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Paul Krugman
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Date personale
Născut (65 de ani)[1][2][3] Modificați la Wikidata
Albany, New York, SUA[4][5] Modificați la Wikidata
Căsătorit cuRobin Wells[*] Modificați la Wikidata
Naționalitate United States
CetățenieFlag of the United States.svg SUA Modificați la Wikidata
Etnieevrei Modificați la Wikidata
profesor universitar
scriitor Modificați la Wikidata
InstituțieUniversitatea Princeton
The London School of Economics and Political Science
CUNY Graduate Center[*]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Modificați la Wikidata
Alma MaterMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Universitatea Yale  Modificați la Wikidata
OrganizațiiUniversitatea Princeton
The London School of Economics and Political Science
CUNY Graduate Center[*]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Modificați la Wikidata
Conducător de doctoratRudiger Dornbusch[*]  Modificați la Wikidata
SocietățiAcademia Americană de Arte și Științe[*]  Modificați la Wikidata
PremiiNobel Prize in Economics (2008)
Prezență online

Paul Robin Krugman (pronunția numeleui, ˈkɹuɡmən) (n. 28 februarie 1953) este un economist, autor, ziarist și eseist evreu american, deținător al Premiului Nobel pentru economie în anul 2008. [6] Krugman este profesor de științe economice și relații internaționale la Princeton University, fiind din anul 2000 cronicar al bi-săptămânalului The New York Times.

În lumea științifică, Krugman este bine cunoscut pentru contribuțiile sale în domeniul schimbului comercial.

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Autor sao co-autor[modificare | modificare sursă]

  • The Conscience of a Liberal (October 2007) (ISBN 978-0-393-06069-0).
  • Economics: European Edition (with Robin Wells and Kathryn Graddy, Spring 2007) (ISBN 0-7167-9956-1).
  • Macroeconomics (with Robin Wells, February 2006) (ISBN 0-7167-6763-5). Also available with student CDR (March 2006) (ISBN 0-7167-6767-8).
  • Economics (with Robin Wells, December 2005) (ISBN 1-57259-150-1)
  • Krugman Wall Street Journal Sub Card (???) {ISBN 0-7167-6697-3}
  • Microeconomics (with Robin Wells, March 2004) (ISBN 0-7167-5997-7). Also available with student CDR (with Robin Wells, November 2004) (ISBN 0-7167-6700-7) or with study guide (with Robin Wells, December 2004) (ISBN 0-7167-6699-X).
  • The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century (September 2003) (ISBN 0-393-05850-6)
    • A book of his New York Times columns, many of them dealing with Bush economic policies, some dealing with the economy in general.
  • International Economics: Theory and Policy (7th Edition) (2006) (ISBN 0-321-29383-5)
  • The New Trade Agenda (Foreign Affairs Editors' Choice) (December 2001) (ISBN 0-87609-302-0)
  • Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan (May 4, 2001) (ISBN 0-393-05062-9)
  • The Spatial Economy - Cities, Regions and International Trade (with Masahisa Fujita, Anthony Venables)(July 1999, MIT press) (ISBN 0-262-06204-6)
  • The Return of Depression Economics (May 1, 1999) (ISBN 0-393-04839-X)
    • In this work Krugman considers the long economic stagnation of Japan through the 1990s, the Asian financial crisis, and problems in Latin America, and concludes that the generally accepted idea among economists that depressions can be prevented is no longer true.
  • The Accidental Theorist and Other Dispatches from the Dismal Science (May 1, 1998) (ISBN 0-393-04638-9)
    • A collection of Krugman's articles for various publications regarding the economy.
  • International Economics (March 1998) (ISBN 0-673-52186-9)
  • The Age of Diminished Expectations, Third Edition (August 8, 1997) (ISBN 0-262-11224-8)
  • Competitiveness (January 1, 1997)
  • Pop Internationalism (March 1, 1996) (ISBN 0-262-11210-8)
  • Self Organizing Economy (February 1, 1996) (ISBN 0-87609-177-X)
  • Emu and the Regions (December 1995) (ISBN 1-56708-038-3)
  • Development, Geography, and Economic Theory (Ohlin Lectures) (September 15, 1995) (ISBN 0-262-11203-5)
  • Peddling Prosperity: Economic Sense and Nonsense in an Age of Diminished Expectations (April 1, 1995) (ISBN 0-393-31292-5)
    • A book for those seeking to understand the history of economic thought from the time of the first rumblings of revolt against Keynesianism to the present. Written for the economics layman.
  • Foreign Direct Investment in the United States (3rd Edition) (February 1, 1995) (ISBN 0-88132-204-0)
  • World Savings Shortage (September 1, 1994) (ISBN 0-88132-161-3)
  • What Do We Need to Know About the International Monetary System? (Essays in International Finance, No 190 July 1993) (June 1, 1993) (ISBN 0-88165-097-8)
  • Currencies and Crises (June 11, 1992) (ISBN 0-262-11165-9)
  • Geography and Trade (Gaston Eyskens Lecture Series) (August 1991) (ISBN 0-262-11159-4)
  • The Risks Facing the World Economy (July 1991) (ISBN 1-56708-073-1)
  • Has the Adjustment Process Worked? (Policy Analyses in International Economics, 34) (June 1, 1991) (ISBN 0-88132-116-8)
  • Rethinking International Trade (April 1, 1990) (ISBN 0-262-11148-9)
  • Trade Policy and Market Structure (March 30, 1989) (ISBN 0-262-08182-2)
  • Exchange-Rate Instability (Lionel Robbins Lectures) (November 2, 1988) (ISBN 0-262-11140-3)
  • Adjustment in the World Economy (August 1987) (ISBN 1-56708-023-5)
  • Strategic Trade Policy and the New International Economics (January 1986) (ISBN 0-262-11112-8)
  • Market Structure and Foreign Trade: Increasing Returns, Imperfect Competition, and the International Economy (May 1, 1985) (ISBN 0-262-08150-4)

A editat sau co-editat[modificare | modificare sursă]

  • Currency Crises (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report) (September 1, 2000) (ISBN 0-226-45462-2)
  • Trade with Japan : Has the Door Opened Wider? (National Bureau of Economic Research Project Report) (March 1, 1995) (ISBN 0-226-45459-2/)
  • Empirical Studies of Strategic Trade Policy (National Bureau of Economic Research Project Report) (April 15, 1994) (ISBN 0-226-45460-6)
  • Exchange Rate Targets and Currency Bands (October 1991) (ISBN 0-521-41533-0)

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