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Pete Seeger

Seeger în iunie 2007
Date personale
Nume la nașterePeter Seeger
Născut[1][5][6][7] Modificați la Wikidata
New York City, New York, SUA[2] Modificați la Wikidata
Decedat (94 de ani)[1][5][6][7] Modificați la Wikidata
Manhattan, New York City, New York, SUA[2] Modificați la Wikidata
PărințiCharles Seeger[*][[Charles Seeger (American musicologist)|​]][8]
Constance de Clyver Edson[*][[Constance de Clyver Edson (American violinist and teacher)|​]][8] Modificați la Wikidata
Frați și suroriPeggy Seeger[*][[Peggy Seeger (American folk singer)|​]]
Mike Seeger[*][[Mike Seeger (cântăreț american)|​]] Modificați la Wikidata
Căsătorit cuToshi Seeger[*][[Toshi Seeger (American filmmaker, producer and environmental activist (1922-2013))|​]][2] Modificați la Wikidata
CopiiMika Seeger[*][[Mika Seeger (artistă americană)|​]][2] Modificați la Wikidata
Cetățenie Statele Unite ale Americii[2] Modificați la Wikidata
Religieuniversalism unitarian[*] Modificați la Wikidata
OcupațieMuzician, compozitor, activist, prezentator de televiziune
Limbi vorbitelimba engleză[9][2][10] Modificați la Wikidata
StudiiUniversitatea Harvard[2], Avon Old Farms School[*][[Avon Old Farms School (boarding school for boys in Avon, Connecticut, USA)|​]]  Modificați la Wikidata
Gen muzicalFolk american, protest music, Americana
Tipul de vocetenor[2]  Modificați la Wikidata
Instrument(e)Banjo, chitară, recorder, tin whistle, mandolină, pian, ukulele
Ani de activitate1939–prezent
Case de discuriFolkways, Columbia, CBS, Vanguard, Sony Kids’, SME
Colaborare cuThe Weavers, The Almanac Singers, Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, Tao Rodríguez-Seeger, Lead Belly, HARP (Holly Near, Arlo Guthrie, Ronnie Gilbert & Pete Seeger)
PremiiMedalia Națională a Artelor din Statele Unite[*][2]
Premiul Grammy pentru întreaga carieră[*] ()[2]
Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award[*][[Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award (human rights award)|​]] ()[2]
War Resisters League Peace Award[*][[War Resisters League Peace Award (American award for radical nonviolent action)|​]][2]
Library of Congress Living Legend[*][[Library of Congress Living Legend (award for creative contributions to American life)|​]][3][2]
Premiul Centrului Kennedy[*][2]
Paul Robeson Award[*][[Paul Robeson Award (award bestowed by the Paul Robeson Citation Award Committee of the Actors' Equity Association)|​]] ()[2]
Schneider Family Book Award[*][[Schneider Family Book Award (literary award for portrayal of disabilities in youth books)|​]]
Eugene V. Debs Award[*][[Eugene V. Debs Award (award given for progressivism, humanitarianism and social criticism)|​]] ()[4]
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ()  Modificați la Wikidata
Listă completăPete Seeger discography[*][[Pete Seeger discography (Wikimedia artist discography)|​]]  Modificați la Wikidata
Înregistrări notabileWhere Have All the Flowers Gone?[*][[Where Have All the Flowers Gone? (original song written and composed by Pete Seeger)|​]][2]  Modificați la Wikidata
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Peter „Pete” Seeger (n. , New York City, New York, SUA – d. , Manhattan, New York City, New York, SUA) a fost un cântăreț de muzică folk și activist american.

Discografie selectivă[modificare | modificare sursă]

Data lansării Album Casa de discuri
1954 The Pete Seeger Sampler Folkways Records
1955 Bantu Choral Folk Songs Folkways Records
1955 Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Little Fishes & Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Bigger Fishes (pentru copii) Folkways Records
1956 Love Songs for Friends and Foes Folkways Records
1956 With Voices Together We Sing Folkways Records
1957 American Ballads Folkways Records
1958 Gazette, Vol. 1 Folkways Records
1959 American Play Parties Folkways Records
1960 Champlain Valley Songs Folkways Records
1960 At The Village Gate Folkways Records
1961 Story Songs Columbia Records
1962 12-String Guitar as Played by Lead Belly Folkways Records
1963 We Shall Overcome Columbia Records
1964 Broadsides – Songs and Ballads Folkways Records
1964 Songs of Struggle and Protest, 1930–50 Folkways Records
1966 God Bless The Grass Columbia Records
1966 Dangerous Songs!? Columbia Records
1967 Waist Deep In The Big Muddy And Other Love Songs Columbia Records
1968 Wimoweh and Other Songs of Freedom and Protest Folkways Records
1973 Rainbow Race Columbia Records
1974 Banks of Marble and Other Songs Folkways Records
1979 Circles & Seasons Warner Bros. Records
1980 God Bless the Grass Folkways Records
1989 Traditional Christmas Carols Smithsonian Folkways
1990 American Folk Songs for Children Smithsonian Folkways
1990 Folk Songs for Young People Smithsonian Folkways
1991 Abiyoyo and Other Story Songs for Children Smithsonian Folkways
1992 American Industrial Ballads (Reissue of 1956 album) Smithsonian Folkways
1993 Darling Corey/Goofing-Off Suite Smithsonian Folkways
1996 Pete Living Music Records
1998 Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Fishes (Little and Big) Smithsonian Folkways
1998 If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope and Struggle Smithsonian Folkways
1998 Headlines and Footnotes: A Collection of Topical Songs Smithsonian Folkways
2000 American Folk, Game and Activity Songs Smithsonian Folkways
2002 American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 1 Smithsonian Folkways
2003 American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 2 Smithsonian Folkways
2004 American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 3 Smithsonian Folkways
2006 American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 4 Smithsonian Folkways
2007 American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 5 Smithsonian Folkways
2008 At 89 Appleseed Recordings
2009 Pete Seeger at Bard College
credited to "Ono Okoy and the Banshees", a student performance art group dedicated to "preserving the footsteps of Pete Seeger" by singing folk music and recording his footsteps.
Appleseed Recordings
2009 American Favorite Ballads, The Complete Collection Vol. 1–5 Smithsonian Folkways
2010 Tomorrow's Children
(Pete Seeger and the Rivertown Kids and Friends)
Appleseed Recordings
2012 The Complete Bowdoin College Concert 1960 Smithsonian Folkways
2012 A More Perfect Union[11] Appleseed Recordings
2012 Pete Remembers Woody Appleseed Recordings
2013 The Storm King – Stories, Narratives, Poems Hachette Original


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