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Fear street este o serie de romane horror pentru adolescenți de autorul american R. L. Stine, care au loc într-un oraș fictiv Shadyside, de undeva în Coasta de Est. Protagoniștii sunt cel mai comun adolescenți mai mari decât cei găsiți în seria Goosebumps. Antagoniștii sunt de obicei personaje crude, uneori supranaturale. Unele romane au elemente supranaturale, așa ca fantomele, altele sunt despre crime. Titlul seriei vine de la o stradă, Fear Street, în care au loc majoritatea romanelor, numită după familia Fear (la început numele era Fier. În engleză Fear înseamnă frică). Cărțile descriu urmarea unui blestem lăsat din timpuri medievale de acea familie pe Fear Street. Mai târziu, o nouă serie, Ghosts of Fear Street a fost creată pentru cititori mai tineri.

Fear Street

The New Girl

The Surprise Party

The Overnight


The Wrong Number

The Sleepwalker


The Halloween Party

The Stepsister

Ski Weekend

The Fire Game

Lights Out

The Secret Bedroom

The Knife

The Prom Queen

First Date

The Cheater


The New Boy

The Dare

Bad Dreams

Double Date

The Thrill Club

One Evil Summer

The Mind Reader

Wrong Number 2

Truth or Dare

Dead End

Final Grade


College Weekend

The Stepsister 2

What Holly Heard

The Face

Secret Admirer

The Perfect Date

The Confession

The Boy Next Door

Night Games


Killer's Kiss

All-Night Party

The Rich Girl


Who Killed the Homecoming Queen?

Into the Dark

The Best Friend 2


The Secret Admirer

Fear Street Super Chillers

Party Summer

Silent Night

Goodnight Kiss

Broken Hearts

Silent Night 2

The Dead Lifeguard

Cheerleaders: The New Evil

Bad Moonlight

The New Year's Party

Goodnight Kiss 2

Silent Night 3

High Tide

Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives!

The Vampire Club [in goodnight kiss special edition]

New Fear Street

The Stepbrother

Camp Out

Scream, Jennifer, Scream!

The Bad Girl

Dangerous Girls

Fear Street Sagas

A New Fear

House of Whispers

Forbidden Secrets

The Sign of Fear

The Hidden Evil

Daughters of Silence

Children of Fear

Dance of Death

Heart Of The Hunter

The Awakening Evil

Circle Of Fire

Chamber Of Fear

Faces Of Terror

One Last Kiss

Door Of Death

The Hand Of Power

The Raven Woman (never released)

Carousel (never released)

Fear Street Mini-Series

Fear Street Cheerleaders (1992)

The First Evil

The Second Evil!

The Third Evil!

The New Evil!

Cheerleaders:The Evil Lives

Fear Street Saga (1993)

The Betrayal

The Secret

The Burning

99 Fear Street: The House of Evil (1994)

The First Horror

The Second Horror

The Third Horror

The Cataluna Chronicles (1995)

The Evil Moon

The Dark Secret

The Deadly Fire

Fear Park (1996)

The First Scream

The Loudest Scream

The Last Scream

Fear Hall (1997)

The Beginning

The Conclusion

Other (1997)

Midnight Diary

Fear Street Seniors (1998/1999)

Let’s Party

In Too Deep

The Thirst

No Answer

Last Chance

The Gift

Fight, Team, Fight!

Sweetheart, Evil Heart

Spring Break


Prom Date

Graduation Day

Fear Street Nights (2005)

Moonlight Secrets

Midnight Games

Darkest Dawn

Ghosts of Fear Street

Hide and Shriek

Who's Been Sleeping in my Grave?

The Attack of the Aqua Apes

Nightmare in 3-D

Stay Away From the Treehouse The Eye of the Fortune Teller Fright Knight The Ooze Revenge of the Shadow People

The Bugman Lives!

The Boy Who Ate Fear Street

Night of the Werecat

How to be a Vampire

Body Switchers From Outer Space

Fright Christmas

Don't Ever Get Sick at Granny's

House of a Thousand Screams

Camp Fear Ghouls

Three Evil Wishes

Spell of the Screaming Jokers

The Creature From Club Lagoona

Field of Screams

Why I'm Not Afraid of Ghosts

Monster Dog

Halloween Bugs Me!

Go to Your Tomb - Right Now!

Parents From the 13th Dimension

Hide and Shriek II

Tale of the Blue Monkey

I Was a Sixth-Grade Zombie

Escape of the He-Beast

Caution: Aliens at Work

Attack of the Vampire Worms

Horror Hotel: The Vampire Checks In

Horror Hotel: Ghost in the Guest Room

The Funhouse of Dr. Freek