Paulette Goddard

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Paulette Goddard
Paulette Goddard in Second Chorus(1940)
Date personale
Nume la nașterePauline Marion Goddard Levy
Născută3 iunie 1910
Whitestone Landing, Long Island, New York, USA
Decedată23 aprilie 1990
Ronco, Switzerland
ÎnmormântatăCantonul Ticino Modificați la Wikidata
Cauza decesuluicauze naturale (infarct miocardic) Modificați la Wikidata
Căsătorită cuEdgar James (1927–1931)
Charles Chaplin (1936–1942)
Burgess Meredith (1944–1949)
Erich Maria Remarque (1958–1970)
CetățenieFlag of the United States.svg Statele Unite ale Americii Modificați la Wikidata
producătoare de film
actriță de teatru[*]
actriță de televiziune[*]
actriță de film Modificați la Wikidata
Limbi vorbitelimba engleză[1] Modificați la Wikidata
Înălțime1.63 m (5' 4" ft)
Ani de activitate1929–1972
Roluri importanteLt. Joan O'Doul
So Proudly We Hail!(1943)
Alte premii
Star on the Walk of Fame (1990)
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Pauline Marion Goddard Levy (n. 3 iunie 1910 - d. 23 aprilie 1990) a fost o actriță americană.

Filmografie[modificare | modificare sursă]

Title Year Role Notes
Berth Marks 1929 Pasager în tren Short subject
Locked Door, TheThe Locked Door 1929 Girl on rum boat Nu e creditată
City Streets 1931 Dance extra Nu e creditată
Girl Habit, TheThe Girl Habit 1931 Lingerie salesgirl
Ladies of the Big House 1931 Inmate in midst of crowd Nu e creditată
Mouthpiece, TheThe Mouthpiece 1932 Blonde at party Nu e creditată
Show Business 1932 Blonde train passenger Nu e creditată, short subject
Young Ironsides 1932 Herself, Miss Hollywood Nu e creditată, short subject
Pack Up Your Troubles 1932 Bridesmaid Nu e creditată
Girl Grief 1932 Student Nu e creditată, short subject
Kid From Spain, TheThe Kid From Spain 1932 Goldwyn Girl Nu e creditată
Hollywood on Parade No. B-1 1933 Herself Short subject
Bowery, TheThe Bowery 1933 Blonde who announces Brodie's jump Nu e creditată
Hollywood on Parade No. B-5 1933 Herself Short subject
Roman Scandals 1933 Goldwyn Girl Nu e creditată
Kid Millions 1934 Goldwyn Girl Nu e creditată
Modern Times 1936 Ellen Peterson – A Gamine
Bohemian Girl, TheThe Bohemian Girl 1936 Gypsy vagabond Nu e creditată
Young in Heart, TheThe Young in Heart 1938 Leslie Saunders
Dramatic School 1938 Nana
Women, TheThe Women 1939 Miriam Aarons
Cat and the Canary, TheThe Cat and the Canary 1939 Joyce Norman
Ghost Breakers, TheThe Ghost Breakers 1940 Mary Carter
Great Dictator, TheThe Great Dictator 1940 Hannah
Screen Snapshots: Sports in Hollywood 1940 Herself Short subject
North West Mounted Police 1940 Louvette Corbeau Alternative titles: Northwest Mounted Police, The Scarlet Riders
Second Chorus 1940 Ellen Miller
Pot o' Gold 1941 Molly McCorkle Alternative titles: The Golden Hour, Jimmy Steps Out
Hold Back the Dawn 1941 Anita Dixon
Nothing But the Truth 1941 Gwen Saunders
Lady Has Plans, TheThe Lady Has Plans 1942 Sidney Royce
Reap the Wild Wind 1942 Loxi Claiborne Alt titlu: Cecil B. DeMille's Reap the Wild Wind
Forest Rangers, TheThe Forest Rangers 1942 Celia Huston Stuart
Star Spangled Rhythm 1942 Herself
Crystal Ball, TheThe Crystal Ball 1943 Toni Gerard
So Proudly We Hail! 1943 Lt. Joan O'Doul Nominată—Academy Award pentru Best Supporting Actress
Standing Room Only 1944 Jane Rogers/Suzanne
I Love a Soldier 1944 Evelyn Connors
Duffy's Tavern 1945 Herself
Kitty 1945 Kitty
Diary of a Chambermaid, TheThe Diary of a Chambermaid 1946 Célestine Producătoare (Nu e creditată)
Suddenly, It's Spring 1947 Mary Morely
Variety Girl 1947 Ea însăși
Unconquered 1947 Abigail "Abby" Martha Hale
Ideal Husband, AnAn Ideal Husband 1947 Mrs. Laura Cheveley Alt titlu: Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband
On Our Merry Way 1948 Martha Pease
Screen Snapshots: Smiles and Styles 1948 Ea însăși Short subject
Hazard 1948 Ellen Crane
Bride of Vengeance 1949 Lucretia Borgia
Anna Lucasta 1949 Anna Lucasta
Yank Comes Back, AA Yank Comes Back 1949 Ea însăși Nu e credită, short subject
Torch, TheThe Torch 1950 María Dolores Penafiel Associate producer, alternative title: Bandit General
Babes in Bagdad 1952 Kyra
Vice Squad 1953 Mona Ross Alt titlu: The Girl in Room 17
Sins of Jezebel 1953 Jezebel
Paris Model 1953 Betty Barnes Alt titlu: Nude at Midnight
Charge of the Lancers 1954 Tanya
Stranger Came Home, AA Stranger Came Home 1954 Angie Alt titlu: The Unholy Four
Time of Indifference 1964 Mariagrazia Alte titluri: Les Deux Rivales, Gli Indifferenti
Title Year Role Notes
Ed Sullivan Show, TheThe Ed Sullivan Show 1952 Ea însăși 2 episoade
Ford Theatre 1953 Nancy Whiting 1 episod
Sherlock Holmes 1954 Lady Beryl 1 episod
Producers' Showcase 1955 Sylvia Fowler 1 episod
Martha Raye Show, TheThe Martha Raye Show 1955 Ea însăși 1 episod
Errol Flynn Theatre, TheThe Errol Flynn Theatre 1957 Rachel 1 episod
On Trial 1957 Dolly 1 episod
Ford Theatre 1957 Holly March 1 episod
Adventures in Paradise 1959 Mme. Victorine Reynard 1 episod
What's My Line? 1959 Guest panelist 1 episod
Phantom, TheThe Phantom 1961 Mrs. Harris Film pentru TV
Snoop Sisters, TheThe Snoop Sisters 1972 Norma Treet Film pentru TV. Alt titlu: Female Instinct

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