Good Men and True Val Paul Harry Carey, Vola Vale Western FBO
The Good Provider Frank Borzage Vera Gordon, Miriam Battista Drama Paramount
Grand Larceny Wallace Worsley Elliott Dexter, Claire Windsor Romance Goldwyn
Grandma's Boy Fred C. Newmeyer Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis Comedy Independent
The Great Night Howard M. Mitchell William Russell, Eva Novak Comedy Fox Film
The Green Temptation William Desmond Taylor Betty Compson, Theodore Kosloff Drama Paramount
The Guttersnipe Dallas M. Fitzgerald Gladys Walton, Jack Perrin Romance Universal
The Half Breed Charles A. Taylor Wheeler Oakman, Ann May Western First National
The Hands of Nara Harry Garson Clara Kimball Young, Elliott Dexter Drama Metro
Hate Maxwell Karger Alice Lake, Conrad Nagel Crime Metro
Head over Heels Victor Schertzinger Mabel Normand, Raymond Hatton, Adolphe Menjou Comedy Goldwyn
Headin' West William James Craft Hoot Gibson, Gertrude Short Western Universal
The Headless Horseman Edward D. Venturini Will Rogers, Lois Meredith Comedy horror Independent
The Heart Specialist Frank Urson Mary Miles Minter, Allan Forrest Drama Paramount
Her Gilded Cage Sam Wood Gloria Swanson, David Powell Drama Paramount
Her Husband's Trademark Sam Wood Gloria Swanson, Stuart Holmes Drama Paramount
Her Own Money Joseph Henabery Warner Baxter, Ethel Clayton Comedy Paramount
Heroes and Husbands Chester Withey Katherine MacDonald, Nigel Barrie, Charles K. Gerrard Drama First National
Heroes of the Street William Beaudine Wesley Barry, Marie Prevost, Jack Mulhall Crime comedy Warner Bros.
His Back Against the Wall Rowland V. Lee Raymond Hatton, Virginia Valli Comedy Goldwyn
His Wife's Husband Kenneth S. Webb Betty Blythe, Huntley Gordon Drama Independent
A Homespun Vamp Frank O'Connor May McAvoy, Lincoln Stedman Drama Paramount
Honor First Jerome Storm John Gilbert, Renée Adorée Drama Fox Film
The Hottentot Del Andrews Raymond Hatton, Madge Bellamy Comedy First National
How Women Love Kenneth S. Webb Betty Blythe, Gladys Hulette Drama Independent
Human Hearts King Baggot House Peters, George Hackathorne Drama Universal
Hungry Hearts E. Mason Hopper Helen Ferguson, Bryant Washburn Drama Goldwyn
Hurricane's Gal Allen Holubar Dorothy Phillips, Wallace Beery, Gertrude Astor Adventure First National
I Can Explain George D. Baker Bartine Burkett, Grace Darmond Comedy Metro
If I Were Queen Wesley Ruggles Ethel Clayton, Warner Baxter Romance FBO
If You Believe It, It's So Tom Forman Thomas Meighan, Pauline Starke Drama Paramount
The Impossible Mrs. Bellew Sam Wood Gloria Swanson, Conrad Nagel Drama Paramount
In the Name of the Law Emory Johnson Ralph Lewis, Claire McDowell Crime drama FBO
The Infidel James Young Katherine MacDonald, Robert Ellis Drama First National
Iron to Gold Bernard J. Durning Dustin Farnum, Marguerite Marsh Western Fox Film
Is Matrimony a Failure? James Cruze T. Roy Barnes, Lila Lee | Comedy Paramount
Island Wives Webster Campbell Corinne Griffith, Charles Trowbridge Drama Vitagraph
The Jilt Irving Cummings Marguerite De La Motte, Ralph Graves Drama Universal
