Janet Leigh

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Janet Leigh
Date personale
Nume la naștereJeanette Helen Morrison Modificați la Wikidata
Născută[1][2][3][4] Modificați la Wikidata
Merced, California, SUA Modificați la Wikidata
Decedată (77 de ani)[5][1][2][3] Modificați la Wikidata
Beverly Hills, California, SUA Modificați la Wikidata
Înmormântată Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery[*][[Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery (cemetery in the Westwood Village area of Los Angeles, California, United States)|​]] Modificați la Wikidata
Cauza decesuluicauze naturale (Vasculită) Modificați la Wikidata
Părinți Frederick Robert Morrison[*][[Frederick Robert Morrison (Peerage person ID=171092)|​]][6]
Helen Lita Westergard[*][[Helen Lita Westergard (Peerage person ID=171093)|​]][6] Modificați la Wikidata
Căsătorită cuTony Curtis ()[7]
John Kenneth Carlisle[*][[John Kenneth Carlisle |​]][7]
Robert Brandt[*][[Robert Brandt |​]][7]
Stanley Reames[*][[Stanley Reames |​]][7] Modificați la Wikidata
Copii Kelly Curtis[*][[Kelly Curtis (actriță americană)|​]]
Jamie Lee Curtis[6][7] Modificați la Wikidata
Cetățenie Statele Unite ale Americii[8] Modificați la Wikidata
Ocupațieactor de personaj
actriță de teatru[*]
actriță de televiziune[*]
actriță de film
scriitoare Modificați la Wikidata
Limbi vorbitelimba engleză[9] Modificați la Wikidata
Alma mater University of the Pacific[*][[University of the Pacific (private university in Stockton, California, United States)|​]]
Stockton High School[*][[Stockton High School (Former school in northern California, U.S.)|​]]
Merced High School[*][[Merced High School (high school in California, United States)|​]]
Alte premii
Stea pe Hollywood Walk of Fame[*]
Premiul Globul de Aur (1960) Modificați la Wikidata

Janet Leigh (născută Jeanette Helen Morrison, n. , Merced, California, SUA – d. , Beverly Hills, California, SUA) a fost o actriță americană, cântăreață, dansatoare și autor.

Biografie[modificare | modificare sursă]

A crescut în Stockton, California într-o familie de muncitori. Janet Leigh a fost descoperită la vârsta de 18 ani de către actrița Norma Shearer, care a ajutat-o să încheie un contract cu Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Leigh a debutat oficial ca actriță când a apărut în programele radio înainte de a juca în primul său film The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1947).

Filmografie[modificare | modificare sursă]

Film[modificare | modificare sursă]

An Titlu Rol Note Ref.
1947 The Romance of Rosy Ridge Lissy Anne MacBean [10]
1947 If Winter Comes Effie Bright [10]
1948 Hills of Home Margit Mitchell Titluri alternative: Danger in the Hills and Master of Lassie [10]
1948 Words and Music Dorothy Feiner Rodgers [10]
1949 How to Smuggle a Hernia Across the Border Scurtmetraj [11]
1949 Act of Violence Edith Enley [10]
1949 Little Women Meg March [10]
1949 The Red Danube Maria Buhlen [10]
1949 The Doctor and the Girl Evelyn Heldon Titlu alternativ: Bodies and Souls [10]
1949 That Forsyte Woman June Forsyte Titlu alternativ: The Forsyte Saga [10]
1949 Holiday Affair Connie Ennis [10]
1951 Strictly Dishonorable Isabelle Perry [10]
1951 Angels in the Outfield Jennifer Paige [10]
1951 Two Tickets to Broadway Nancy Peterson [10]
1951 It's a Big Country Rosa Szabo Xenophon [10]
1952 Just This Once Lucy Duncan [10]
1952 Scaramouche Aline de Gavrillac de Bourbon [10]
1952 Fearless Fagan Abby Ames [10]
1953 The Naked Spur Lina Patch [10]
1953 Confidentially Connie Connie Bedloe [10]
1953 Houdini Bess Houdini [10]
1953 Walking My Baby Back Home Chris Hall [10]
1954 Prince Valiant Princess Aleta [10]
1954 Living It Up Wally Cook [10]
1954 The Black Shield of Falworth Lady Anne [10]
1954 Rogue Cop Karen Stephanson [10]
1955 Pete Kelly's Blues Ivy Conrad [10]
1955 My Sister Eileen Eileen Sherwood [10]
1956 Safari Linda Latham [10]
1957 Jet Pilot Lt. Anna Marladovna Shannon / Olga Orlief [10]
1958 Touch of Evil Susan Vargas [10]
1958 The Vikings Morgana [10]
1958 The Perfect Furlough Lt. Vicki Loren [10]
1960 Who Was That Lady? Ann Wilson Laurel Award for Top Female Comedy Performance (4th place) [10]
1960 Psycho Marion Crane Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture
Laurel Award for Top Female Supporting Performance (2nd place)
Nominalizare – Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
1960 Pepe Herself Laurel Award for Top Female Comedy Performance [10]
1962 The Manchurian Candidate Eugenie Rose Chaney [10]
1963 Bye Bye Birdie Rosie DeLeon [10]
1963 Wives and Lovers Bertie Austin [10]
1966 Kid Rodelo Nora [10]
1966 Harper Susan Harper Titlu alternativ: The Moving Target [10]
1966 Three on a Couch Dr. Elizabeth Acord [10]
1966 An American Dream Cherry McMahon Titlu alternativ: See You in Hell, Darling [10]
1967 The Spy in the Green Hat Miss Diketon [12]
1967 Grand Slam Mary Ann Titlu alternativ: Ad ogni costo [10]
1969 Hello Down There Vivian Miller Titlu alternativ: Sub-A-Dub-Dub [10]
1972 One Is a Lonely Number Gert Meredith Titlu alternativ: Two Is a Happy Number [10]
1972 Night of the Lepus Gerry Bennett Titlu alternativ: Rabbits [10]
1979 Boardwalk Florence Cohen [10]
1980 The Fog Kathy Williams [10]
1985 The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal Herself Film documentar [13]
1998 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Norma Watson [14]
2005 Bad Girls from Valley High Mrs. Witt Filmed in 2000; lansare postumă (ultimul ei rol de film) [15]

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