Listă de filme științifico-fantastice, fantastice și de groază despre cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial

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Aceasta este o listă de filme științifico-fantastice, fantastice și/sau de groază despre cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial:

Secolul 20[modificare | modificare sursă]

An Țara Titlu principal
(Titluri alternative)
Titlu original
(Scenariu original)
Regizor Bătălii, campanii, evenimente descrise
1941  USA King of the Zombies Jean Yarbrough Horror-comedy. Nazi doctor on island off US coast attempting to acquire war intelligence using zombies[1]
1942  USA Black Dragons William Nigh SF. Scientist turns Japanese spies into Americans[1]
1942  USA Spy Smasher (serial) William Witney
1942  UK Thunder Rock Roy Boulting Fantasy/Drama. Outspoken anti-Fascist journalist in isolation of Lake Michigan lighthouse visited by immigrant spirits who encourage fight against Fascism
1943  USA A Guy Named Joe Victor Fleming Fantasy. Spirit of dead pilot acts as "guardian angel" for new pilots
1943  USA Revenge of the Zombies Steve Sekely Horror.
1943  USA Tarzan Triumphs Wilhelm Thiele Adventure. German paratroopers conquer a lost city in Africa
1946  UK A Matter of Life and Death (Stairway to Heaven) Powell and Pressburger Fantasy.
1964  USA The Incredible Mr. Limpet Arthur Lubin, Robert McKimson Live-action/animated comedy. Man turns into talking fish and helps US Navy destroy U-boats, 1941
1966  UK The Frozen Dead Herbert J. Leder SF horror. Scientist reanimates frozen heads of Nazi war criminals to revive Third Reich
1966  USA Spy Smasher Returns (TV) William Witney Action-adventure. Superhero Alan Armstrong battles Nazi villains and saboteurs determined to spread destruction; edited TV version of 1942 serial Spy Smasher
1968  USA They Saved Hitler's Brain (TV) David Bradley SF thriller. Nazis in South America kidnap scientist to maintain living head of Adolf Hitler in order to revive the Third Reich
1971  USA Bedknobs and Broomsticks Robert Stevenson Children's fantasy musical. German raid on England repulsed with magic, 1940
1972  USA Slaughterhouse-Five George Roy Hill SF based on Kurt Vonnegut novel. Firebombing of Dresden, 1945
1975  USA Wonder Woman (The New Original Wonder Woman / The New Adventures of Wonder Woman) (TV) Leonard Horn Action-adventure. Pilot in dogfight with Nazi plane crash-lands in Bermuda Triangle on uncharted island inhabited by women
1977  USA Shock Waves (Almost Human / Shockwaves) Ken Wiederhorn SF horror. Island-shipwrecked party encounters former SS commander leading zombie storm troopers
1977  Czechoslovakia Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea Zítra vstanu a opařím se čajem Jindrich Polák SF comedy. Time travel by aging former Nazis conspiring to alter results of war
1978  USA
The Boys from Brazil Franklin J. Schaffner SF thriller based on Ira Levin novel. Nazi hunter discovers doctor's plot to revive Third Reich by cloning Hitler in Paraguayan jungle
1980  UK
Death Ship Alvin Rakoff Horror-Mystery. Nazi prison ship sails seas since end of war luring unsuspecting victims aboard
1980  USA The Final Countdown (U.S.S. Nimitz: Lost in the Pacific) Don Taylor SF. Modern US nuclear aircraft carrier lost in storm arrives in South West Pacific Theatre on 7 December 1941
1981  France Oasis of the Zombies (Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies / The Treasure of the Living Dead) L'abîme des morts vivants Jesus Franco Horror. Treasure hunters seeking Nazi bullion, carried across Sahara Desert by Wehrmacht soldiers falling under Allied assault with only one survivor, encounter gold's zombie protectors
1981  USA Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) Steven Spielberg Action-adventure. Professor battles Nazis in search of lost Ark of the Covenant
1981  France
Zombie Lake (The Lake of the Living Dead) Le lac des morts vivants Jean Rollin Horror. Wehrmacht soldiers killed in lake by French Resistance during war are reanimated into zombies
1982  USA Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid Carl Reiner Detective comedy. Nazis in Latin America with weaponized cheese mould
1984  UK The Keep Michael Mann Action-horror. German Army and "Einsatzkommandos" occupy Romanian citadel with demonic forces
1984  USA The Philadelphia Experiment Stewart Raffill Adventure-fantasy. Military experiment sends USN destroyer escort from Philadelphia Navy Yard, 1943, to 1984 Nevada desert town; prequel to 1993 film Philadelphia Experiment II
1985  USA Zone Troopers Danny Bilson SF. Soldiers find alien craft
1986  Spain In a Glass Cage Tras el cristal Agustí Villaronga Horror.
1989  USA Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Indiana Jones 3) Steven Spielberg Action-adventure. Professor and archaeologist father battle Nazis in pursuit of Holy Grail
1989  USA Puppetmaster (Puppet Master I) David Schmoeller SF horror. Nazi mission to capture US puppeteer with "secret to life" ateFormat:Clarify explored by modern scientists
1991  USA Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge David DeCoteau Horror-thriller. Puppeteer avenging his wife killed by Nazis bent on developing drug that reanimates dead
1991  USA The Rocketeer Joe Johnston Action-adventure. Young pilot discovers Howard Hughes' jetpack prototype and as flying superhero battles Nazis before US entry into war
1993  USA Philadelphia Experiment II Stephen Cornwell Adventure-fantasy. Military experiment sends ex-WWII sailor to alternative "1993" where Germany has won war before arriving in Nazi Germany along with modern stealth bomber, 1943; sequel to 1984 film The Philadelphia Experiment
1998  USA Apt Pupil Bryan Singer Horror based on Stephen King novella.
1999  USA The Devil's Arithmetic (TV) Donna Deitch Fantasy/Drama. Modern teenage girl projected into 1940's death camp prisoner to experience horrors firsthand