John Smith Victor Heerman Eugene O'Brien, Mary Astor Comedy Selznick
June Madness Harry Beaumont Viola Dana, Bryant Washburn Comedy Metro
Just Tony Lynn Reynolds Tom Mix, Claire Adams Western Fox Film
The Kentucky Derby King Baggot Reginald Denny, Lillian Rich Adventure Universal
The Kickback Val Paul Harry Carey, Henry B. Walthall Western FBO
Kick In George Fitzmaurice Betty Compson, Gareth Hughes, May McAvoy Crime Paramount
Kindred of the Dust Raoul Walsh Miriam Cooper, Ralph Graves Romance First National
Kissed King Baggot Marie Prevost, Lloyd Whitlock Romantic comedy Universal
Kisses Maxwell Karger Alice Lake, Harry Myers Romantic comedy Metro
The Ladder Jinx Jess Robbins Edward Everett Horton, Margaret Landis Comedy Vitagraph
The Lane That Had No Turning Victor Fleming Agnes Ayres, Theodore Kosloff Drama Paramount
The Lavender Bath Lady King Baggot Gladys Walton, Edmund Burns Comedy Universal
The Law and the Woman Penrhyn Stanlaws Betty Compson, William P. Carleton Drama Paramount
The Light in the Dark Clarence Brown Lon Chaney, Hope Hampton Drama First National
The Lights of New York Charles Brabin Estelle Taylor, Charles K. Gerrard Drama Fox Film
Lights of the Desert Harry Beaumont Shirley Mason, Allan Forrest Western Fox Film
Little Eva Ascends George D. Baker Gareth Hughes, May Collins Comedy Metro
The Little Minister David Smith Alice Calhoun, James Morrison Drama Vitagraph
Little Miss Smiles John Ford Shirley Mason, Gaston Glass Drama Fox Film
Little Wildcat David Smith Alice Calhoun, Oliver Hardy Comedy Vitagraph
The Loaded Door Harry A. Pollard Hoot Gibson, Gertrude Olmstead Western Universal
The Lone Hand B. Reeves Eason Hoot Gibson, Marjorie Daw Western Universal
The Long Chance Jack Conway Henry B. Walthall, Marjorie Daw Western Universal
Lorna Doone Maurice Tourneur Madge Bellamy, John Bowers Period drama First National
The Love Gambler Joseph Franz John Gilbert, Carmel Myers Western Fox Film
Love in the Dark Harry Beaumont Viola Dana, Cullen Landis Drama Metro
Love Is an Awful Thing Victor Heerman Owen Moore, Marjorie Daw Comedy Selznick
Love's Masquerade William P. S. Earle Conway Tearle, Winifred Westover Drama Selznick
The Lying Truth Marion Fairfax Noah Beery, Marjorie Daw Drama Independent
Making a Man Joseph Henabery Jack Holt, Eva Novak Drama Paramount
The Man from Beyond Burton L. King Harry Houdini, Arthur Maude Mystery Independent
The Man from Downing Street Edward José Earle Williams, Boris Karloff, Betty Ross Clarke Adventure Vitagraph
The Man Unconquerable Joseph Henabery Jack Holt, Sylvia Breamer Adventure Paramount
Man to Man Stuart Paton Harry Carey, Lillian Rich Western Universal
The Man Who Married His Own Wife Stuart Paton Frank Mayo, Sylvia Breamer Drama Universal
The Man Who Paid Oscar Apfel Wilfred Lytell, Norma Shearer Drama Independent
The Man Who Played God F. Harmon Weight George Arliss, Ann Forrest Drama United Artists
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Alfred E. Green Thomas Meighan, Theodore Roberts, Leatrice Joy Drama Warner Bros.
