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Sorescu's plays, however, have not always fared as well. Both Iona and Exista nervi played to packed houses in Bucharest, the former in 1969 and the latter in 1982. But both plays were quickly withdrawn, their content deemed too controversial. Nonetheless, notes Dennis Deletant, the success of these pieces during their brief runs solidified "Sorescu's status as one of the leading writers of his generation."
Sorescu's plays and poetry have earned him, Deletant further states, "an unequaled audience" at home in Romania. And translations of his work into English have helped him build a secure international reputation. The qualities that have allowed his writings to flourish on Romania's state-controlled literary scene may contribute to his popularity abroad as well. There is a universality to Sorescu's conversational tone and ironic perspective, what Nemoianu calls "his rueful jocularity and the good-natured cynicism."
George Szirtes, writing in Times Literary Supplement, finds in Sorescu's voice "the wry wisdom that sees through everything and yet continues to hope and despair."

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Marin Sorescu
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Conform Dorina N. Rusu: Dicționarul membrilor Academiei Române (1866–2010), ed. a IV-a revăzută și adăugită, Editura Enciclopedică, București, 2010, p. 979, data nașterii este 19 februarie 1936. -- Victor Blacus (discuție) 4 iunie 2014 23:51 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]