Policy of Truth

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Policy of Truth
Single de Depeche Mode
Față B"Kaleid"
GenSynthpop, dark wave, rock
Casă de discuriMute
TextierMartin Gore  Modificați la Wikidata
ProducătorDepeche Mode, Flood
Cronologie – Depeche Mode
Enjoy the Silence
Policy of Truth World in My Eyes

Policy of Truth este o piesă a formației britanice Depeche Mode. Piesa a apărut pe albumul Violator, în 1990.

Track listings[modificare | modificare sursă]

1. Policy of Truth (Single version) - 5:10
2. Kaleid - 4:17
3. Policy of Truth (Beat Box Mix) - 7:13
4. Policy of Truth (Capitol Mix) - 8:00
5. Kaleid (When Worlds Mix) - 5:22
6. Policy of Truth (Trancentral Mix) - 5:55
7. Kaleid (Remix) - 4:36
8. Policy of Truth (Pavlov's Dub) - 6:02

Curiosities[modificare | modificare sursă]

1. "Policy of Truth" is the second single by Depeche Mode, when Martin Gore is playing the bass guitar, and first, when David Gahan is singing and playing the electric guitar.
2. During the tours World Violaton Tour, Devotional Tour, Touring the Angel, Tour of the Universe and The Delta Machine Tour, Depeche Mode was playing the 7" single version of track.
3. In live versions of "Policy of Truth", Martin Gore wasn't and don't playing the bass guitar (but playing the keyboard).
4. During the World Violaton Tour and Devotional Tour, Alan Wilder wasn't playing the drums in this song (but like the Martin Gore was playing the keyboard).
5. 7" single version of "Policy of Truth" have only a electro intro, which wasn't have a 12" single version and album version of track.

Musicains[modificare | modificare sursă]

1. David Gahan - lead vocals, electric guitar
2. Martin Gore - keyboard, bass guitar, voce de fundal
3. Andrew Fletcher - keyboard, drums
4. Alan Wilder - keyboard, drums, voce de fundal