Man Under Cover Tod Browning Herbert Rawlinson, George Hernandez Crime Universal
Man with Two Mothers Paul Bern Cullen Landis, Sylvia Breamer Comedy Goldwyn
Manslaughter Cecil B. DeMille Leatrice Joy, Thomas Meighan Drama Paramount
The Married Flapper Stuart Paton Marie Prevost, Kenneth Harlan Comedy Universal
The Masquerader James Young Guy Bates Post, Edward Kimball Drama First National
The Men of Zanzibar Rowland V. Lee William Russell, Ruth Renick Mystery Fox Film[6]
Midnight Maurice S. Campbell Constance Binney, Sidney Bracey Drama Paramount
Minnie Marshall Neilan Leatrice Joy, Matt Moore Comedy First National
Missing Millions Joseph Henabery Alice Brady, David Powell Drama Paramount
Mixed Faces Rowland V. Lee William Russell, Renee Adoree, DeWitt Jennings Comedy Fox Film[7]
Money to Burn Rowland V. Lee William Russell, Sylvia Breamer Comedy Fox Film
Monte Cristo Emmett J. Flynn John Gilbert, Estelle Taylor Historical Fox Film
Moonshine Valley Herbert Brenon William Farnum, Anne Shirley Western Fox Film
Moran of the Lady Letty George Melford Dorothy Dalton, Charles Brinley Adventure Paramount
More to Be Pitied Than Scorned Edward LeSaint Rosemary Theby, Philo McCullough, Gordon Griffith Drama Columbia
Mr. Barnes of New York Victor Schertzinger Tom Moore, Anna Lehr Drama Goldwyn
Mud and Sand Gilbert Pratt Stan Laurel, Leona Anderson Comedy Metro, Short
My American Wife Sam Wood Gloria Swanson, Antonio Moreno Drama Paramount
My Dad Clifford Smith Johnnie Walker, Ruth Clifford Drama FBO
My Friend, the Devil Harry F. Millarde Charles Richman, Barbara Castleton Drama Fox Film
My Wife's Relations Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Monte Collins Comedy First National, Short
My Wild Irish Rose David Smith Pat O'Malley, Pauline Starke Drama Vitagraph
Nancy from Nowhere Chester Franklin Bebe Daniels, Eddie Sutherland Romantic comedy Paramount
Nanook of the North Robert J. Flaherty Allakariallak, Nyla Cunayou Documentary Pathé Exchange, Insight into the Inuit
Nero J. Gordon Edwards Jacques Grétillat, Sandro Salvini Historical Fox Film. Co-production with Italy
The New Teacher Joseph Franz Shirley Mason, Allan Forrest Romance Fox Film
Nice People William C. deMille Wallace Reid, Bebe Daniels Drama Paramount
The Ninety and Nine David Smith Warner Baxter, Colleen Moore Drama Vitagraph
No Trespassing Edwin L. Hollywood Irene Castle, Ward Crane Drama Independent
North of the Rio Grande Rollin S. Sturgeon Bebe Daniels, Jack Holt Western Paramount
Notoriety William Nigh Mary Alden, Rod La Rocque Drama Independent
Oath-Bound Bernard J. Durning Dustin Farnum, Ethel Grey Terry, Fred Thomson Drama Fox Film
The Old Homestead James Cruze Theodore Roberts, George Fawcett, Fritzi Ridgeway Drama Paramount
Oliver Twist Frank Lloyd Jackie Coogan, Lon Chaney, Gladys Brockwell Drama First National
Omar the Tentmaker James Young Guy Bates Post, Virginia Browne Faire Drama First National
On the High Seas Irvin Willat Dorothy Dalton, Jack Holt Adventure Paramount
One Clear Call John M. Stahl Milton Sills, Claire Windsor, Irene Rich Drama First National
One Exciting Night D. W. Griffith Carol Dempster, Henry Hull Mystery Universal
One Glorious Day James Cruze Will Rogers, Lila Lee Comedy Paramount
One Week of Love George Archainbaud Elaine Hammerstein, Conway Tearle Drama Selznick
One Wonderful Night Stuart Paton Herbert Rawlinson, Lillian Rich Mystery Universal