Secolul 21[modificare | modificare sursă]

Anii 2000[modificare | modificare sursă]

An Țara Titlu principal
(Titluri alternative)
Titlu original
(Scenariu original)
Regizor Bătălii, campanii, evenimente descrise
2002 USA Below David Twohy Strange happenings occur on a United States WW II submarine after picking up three survivors from a sunken British hospital ship.
2002  USA
Return to Never Land Robin Budd, Donovan Cook Animated family adventure based on J.M. Barrie book. Peter Pan rescues young girl from Captain Hook in Never Land during Battle of Britain, 1940; sequel to the 1953 film Peter Pan
2004  USA Hellboy Guillermo del Toro Infant summoned from Hell to Earth by Nazi occultists discovered by Allied Forces
2005  Japan Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean Lorelai (ローレライ) Shinji Higuchi, Cellin Gluck Experimental Japanese submarine attempts to prevent atomic bombing of Tokyo
2006  Sweden Frostbite Frostbiten Anders Banke Horror comedy. Former SS geneticist attempting to create master breed of vampires in Norrland
2006  UK Ghostboat (TV) Stuart Orme Mystery-thriller based on Neal R. Burger novel. Fictional RN submarine presumed lost in Baltic in 1943 resurfaces near end of Cold War, 1981
2006  USA Horrors of War (Zombies of War) Peter John Ross, John Whitney Action-horror. OSS conducts missions to discover source of Hitler's wunderwaffen and vergeltungswaffen terrorizing Allies
2006  Spain
Pan's Labyrinth El laberinto del fauno Guillermo del Toro Fantasy/Drama. Parable influenced by fairy tale of young girl's escape into abandoned labyrinth with mysterious faun creature in Francoist Spain, May–June 1944
2006  Canada War of the Dead Sean Cisterna Horror. Special agent investigating deaths of WWII veterans being hunted down by Nazi zombies
2007  USA Reign of the Gargoyles (TV) Ayton Davis Action-horror. An American aircrew join forces with British soldiers and local townsfolk to battle living gargoyles and the German army
2008  UK Outpost Steve Barker Action-horror. Mercenaries on Eastern European mission battling mysterious Nazi evil in old Nazi bunker
2008  USA WarBirds (TV) Kevin Gendreau American air crew in Pacific Theatre meet pterosaurs
2009  Norway Dead Snow Død snø Anders Banke Horror-comedy. SS troops killed in Norway reanimate into zombies terrorizing a modern-day wilderness vacation
2009  USA The Land That Time Forgot C. Thomas Howell SF based on Edgar Rice Burroughs novel. Stranded U-boat crew in time void on island inside Bermuda Triangle; loosely made re-make of similarly titled 1975 film
2009  USA Blood Creek (Town Creek) Joel Schumacher Horror-thriller. Brothers on revenge mission in rural West Virginia where Nazi professor has been waging occult war since 1936

