Listă de seriale TV despre cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial

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Listă de seriale TV despre cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial:

Secolul al XX-lea[modificare | modificare sursă]

An An Țară Titlu
(Titlu alternativ)
Titlu original
(Scenariu original)
Bătălii, evenimente, campanii descrise
1955 1956  USA Casablanca Based on film Casablanca
1956 1957  USA Combat Sergeant Drama-action. North Africa Campaign US Army espionage group
1957 1957  UK Escape Drama. Allied soldiers attempting POW camp escapes; six episodes
1957 1958  UK O.S.S. OSS in occupied France
1957 1958  USA The Silent Service Drama. USN submarine service
1961 1963  USA Alcoa Premiere
"Seven Against the Sea" (1962 episode)
Drama. US PT Boat island base decimated by Japanese forces in Pacific Campaign; pilot episode for comedy McHale's Navy
1962 1963  USA The Gallant Men Drama. US Fifth Army company in Italian Campaign
1962 1966  USA McHale's Navy Comedy. Misadventures of misfit PT Boat crew in Pacific Campaign and (later) Italian Campaign
1962 1967  USA Combat! Drama. Frontline American infantry squad battling across France
1964 1964  China Sentry Under the Neon Lights (Sentinel Under the Neon Lights) Níhóngdēng xià de shàobīng (霓虹灯下的哨兵) Eighth Route Army on Shanghai's Nanjing Road
1964 1965  USA Broadside Comedy. WAVES (navy women) transferred to South Pacific Theatre to run motorpool on island; spinoff from McHale's Navy
1964 1967  USA Gilligan's Island
"So Sorry, My Island Now" (1965 episode)
Comedy. Island is captured by Japanese sailor
"Mine Hero" (1965 episode) Comedy. Wartime sea mine in lagoon
"Forward March" (1966 episode) Comedy. Gorilla armed with wartime grenades
1964 1967  USA Twelve O'Clock High Drama. Missions of USAAF Bomber Group stationed on English air base and equipped with B-17s; based on 1949 film Twelve O'Clock High
1965 1965  USA Convoy Drama. Supply convoys and German U-boats in Atlantic Theatre that focused on an American destroyer escort and lead convoy freighter
1965 1965  Poland The Underground Front Podziemny front Polish resistance, 1941–45
1965 1966  USA Mister Roberts Comedy. US Navy cargo ship in South Pacific; based on 1955 film Mister Roberts
1965 1966  USA The Wackiest Ship in the Army Comedy. Spy scow/schooner based in the South Pacific Theatre; spinoff of film The Wackiest Ship in the Army
1965 1971  USA Hogan's Heroes Comedy. Allied prisoners in German Stalag
1966 1966  USA Blue Light Drama.
1966 1966  UK Court Martial Drama. Judge Advocate General's office investigating crime during war
1966 1967  USA Jericho Drama. Espionage
1966 1968  USA The Rat Patrol Long Range Desert Patrol
1966 1970  Poland Four Tank Men and a Dog Czterej pancerni i pies Tank crew, their dog, and their T-34 tank in 1st Polish Army on Eastern Front, 1943–45
1967 1968  USA Garrison's Gorillas Adventure-drama. Allied convicts recruited as commandos behind Nazi lines with offer of a post-war parole and inspired by The Dirty Dozen film; 26 episodes
1967 1968  Poland More Than Life at Stake Stawka większa niż życie Kapitan Hans Kloss, Poland and Germany, 1941–45
1968 1977  UK Dad's Army Comedy. English Home Guard
1971 1973  Australia Spyforce Action/drama. Australian series about the fictional Special Intelligence Unit (based on the real Services Reconnaissance Department)
1971 1974  Greece Unknown Warfare O Agnostos Polemos

(Άγνωστος Πόλεμος)