Only a Shop Girl Edward LeSaint Estelle Taylor, Mae Busch, Wallace Beery Drama Columbia
The Ordeal Paul Powell Agnes Ayres, Conrad Nagel, Edna Murphy Drama Paramount
Our Leading Citizen Alfred E. Green Thomas Meighan, Lois Wilson Comedy Paramount
Out of the Silent North William Worthington Frank Mayo, Barbara Bedford Drama Universal
Outcast Chester Withey Elsie Ferguson, William Powell Drama Paramount
Over the Border Penryn Stanlaws Betty Compson, Tom Moore Romance Paramount
Paid Back Irving Cummings Gladys Brockwell, Mahlon Hamilton, Stuart Holmes Drama Universal
The Paleface Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox Comedy First National, Short
Pardon My Nerve! B. Reeves Eason Buck Jones, Mae Busch Western Fox Film
Pawn Ticket 210 Scott R. Dunlap Shirley Mason, Robert Agnew Drama Fox Film
Pawned Irvin Willat Tom Moore, Edith Roberts Drama Selznick
Pay Day Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin, Phyllis Allen, Mack Swain Comedy First National, Short
Peacock Alley Robert Z. Leonard Mae Murray, Monte Blue, Edmund Lowe Drama Tiffany
Peg o' My Heart King Vidor Laurette Taylor, Mahlon Hamilton Drama Metro
Penrod Marshall Neilan Wesley Barry, Tully Marshall Comedy drama First National
Perils of the Yukon Jay Marchant. J. P. McGowan, Perry N. Vekroff William Desmond, Laura La Plante Adventure Universal
Pink Gods Penrhyn Stanlaws Bebe Daniels, Adolphe Menjou, Anna Q. Nilsson Drama Paramount
Polly of the Follies John Emerson Constance Talmadge, Thomas Carr Comedy First National
The Pride of Palomar Frank Borzage Forrest Stanley, Marjorie Daw Drama Paramount
The Primitive Lover Sidney Franklin Constance Talmadge, Harrison Ford Drama First National
The Prisoner of Zenda Rex Ingram Lewis Stone, Alice Terry Swashbuckler Metro
The Prodigal Judge Edward José Jean Paige, Earle Foxe Drama Vitagraph
The Prophet's Paradise Alan Crosland Eugene O'Brien, Sigrid Holmquist Drama Selznick
A Question of Honor Edwin Carewe Anita Stewart, Edward Hearn Romance First National
Quincy Adams Sawyer Clarence G. Badger John Bowers, Blanche Sweet, Lon Chaney Comedy drama Metro
The Ragged Heiress Harry Beaumont Shirley Mason, John Harron Drama Fox Film
Rags to Riches Wallace Worsley Wesley Barry, Niles Welch Comedy Warner Bros.
Real Adventure King Vidor Florence Vidor, Clyde Fillmore Drama Independent
Received Payment Charles Maigne Corinne Griffith, Kenneth Harlan, David Torrence Drama Vitagraph
Reckless Youth Ralph Ince Elaine Hammerstein, Niles Welch Drama Selznick
Red Hot Romance Victor Fleming Basil Sydney, May Collins Comedy First National
The Referee Ralph Ince Conway Tearle, Anders Randolf, Gladys Hulette Drama Selznick
Remembrance Rupert Hughes Cullen Landis, Claude Gillingwater, Patsy Ruth Miller Drama Goldwyn
Rent Free Howard Higgin Wallace Reid, Lila Lee Comedy Paramount
Reported Missing Henry Lehrman Owen Moore, Pauline Garon Comedy Selznick
Restless Souls Robert Ensminger Earle Williams, Francelia Billington Drama Vitagraph
Rich Men's Wives Louis J. Gasnier House Peters, Claire Windsor Drama Independent
Ridin' Wild Nat Ross Hoot Gibson, Edna Murphy Western Universal
The Right That Failed Bayard Veiller Bert Lytell, Virginia Valli Drama Metro
Robin Hood Allan Dwan Douglas Fairbanks, Wallace Beery, Enid Bennett Swashbuckler United Artists