Anii 2010[modificare | modificare sursă]

An Țara Titlu principal
(Titluri alternative)
Titlu original
(Scenariu original)
Regizor Bătălii, campanii, evenimente descrise
2010  USA
Bloodrayne: The Third Reich Uwe Boll Fantasy-thriller. Dhamphir battling vampire Nazi officer bent on making Hitler immortal
2010  UK Jackboots on Whitehall Edward McHenry, Rory McHenry Animatronic satire. Alternative history of war where Nazi Germany occupies London
2010  UK Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (Nanny McPhee Returns) Susanna White Comedy fantasy. Operation Pied Piper and governess who uses magic to aid farm family in need of assistance
2010  USA
Puppet Master: Axis of Evil David DeCoteau Horror-SF. Young man dreaming of joining war effort finds dead puppeteer's crate of mysterious puppets before battling Axis agents on homefront
2010  UK The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Michael Apted Fantasy-adventure based on C. S. Lewis novel. Children travel from wartime England to the magical land of Narnia
2011  USA
Blubberella Uwe Boll Action-Comedy. Dhamphir battling Nazis bent on eliminating Resistance group on Eastern Front; spoof of BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich
2011  USA Captain America: The First Avenger Joe Johnston Based upon the Marvel comic book of Captain America,American soldier transformed into super soldier aids war effort against Hitler's head of advanced weaponry
2011  New Zealand The Devil's Rock Paul Campion Action-horror. A New Zealand commando on the Channel Islands discovers a Nazi occult plot to win the war
2011  USA
War of the Dead [2] Marko Mäkilaakso Action-horror. Medical experiments performed on captured Russian soldiers by Gestapo officer who are later encountered by platoon of American and Finnish soldiers, 1939/41
2012  Finland
Iron Sky [2] Timo Vuorensola Nazis attack Earth from Moon base
2012  USA Nazis at the Center of the Earth (V) Joseph J. Lawson A direct-to-video sci-fi film produced by The Asylum
2012  UK Outpost: Black Sun Steve Barker Action horror. Scientist develops technology to create immortal Nazi zombie army near end of war to prevent rise of 4th Reich; sequel to 2008 film Outpost
2013  Netherlands
 Czech Republic
Frankenstein's Army Army of Frankenstein Richard Raaphorst Action, Horror, Sci-fi. Russian soldiers find secret Nazi lab in eastern Germany
2013  UK Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz Outpost 3 Kieran Parker Action horror. Russian soldiers find themselves facing not only zombie soldiers but also the threat of becoming part of the zombie army too; sequel to 2012 film Outpost: Black Sun
2015  India Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! Dibakar Banerjee Based upon the novel Satyanweshi by the Bengali writer Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. The film, set in the war-torn Calcutta of 1940's, follows the first adventure of detective Byomkesh, fresh out of college, as he pits himself against an evil genius who is out to destroy the world.