Drama. The adventures of a colonel of the counter-espionage service of Greece during the war. (226 episodes; remade in 1987)
1972 1973  UK Pathfinders RAF pathfinding missions
1972 1974  UK Colditz Colditz Castle POW camp
1973 1973  USSR Seventeen Moments of Spring Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny (Семнадцать мгновений весны) Soviet spy operating in Nazi Germany
1973 1974  USA Roll Out Comedy-drama. Quartermaster Trucking Company of US Third Army's "Red Ball Express" in France
1974 1975  Canada Witness to Yesterday Drama (talk show format).[1] Broadcaster Patrick Watson aggressively "interviews" historical figures, including Norman Bethune († 1939)
1974 1981  UK It Ain't Half Hot Mum Comedy.
1975 1975  Poland
Third Border Trzecia granica poloneză {{{1}}} Polish Resistance in Poland, Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, Hungary
1976 1976  Iran My Uncle Napoleon دایی‌جان ناپلئون Comedy. Tehran under Allied occupation
1976 1978  USA Baa Baa Black Sheep Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington and Marine Air Squadron during Pacific War
1976 1983  Australia The Sullivans Drama. The effects World War II has on the lives of an average middle-class Melbourne family
1977 1978  UK Backs to the Land Comedy. Land Girls
1977 1979  USA Operation Petticoat (Life in the Pink) Comedy. USS Sea Tiger, pink submarine in South West Pacific Theatre; spinoff of film Operation Petticoat
1977 1979  UK
Secret Army Drama. Belgian Resistance; followed by 1981 series Kessler
1978 1981  Denmark Matador Matador Fictional Danish town of Korsbæk, 1929–1947
1980 1980  USA Goodtime Girls Comedy. Women's war effort on the homefront (Washington, D.C.)
1981 1981  UK Kessler Drama. Former SS Sturmbannführer living under alias of industrialist to avoid discovery as war criminal; sequel to 1977–79 series Secret Army
1981 1984  UK
Tenko Women interned after the Fall of Singapore
1982 1992  UK 'Allo 'Allo! Comedy. Café in Occupied France, French Resistance, Communist Resistance, RAF, Stalag, Italian expeditionary forces, art heists, 1940–1944
1983 1983  USA Casablanca Based on film Casablanca
1983 1983  USA The Winds of War Events that lead to WWII up to Pearl Harbor from the perspective of two families
1984 1984  Yugoslavia Banjica Drama. Pro-Nazi, Serb-run concentration camp; 4 episodes
1984 1984  Australia The Last Bastion Mini-series about Australia's relationship with its allies during World War II
1985 1985  Australia The Cowra Breakout Semi-fictional mini-series about the Cowra breakout, August 1944
1985 1985  Australia The Dunera Boys Mini-series based on the Dunera incident, 1940-1941
1985 1985  USA Jenny's War Woman launches rescue of RAF pilot son downed over Germany, 1941
1987 1987  Australia Nancy Wake Drama. Mini-series about the exploits of New Zealand born SOE Operative and French Resistance member Nancy Wake
1988 1988  USA
Dirty Dozen: The Series [2] Allied prisoners trained for "do or die" missions; spinoff of The Dirty Dozen
1988 1988  UK Piece of Cake RAF from Phoney War through Battle of Britain
1988 1989  USA War and Remembrance Continues the story of The Winds of War starting on 15 decembrie 1941 and ending on 7 august 1945
1988 1991  Poland The Burning Border Pogranicze w ogniu Action-drama. German and Polish counter-espionage from 1918–1939
1988 1990  UK Wish Me Luck Drama-espionage. SOE women in German-occupied France
1989 1989  Australia Tanamera – Lion of Singapore Drama based on novel.
1989 1989  Australia
The Heroes Mini-series about the Allied commando raid on Singapore Harbour during Operation Jaywick
1991 1991  UK
Heroes II: The Return Sequel to The Heroes about a second commando raid on Singapore Harbour during Operation Rimau
1992 1992  Denmark Blackout Mørklægning Thriller. German occupation of Denmark and Danish war-tired and ill
1993 1993  UK Demob Comedy-drama. Two demobilized soldiers
1994 1994  UK Seaforth Drama. British homefront conman
1994 1994  UK Which Way to the War Comedy. British and Australian Desert Rats and Italian nurses in North Africa; pilot episode only
1997 1997  Singapore The Price of Peace Hépíng de dàijià (和平的代價) Japanese occupation of Singapore
1998 1998  UK Coming Home (TV serial) Drama. Wartime experiences of Judith, a schoolgirl and young woman.
1998 1998  Czech Republic Three Kings Tři králové Drama. Resistance efforts in German occupation of Czechoslovakia; seven episodes
1999 1999  Germany Riding the Storm Sturmzeit Drama based on Charlotte Link trilogy. East Prussian home front through both World Wars[3]

Secolul al XX-lea[modificare | modificare sursă]