The Rosary Jerome Storm Lewis Stone, Jane Novak, Wallace Beery Drama First National
Rose o' the Sea Fred Niblo Anita Stewart, Thomas Holding Drama First National
Roughshod B. Reeves Eason Buck Jones, Helen Ferguson Western Fox Film
The Ruling Passion F. Harmon Weight George Arliss, Doris Kenyon Comedy United Artists
Saturday Night Cecil B. DeMille Leatrice Joy, Conrad Nagel Romantic comedy Paramount [8]
The Scrapper Hobart Henley Herbert Rawlinson, Gertrude Olmstead Drama Universal
Second Hand Rose Lloyd Ingraham Gladys Walton, George B. Williams Romance Universal
Secrets of Paris Kenneth S. Webb Lew Cody, Gladys Hulette Drama Independent
Seeing's Believing Harry Beaumont Viola Dana, Allan Forrest, Gertrude Astor Romantic comedy Metro
The Seventh Day Henry King Richard Barthelmess, Frank Losee Drama First National[9]
A Self-Made Man Rowland V. Lee William Russell, Renee Adoree Comedy drama Fox Film[10]
Shackles of Gold Herbert Brenon William Farnum, Marie Shotwell Drama Fox Film
Shadows Tom Forman Lon Chaney, Marguerite De La Motte Melodrama Independent
Shadows of the Sea Alan Crosland Conway Tearle, Crauford Kent, Doris Kenyon Action Selznick
Shattered Dreams Paul Scardon Miss DuPont, Bertram Grassby Drama Universal
Shattered Idols Edward Sloman Marguerite De La Motte, James Morrison Drama First National
Sherlock Brown Bayard Veiller Bert Lytell, Sylvia Breamer, Theodore von Eltz Comedy drama Metro
Sherlock Holmes Albert Parker John Barrymore, Roland Young Mystery Goldwyn
Shirley of the Circus Rowland V. Lee Shirley Mason, George O'Hara Drama Fox Film
Silas Marner Frank P. Donovan Marguerite Courtot, Crauford Kent Drama Independent
The Silent Vow William Duncan Edith Johnson, Dorothy Dwan Action Vitagraph
Silver Wings Edwin Carewe, John Ford Mary Carr, Percy Helton Drama Fox Film
The Sin Flood Frank Lloyd Richard Dix, Helene Chadwick Drama Goldwyn
Singed Wings Penrhyn Stanlaws Bebe Daniels, Conrad Nagel, Adolphe Menjou Romance Paramount
The Siren Call Irvin Willat Dorothy Dalton, David Powell Drama Paramount
Skin Deep Lambert Hillyer Milton Sills, Florence Vidor Crime First National
Sky High Lynn Reynolds Tom Mix, Eva Novak Western Fox Film
The Sleepwalker Edward LeSaint Constance Binney, Jack Mulhall Drama Paramount
Slim Shoulders Alan Crosland Irene Castle, Rod La Rocque Drama Independent
Smiles Are Trumps George Marshall Maurice "Lefty" Flynn, Ora Carew Action Fox Film
Smilin' Through Sidney Franklin Norma Talmadge, Wyndham Standing, Harrison Ford Romantic Drama First National
Smudge Charles Ray Charles Ray, Ora Carew Comedy First National
The Snowshoe Trail Chester Bennett Jane Novak, Lloyd Whitlock Action FBO
The Son of the Wolf Norman Dawn Wheeler Oakman, Edith Roberts Drama FBO
The Song of Life John M. Stahl Gaston Glass, Grace Darmond Drama First National
Sonny Henry King Richard Barthelmess, Margaret Seddon Drama First National[11]
South of Suva Frank Urson Mary Miles Minter, Winifred Bryson Drama Paramount
A Stage Romance Herbert Brenon William Farnum, Peggy Shaw Historical Fox Film
Step on It! Jack Conway Hoot Gibson, Edith Yorke Western Universal
The Storm Reginald Barker Matt Moore, Virginia Valli Drama Universal
Strange Idols Bernard J. Durning Dustin Farnum, Doris Pawn Drama Fox Film
The Strangers' Banquet Marshall Neilan Hobart Bosworth, Claire Windsor Drama Goldwyn
The Strength of the Pines Edgar Lewis William Russell, Irene Rich Drama Fox Film