În dezvoltare[modificare | modificare sursă]

An Țara Titlu principal
(Titluri alternative)
Titlu original
(Scenariu original)
Regizor Bătălii, campanii, evenimente descrise
2014  Finland I Killed Adolf Hitler Timo Vuorensola [necesită citare]
201X  USA The Bleeding (The Bleeding of Hauptmann Gehlen) Josef Rusnak Horror thriller. American spy in Romania infiltrates SS fighting partisans in Carpathians and encounters vampires[3]
201X  USA Boys From Brazil Brett Ratner Thriller based on Ira Levin novel. Neo-Nazi plot to begin Fourth Reich in South America by cloning Hitler; remake/sequel to 1978 film The Boys From Brazil[4][5][6]
201X  Canada
Fangs of War Jim Donovan Horror thriller. Nazi Supernatural Division secret lab at Castle Dracula, Transylvania unlocks secrets of Count Dracula’s immortality, 1944.[7]
201X  USA Panzer 88 Peter Briggs Action thriller. Eastern Front King Tiger tank crewmen battle creature
201X  USA Toon Patrol: Roger Rabbit II To be determined Comedy and live-action/animated. Kidnapping of Jessica Rabbit by Nazi spies; prequel to 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit [necesită citare]

Alte filme[modificare | modificare sursă]

În filmul lui Paul Verhoeven din 1997, Starship Troopers, trupele sunt numite Rodger Young, după Medalia de Onoare Rodger Wilton Young.[8]

Seriale TV[modificare | modificare sursă]

Ani Țara Titlu principal
(Titluri alternative)
Titlu original
(Scenariu original)
Bătălii, campanii, evenimente descrise
1959 1964  USA The Twilight Zone
"The Man in the Bottle" (1960 episode)
Fantasy. Genie turns man into Hitler at the Battle of Berlin, 1945
1964 1965  USA Jonny Quest
"The Devil's Tower" (1965 episode)
Animated. Nazi war criminal has slave cavemen
1964 1968  USA Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
"Death from the Past" (1967 episode)
SF adventure. Nazis who believe the war has not ended
1966 1967  USA The Time Tunnel
"The Day The Sky Fell In" (1966 episode)
SF adventure. Time travellers at Pearl Harbor the day before
"Invasion" (1966 episode) SF adventure. Time travellers in Cherbourg before D-Day
1966 1969  USA Star Trek
"The City on the Edge of Forever" (1967 episode)
SF drama. Time-travelling Dr. McCoy causes Hitler to win the war
"Patterns of Force" (1968 episode) SF drama. Alien society modelled after Nazi Germany
1975 1976  USA Wonder Woman
(The New Original Wonder Woman / The New Adventures of Wonder Woman) (Season 1 only)
Diana Prince battles Nazi villains; Wonder Woman (TV) spinoff
1980 1980  USA Galactica 1980
"Galactica Discovers Earth" (episode)
SF adventure. V-2 rocket programme receives future technology
1989 1989  UK Doctor Who Season Twenty Six
"The Curse of Fenric" (4 episodes)
SF adventure. The Doctor and Ace confront an ancient evil, while trying to stop the British Navy and a group of Soviet commandos from destroying each other
1993 1999  UK Goodnight Sweetheart Comedy-Fantasy. Time traveller living two lives, between 1940's wartime London and 1990s
1999 2004  USA Angel
"Why We Fight" (2004 episode)
Vampires encounter undead U-boat crew
1999 present  USA Family Guy
"Road to Germany" (2008 episode)
Animated SF comedy. Time-travelling Brian and Stewie in a Warsaw shul, 1 September 1939
2004 2005  Japan Zipang Jipangu (ジパング) Anime. Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force destroyer travelling through time to early days of war
2011 2011  UK Doctor Who Sixth Series
"Let's Kill Hitler" (episode)
SF adventure. Time travellers lock Hitler in a cupboard, 1938
2016 2016  Japan Izetta: The Last Witch Shūmatsu no Izetta (終末のイゼッタ) Anime. Set in an alternate Earth with a story based on World War II, featuring a witch that possesses the ability to magically manipulate any object that she touch

Documentare dramatizate[modificare | modificare sursă]

An Țara Titlu
(Titluri alternative)
Titlu original
(Scenariu original)
Regizor Bătălii, campanii, evenimente descrise
2008  Russia
Philosophy of a Knife (V) Andrey Iskanov Horror. Unit 731 and Japanese human experimentation

Referințe și note[modificare | modificare sursă]

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