An An Country Titlu
(Titluri alternative)
Titlu original
(Scenariu original)
Bătălii, evenimente, campanii descrise
2001 2001  USA Band of Brothers Action-drama. Non-fictional account of "Easy" Company (506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, U.S. 101st Airborne Division) from training to war's end, based on Stephen E. Ambrose novel
2001 2001  Australia Changi Changi POW camp
2001 2001  Singapore In Pursuit of Peace Hérì Jūn Zàilái (何日军再来) Japanese occupation of Singapore
2001 2001  Singapore A War Diary Zhànzhēng rìjì (战争日记) Romance/Drama. Chinese family during Battle of Singapore and Japanese occupation of Singapore
2002 2015  UK Foyle's War Mystery. English police solving crime amid war in Southern England
2003 2003  UK P.O.W. Drama. German Stalag Luft and follows RAF crewman captured after Normandy bombing raid, 1940
2005 2006  China Liang Jian Liang Jian (亮剑) Campaigns of 18th Army Group and Chinese People's Liberation Army from Sino-Japanese War to Chinese Civil War
2006 2007  China Cut the Devil's Head Off With the Dadao Dàdāo xiàng guǐzi men de tóu shàng kǎn qù (大刀向鬼子的头上砍去) Action-drama titled after Dadao March. Last battle during Sino-Japanese War, 1945
2007 2007  Poland Fortress of Codes Tajemnica twierdzy szyfrów Thriller. Polish and German espionage, 1945
2007 2007  China Meritorious Gōngxūn (功勋) Drama. Near end of Sino-Japanese War and launching of win-or-die espionage war to invade Japan by China and USSR, 1945
2007 2007  Denmark Nazitübbies Nazitübbies Parody. Nazi Teletubbies
2007 2007  Hong Kong War and Destiny Leun sai gai yan (亂世佳人) Format:Yue Nanjing Massacre
2007 2007  Iran
Zero Degree Turn Madār-e sefr darajeh (مدار صفر درجه) persană {{{1}}} Drama based on Abdol Hossein Sardari. Iranian student in occupied Paris in love with French-Jewish woman
2007 2008  China Legend of Xiangxi Xie Se Xiang Xi (血色湘西) Battle of West Hunan and Sino-Japanese War
2007 now  China Soldiers Sortie Shìbīng tújí (士兵突击) Drama. Young soldier forced into service by his father and subsequent Chinese military training
2008 2008  Russia Apostle Apostol (Апостол) Life and treachery for Russian teacher trained as Abwehr double agent
2008 2008  Estonia Windward Land Tuulepealne maa History of Estonia through two families, World War I to 1941
2008 2011  Poland Time of Honor Czas honoru Cichociemni (SOE agents) and Polish Resistance
2009 2009  Russia Zastava Zhilina[4] Zastava Zhilina (Застава Жилина) Romance drama. Set in 1941
2009 now  France A French Village Un village français Occupied French village, from May 1940 –... (one month per episode)
2009 2011  UK Land Girls Drama. Land Girls
2009 ?  China My Brother Named Shun Liu Wǒde Xiōngdì Jiào Shùn Liū (我的兄弟叫顺溜) Chinese sniper during the Sino-Japanese War
2009 now  China My Chief and My Regiment Wǒde Tuánzhǎng Wǒde Tuán (我的团长我的团) Drama. Chinese National Revolutionary Army Expeditionary Force in Burma battling Imperial Japanese Army during Battle of Yunnan-Burma Road in Sino-Japanese War, 1942
2010 now  Hong Kong No Regrets (Rosy Business II) Gan Gwok Hiu Hung Zi Ji Hoi Hou Cing (巾幗梟雄之義海豪情) Format:Yue Drama. Canton, China during Japanese occupation
2010 2010  USA The Pacific Action-drama. Marines of the 1st Marine Division in Pacific Theatre
2011 2011  China Natasha Wǒ de nàtǎshā (我的娜塔莎) Romance/Drama. Japanese Kwantung Army siege of Chinese Dongbeikanglian Wolong Mountain Battalion, Soviet espionage training and Chinese Resistance against Japanese occupation, 1941
2011 2011  Russia 1942 1942 Drama. German invasion of Russia and partisans surviving in forests; continuation of 2009 film 1941
2011 2011  Taiwan Soldier Yong Shi Men (勇士們) Campaigns of National Revolutionary Army from Sino-Japanese War to present day
2012 2014  Canada Bomb Girls Drama. Canadian homefront and women working in Toronto munitions plant
2013 2013  Germany Generation War Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter Group of friends experience different fate during German 1941 east front campaign.
2015 2017  Canada
X Company Drama. Canadian, British, and American spies based out of a training facility in Canada carry out missions in Nazi-occupied Europe.
2015 2015  France Resistance Résistance Paris 1940, based on the Groupe du musée de l'Homme
2015 now  Georgia Kerch: The Lost Heroes Kerči: Daḳarguli Gmirebi (ქერჩი: დაკარგული გმირები) Drama. Centered around ethnic Georgians in the Red Army during Crimean Offensive and Battle of the Kerch Peninsula.[5]
2015 2016  UK Home Fires Drama. Set in a rural Cheshire community called Great Paxford, about the life of Women's Institute members on the Home Front during the Second World War.

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Note[modificare | modificare sursă]

  1. ^ The deceased historical figures are played by actors.
  2. ^ This film is an international co-production shot in English.
  3. ^ Charlotte Link: Sturmzeit, Teil I - V at de . Retrieved 2012-07-05. The information on Sturmzeit at the IMDb is scanty.
  4. ^ Zastava Zhilina is directed by Vasili Pichul.
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