A Tailor-Made Man Joe De Grasse Charles Ray, Tom Ricketts Comedy United Artists
Tess of the Storm Country John S. Robertson Mary Pickford, Lloyd Hughes, Gloria Hope Drama United Artists
Thelma Chester Bennett Jane Novak, Barbara Tennant, Vernon Steele Drama FBO
They Like 'Em Rough Harry Beaumont Viola Dana, Hardee Kirkland Comedy Metro
The Third Alarm Emory Johnson Johnnie Walker, Ella Hall Drama FBO
Thirty Days James Cruze Wallace Reid, Wanda Hawley Comedy Paramount
Thorns and Orange Blossoms Louis J. Gasnier Estelle Taylor, Kenneth Harlan Romance Independent
The Three Must-Get-Theres Max Linder Max Linder, Jobyna Ralston Comedy United Artists
Through a Glass Window Maurice S. Campbell May McAvoy, Fanny Midgley, Raymond McKee Drama Paramount
Till We Meet Again Christy Cabanne Julia Swayne Gordon, Mae Marsh Drama Independent
Tillie Frank Urson Mary Miles Minter, Noah Beery Drama Paramount
The Timber Queen Fred Jackman Ruth Roland, Bruce Gordon Action Pathé Exchange, Film serial
To Have and to Hold George Fitzmaurice Bert Lytell, Betty Compson Drama Paramount
The Toll of the Sea Chester M. Franklin Anna May Wong, Kenneth Harlan Drama Metro
Tom Mix in Arabia Lynn Reynolds Tom Mix, Barbara Bedford Action Fox Film
Top o' the Morning Edward Laemmle Gladys Walton, Harry Myers Romance Universal
The Top of New York William Desmond Taylor May McAvoy, Walter McGrail Drama Paramount
The Town That Forgot God Harry F. Millarde Warren William, Jane Thomas Drama Fox Film
Tracked to Earth William Worthington Frank Mayo, Virginia Valli Western Universal
The Trap Robert Thornby Lon Chaney, Alan Hale, Irene Rich Drama Universal
Travelin' On Lambert Hillyer William S. Hart, Ethel Grey Terry Western Paramount
Trifling Women Rex Ingram Barbara La Marr, Ramon Novarro Drama Metro
Trimmed Harry A. Pollard Hoot Gibson, Patsy Ruth Miller Western Universal
Trooper O'Neill Scott R. Dunlap Buck Jones, Beatrice Burnham Western Fox Film
Trouble Albert Austin Jackie Coogan, Wallace Beery, Gloria Hope Comedy First National
The Trouper Harry B. Harris Gladys Walton, Jack Perrin Comedy drama Universal
The Truthful Liar Thomas N. Heffron Wanda Hawley, Guy Edward Hearn Mystery Paramount
Turn to the Right Rex Ingram Alice Terry, Jack Mulhall Comedy drama Metro
Too Much Business Jess Robbins Edward Everett Horton, Ethel Grey Terry Comedy Vitagraph
Too Much Wife Thomas N. Heffron Wanda Hawley, T. Roy Barnes Comedy Paramount
Two Kinds of Women Colin Campbell Pauline Frederick, Tom Santschi Western FBO
Under Oath George Archainbaud Elaine Hammerstein, Niles Welch Drama Selznick
Under Two Flags Tod Browning Priscilla Dean, James Kirkwood Drama Universal
The Understudy William A. Seiter Doris May, Wallace MacDonald Comedy FBO[12]
Up and at 'Em William A. Seiter Doris May, Hallam Cooley Romantic comedy FBO
Up and Going Lynn Reynolds Cecil Van Auker, Carol Holloway Action Fox Film
The Valley of Silent Men Frank Borzage Alma Rubens, Lew Cody Drama Paramount
The Vermilion Pencil Norman Dawn Sessue Hayakawa, Ann May Drama FBO
Very Truly Yours Harry Beaumont Shirley Mason, Allan Forrest Romance Fox Film
The Village Blacksmith John Ford Will Walling, Virginia True Boardman Drama Fox Film
A Virgin's Sacrifice Webster Campbell Corinne Griffith, David Torrence Drama Vitagraph
The Wall Flower Rupert Hughes Colleen Moore, Richard Dix, Gertrude Astor Romance Goldwyn
