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This template is used to cite the cover notes, booklet, liner notes, etc. of a music release (album or single).


Copy one of these versions to use. Please delete any unused parameters to avoid clutter in the edit window.

Horizontal form

{{Cite music release notes |name= |type= |artist= |year= |title= |url= |last= |first= |page= |format= |publisher= |id= |location= |language= }}

Vertical form Format:Pre2


{{cite music release notes |name=name |type=type |artist=artist |year=year |title=title |last=last |first=first |page=page |format=format |publisher=publisher |id=id |location=location |language=language}}

  • last, first (year). „title” (în language) (format). name. artist. location: publisher. p. page. id. 

{{cite music release notes |name=The Towering Inferno |artist=Williams, John |year=2001 |last=Eldridge |first=Jeff |page=13 |format=CD insert notes |publisher=[[Film Score Monthly]] |id=Vol. 4, No. 3 |location=Culver City, California}}

  • Eldridge, Jeff (2001) (CD insert notes). The Towering Inferno. Williams, John. Culver City, California: Film Score Monthly. p. 13. Vol. 4, No. 3. 



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