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機械人權限撤銷預告/ Notification of pending suspension of bot permissions due to inactivity[modificare sursă]

Information icon 根據中文維基百科機械人方針,任何機械人及其操作者如超過兩年沒有活動,就會遭到提請取消機械人權限。所以,如果在1週內兩個帳戶均沒有任何編輯紀錄,則將會撤銷機械人權限。如欲保留機械人權限,請至此告知。如欲恢復機械人權限,歡迎再次申請。最後謹此感謝以往良多貢獻。
According the Bot Policy of Chinese Wikipedia, bot accounts that have had no edits for two years, where the listed operator has also had no edits for two years, will be deauthorized. Prior to deauthorization, the bot will be nominated for review and a one-week notification will be issued. If you wish to have these permissions retained, please post to this page within a week. Re-application of the permissions is needed if you remain inactive for the notice period. Thank you for your past efforts.—J.Wong8 iunie 2017 18:28 (EEST)

Fișier:Organigrama asm.svg[modificare sursă]

Salut, ce vrei să faci cu acest fișier? //  Gikü  vorbe  fapte  2 aprilie 2018 13:16 (EEST)

@Gikü: Salut, îl încărcasem temporar și am uitat să-l șterg. Am rezolvat. — Daniel Mesaj 3 aprilie 2018 01:28 (EEST)
Mulțam! //  Gikü  vorbe  fapte  3 aprilie 2018 16:22 (EEST)

Bot activity on the Dutch Wikipedia[modificare sursă]


Your bot account hasn't made any edits on the Dutch Wikipedia for at least three years. In accordance with the local bot policy the bot flag will be removed in three months. To avoid losing the bot flag, you can confirm you want to retain the bot flag by going to this page.

With kind regards, Kippenvlees1 (discuție) 29 mai 2018 21:38 (EEST)

Notification about your inactive Bot on Marathi Wikipedia[modificare sursă]

मराठी[modificare sursă]

नमस्कार Firilacroco,

मराठी विकिपीडियावर, मागील एक वर्षापासून अक्रिय सांगकाम्यांची, 'सांगकाम्या खूणपताका' काढण्याचे धोरण विकिपीडिया समाजाने बहुमताने मंजूर केले आहे. यानुसार, मागील एक वर्षापासून ज्या सांगकाम्यांनी एकही संपादन केले नाही अश्यांची 'सांगकाम्या खूणपताका' काढण्यात येत आहे.

आपण वापरत असणारा सांगकाम्या या धोरणात बसतो.म्हणून हा संदेश आपणास पाठविण्यात येत आहे.

जर आपणास खूणपताका पूर्ववत ठेवायची असेल किंवा नसेल तर कृपया येथील प्रचालकांना तशी इथे सूचना द्यावी.

आपल्यातर्फे कोणतीही सूचना ७ दिवसात न आल्यास पुढील कार्यवाही करण्यात येईल याची नोंद घ्यावी ही विनंती.

आपले योगदानाबद्दल धन्यवाद.

आपला विश्वासू,

Tiven2240 (discuție) 15 septembrie 2018 10:54 (EEST), प्रचालक, मराठी विकिपीडिया.

English[modificare sursă]

Hello Firilacroco,

A policy regarding the removal of Inactive Bot was adopted by community consensus on Marathi Wikipedia. According to this policy, inactive UserBot accounts that didn't edit Marathi Wikipedia from last one year should be removed from Bot flag.

Your Bot meets the inactivity criteria. So this message was sent to you regarding the same. If u want to retain your Bot Flag on that wiki do notify here..

If u want to resign from the Bot user group inform the administrators or bureaucrat here..

Please note. If no intimation is received within 7 days, your Bot flag will be removed automatically.

Thankyou for your past contributions

Yours faithfully,

Tiven2240 (discuție) 15 septembrie 2018 10:54 (EEST), Administrator, Marathi Wikipedia.