Watch Your Step William Beaudine Cullen Landis, Patsy Ruth Miller, Bert Woodruff, George C. Pearce Comedy Goldwyn
West of Chicago Scott R. Dunlap Buck Jones, Renée Adorée Western Fox Film
Western Speed Scott R. Dunlap Buck Jones, Eileen Percy Western Fox Film
What's Wrong with the Women? Roy William Neill Wilton Lackaye, Constance Bennett Drama Independent
When Danger Smiles William Duncan Edith Johnson, James Farley Western Vitagraph
When Knighthood Was in Flower Robert G. Vignola Marion Davies, Forrest Stanley Romance Drama Paramount
When Love Comes William A. Seiter Helen Jerome Eddy, Harrison Ford Drama FBO[13]
When Romance Rides Jean Hersholt Claire Adams, Carl Gantvoort Western Goldwyn
While Justice Waits Bernard J. Durning Dustin Farnum, Irene Rich Western Fox Film
While Satan Sleeps Joseph Henabery Jack Holt, Wade Boteler Western Paramount
White Hands Lambert Hillyer Hobart Bosworth, Elinor Fair Drama Metro
White Shoulders Tom Forman Katherine MacDonald, Lillian Lawrence Drama First National
Who Are My Parents? J. Searle Dawley Niles Welch, Ernest Hilliard Drama Fox Film
Why Announce Your Marriage? Alan Crosland Elaine Hammerstein, Niles Welch Comedy Selznick
A Wide Open Town Ralph Ince Conway Tearle, Faire Binney Drama Selznick
Wild Honey Wesley Ruggles Priscilla Dean, Noah Beery Sr. Adventure Universal
Winning with Wits Howard M. Mitchell Barbara Bedford, Harry Northrup Drama Fox Film
The Wise Kid Tod Browning Gladys Walton, David Butler Comedy Universal
What Fools Men Are George Terwilliger Faire Binney, Lucy Fox Drama Independent
White Eagle Fred Jackman Ruth Roland, Otto Lederer Western Pathé Exchange, Film serial
Wildness of Youth Ivan Abramson Virginia Pearson, Harry T. Morey Drama Independent
The Wise Kid Tod Browning Gladys Walton, David Butler Comedy Universal
Without Compromise Emmett J. Flynn William Farnum, Lois Wilson Western Fox Film
Without Fear Kenneth S. Webb Pearl White, Robert Elliott Drama Fox Film
Wolf Law Stuart Paton Frank Mayo, Sylvia Breamer Drama Universal
The Woman Conquers Tom Forman Katherine MacDonald, Bryant Washburn Drama First National
The Woman He Married Fred Niblo Anita Stewart, Donald MacDonald, Shannon Day Drama First National
The Woman Who Walked Alone George Melford Dorothy Dalton, Milton Sills, Wanda Hawley Drama Paramount
The Woman's Side J. A. Barry Katherine MacDonald, Edmund Burns Drama First National
A Wonderful Wife Paul Scardon Miss DuPont, Vernon Steele Drama Universal
The World's Champion Phil Rosen Wallace Reid, Lois Wilson Sports drama Paramount
Yellow Men and Gold Irvin Willat Richard Dix, Helene Chadwick Adventure Goldwyn
The Yellow Stain John Francis Dillon John Gilbert, Claire Anderson Drama Fox Film
The Yosemite Trail Bernard J. Durning Dustin Farnum, Irene Rich Western Fox Film
You Never Know Robert Ensminger Earle Williams, Gertrude Astor Drama Vitagraph
The Young Diana Albert Capellani, Robert G. Vignola Marion Davies, Forrest Stanley Drama Paramount
The Young Rajah Phil Rosen Rudolph Valentino, Wanda Hawley Adventure Paramount
Your Best Friend William Nigh Vera Gordon, Harry Benham Drama Warner Bros.
Youth Must Have Love Joseph Franz Shirley Mason, Wallace MacDonald Drama Fox Film
Youth to Youth Emile Chautard Billie Dove, Edythe Chapman, Hardee Kirkland Drama Metro

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