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Format:Table cell templates

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Aceste formate sunt menite pentru a fi folosite in tabele, pentru a crea o celulă cu text și cu fundal colorat.

Parametrii Format and defaults to "Yes".

If you find a table cell template that does not take a parameter and you want to be able to change the text in the cell, do not duplicate the template; instead, edit the template and change the text to a default parameter substitution. For example, if a template's text is Dropped, change that to {{{1|Dropped}}}.

Formate[modificare sursă]

Table cell templates
Class[1] Default syntax Preview (default) Customized syntax Preview (customized)
table-rh {{rh}} | Row header[2] Row header {{rh|align=right}} | Row header Row header
{{rh2}} | Row header[2] Row header {{rh2|align=right}} | Row header Row header
table-yes {{yes}} Da {{yes|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Customized text
{{Ya}} Yes {{Ya|Customized alt text}} Customized alt text
table-no {{nu}} Nu {{nu|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Customized text
{{Na}} No {{Na|Customized alt text}} Customized alt text
{{bad}} Bad {{bad|F}} F
{{eliminated}} Eliminat
table-siteactive {{Site active}} Activ
table-siteinactive {{Site inactive}} Inactiv
table-yes2 {{good}} Good {{good|A}} A
{{yes2}} {{yes2|Text}} Text
{{won}} Câștigat {{won|text=white|color=darkblue}} Câștigat
{{won|place=1}} 1 {{won|place=Gold}} Gold
{{won|place=2}} 2 {{won|place=Silver}} Silver
{{won|place=3}} 3 {{won|place=Bronze}} Bronze
table-no2 {{no2}} {{no2|Text}} Text
{{nom}} Nominalizare {{nom|5}} 5
{{sho}} În lista scurtă
{{TBA}} Va fi anunțat {{TBA|To be announced}} To be announced
table-partial {{partial}} Parțial
{{yes-No}} Da/Nu
{{okay}} Neutru {{okay|C}} C
{{some}} Some
table-any {{any}} any
table-na {{n/a}} N/A
table-unknown {{Unknown}} Necunoscut
table-depends {{Depends}} Depinde {{Depends|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Customized text
table-included {{Included}} Inclus
table-dropped {{dropped}} Renunțat
{{terminated}} Terminat
table-beta {{beta}} Beta
table-free {{free}} Free {{free|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Customized text
table-nonfree {{nonfree}} Nu e liber {{nonfree|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Customized text
table-proprietary {{proprietary}} Proprietar {{proprietary|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Customized text
table-needs {{needs}} Necesită {{needs|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Customized text
no class {{incorrect}} Incorect {{incorrect|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Incorect
no class {{no result}} Niciun rezultat {{no result|N.R.}} N.R.
no class {{pending}} În așteptare
table-nightly {{nightly}} Construcție nocturnă {{nightly|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Customized text
table-release-candidate {{release-candidate}} Candidat spre eliberare {{release-candidate|Customized [[Plain text|text]]}} Customized text
no class {{?}}[3] - ?
no class {{draw}} {{draw|Text}} Text

Note[modificare sursă]

  1. ^ The HTML class of table cell templates may be referenced in a user stylesheet to change appearance.
  2. ^ a b Does not take a parameter; the content should be placed after the template call, separated by a pipe (|) character.
  3. ^ Does not take a parameter; not really a table cell template at all, but here for completeness