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The work you specified comes from a self published source which isn't trusted. It's the reason why it's being removed from every Wikipedia project you added it to. Here, it also has little connection to the subject.--Andreidiscuţie 26 iunie 2008 16:59 (EEST)

Sir Andrei Stroe, as told on your talkpage about Ipoteza de Broglie, I started this article up from the beginning.! → Just again User:Firilacroco reverted my reference of which countering I'm complaining into the en:Help-page and the wiki-Foundation Board. With esteem and kind regards: D-ing. D.A. Borgdorff PEng. = -- 27 iunie 2008 12:55 (EEST)
Nichts für ungut und net die Obrigkeit «da oben» wegen einer Lappalie stören. :-) Beim genannten Benutzer handelt es sich um einen sehr jungen Buben (der noch die Schulbank drückt). Die älteren Sysops werden's schon richten. - Feri Goslar 29 iunie 2008 00:11 (EEST)
So, danke schön Sr. Feri Goslar; denn möchte Ich dieser wieder reparieren. Ich werde Es nochmals versuchen ... D.-I. D.A. Borgdorff cf. -- 29 iunie 2008 00:39 (EEST)
  • The fact that one user started an article does not give that user the right to add anything he wants in it. Please show why that recommended reading item is a trusted source and why it is useful in understanding the subject. Remember, you're adding it right next to de Broglie's thesis which has direct connection to the subject.--Andreidiscuţie 29 iunie 2008 16:47 (EEST)
Dear Andrei, most of the discussion is concentrating now on en:wiki talkpage and I'll like to invite you to focus there as well into this discussion. Meanwhile with kind regards: dAb - e.i. = -- 29 iunie 2008 21:08 (EEST)
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Cross wiki-hoax[modificare sursă]

This is a nonsense reference as well as continuous selfpromo cross wiki hoax by an anonymous contributor calling himself Borgdorff. Vallee was a fenech scientist (considered of a quack sometimes) but involved with totally other matters see: nl:René-Louis Vallée. Kind regards, MoiraMoira 1 iulie 2008 17:28 (EEST)

Who decides what's relevant or not? Vallée worked with De Broglie on the theory of material waves. In 1971 Vallée published for the samne editor as De Broglie: Masson & Cie, a respectable academic editor. The witch hunter herself writes a very incomplete and sloppy article about René Vallée, which lacks any context about the real important work of Vallée in relation to De broglie's work on material waves.... and the expertise of IP user also known as D.A. Borgdorff, is completele overseen, and worse: the important information about the relations between De Broglie and Vallée are put under the table in favour of witch-hunt and cross-wiki vandalism accusations on the experts. Don't believe Moira Moira in this case. It's merely a semipolitical powergame showoff and witch hunt. A Shame that MoiraMoira abuses her crosswiki accounts for this dirty tactics. Pling 1 iulie 2008 20:28 (EEST)
None of all accusations by Moira² "matters". In Holland as well as here as e.g. in Spain or Suomi and elsewhere, I started articles about De Broglie Material Waves, with references involved. You: Moira, destroyed my Dutch one called: Materiegolven (like stated in Germany: Materiewellen) and replacing it by a complete simpleminded "new lemma". Than your colleague Ciell blocked me a month for only changing some letters (tipos/carácteres) in own text, so that you and others can so wrongly change my texts and archives, and starting up that strange lemma about referees. I'm keeping aloof of all that wrangling, in silent protest as acknowledged of on meta-wiki. Let people judge for themselves. Utmost regards: Ingº D.A. Borgdorff -- 2 iulie 2008 02:48 (EEST)
Please pay attention: this is the Romanian wikipedia, not the Spanish one. Wammes Waggel 2 iulie 2008 19:31 (EEST)