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Aceste formate sunt menite pentru a fi folosite in tabele, pentru a crea o celula cu text si apoi colorat cu un fundal potrivit. Sunt folosite cel mai adesea in Tabele Comparative.

Parametrii Format and defaults to "Yes".

If you find a table cell template that does not take a parameter and you want to be able to change the text in the cell, do not duplicate the template; instead, edit the template and change the text to a default parameter substitution. For example, if a template's text is Dropped, change that to {{{1|Dropped}}}.

Templates in this series

HTML class[1] Templates Preview 1 Preview 2 Preview 3
table-rh {{rh}}, {{rh2}}[2] | Row header Row header Row header
table-yes {{da1}}, {{yes|Alternate [[text]]}} Da Alternate text
table-nu {{nu}}, {{nu|Alternate [[text]]}}, {{NEGRU}} Nu Alternate text N/A
table-siteactiv {{siteactiv}} Activ
table-siteinactiv {{siteinactiv}} Inactiv
table-da2 {{yes2}}[3] Text, {{won}}, {{won|5}} Text Câștigător 5
table-nu2 {{nu2}}[3] Text, {{nomi}}, {{nomi|5}} Text Format:Nomi Format:Nomi
table-partial {{partial}}, {{Da-Nu}}, {{some}} Parțial Da/Nu Some
table-any {{any}} any
table-na {{n/a}} N/A
table-unknown {{dunno}}, {{unk}} Format:Dunno Necunoscut
table-depinde {{depinde}}, {{depinde|Alternate [[text]]}} Depinde Alternate text
table-inclus {{inclus}} Inclus
table-anulat {{renuntat}}, {{anulat}} Renunțat Anulat
table-beta {{beta}}, {{table-experimental}} Beta Format:Table-experimental
table-gratis {{gratis}} Gratis
table-nonfree {{nonfree}}[3] Text Format:Nonfree Text
table-needs {{needs}}, {{needs|Alternate [[text]]}} Format:Needs Format:Needs
unstyled {{incorect}},{{incorect|Alternate [[text]]}} Incorect Incorect
unstyled {{No result}}, {{No result|N.R.}} Format:No result Format:No result
unstyled {{480p}}, {{16:9}} 480p 16:9
unstyled {{În așteptare}} În așteptare
unstyled {{?}}[4] - ?


  1. ^ The HTML class of table cell templates may be referenced in a user stylesheet to change appearance.
  2. ^ Does not take a parameter; the content should be placed after the template call, separated by a pipe (|) character.
  3. ^ a b c Does not take a parameter; the content should be placed after the template call.
  4. ^ Does not take a parameter; not really a table cell template at all, but here for completeness