Kathleen Barr

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Kathleen Barr
Date personale
Născută (49 de ani)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cetățenie Canada
Ocupație Actriță de voce
Ani de activitate 1987–prezent
Reprezentant Lauren Leviitt and Associates[nefuncțională]

Kathleen Barr (n. 6 aprilie 1967) este o actriță canadiană de voce.

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  • Care Bears – Best Friend Bear and Harmony Bear (as plush toys)

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  1. ^ Chantal Strand (26 august 2013). „I remember their Mom was played by Kathleen Barr, pretty sure Eli Gabbay played their Dad.. https://twitter.com/ChantalStrand/status/372122403553284098. Accesat la 26 august 2013. 
  2. ^ Uncredited until season three episodes.
  3. ^ The character's name itself is not mentioned in the televised episode. However, the name is mentioned in other official materials like trading card game and comic book.

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