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Three Benedek Árkosi[modificare sursă]

Sorry for using English, but my Romanian is very limited. Currently the article says that Benedek Árkosi Gelei was born in 1614 and died in 1661, but this is not true. In the middle of the 20th century (actually in 1940), a historian of the reformed church, Jenő Zoványi called out that there are actually three different 17-century Benedek Árkosi behind the data and fact presented thus far as "life of Benedek Árkosi Gelei":

  • Benedek Árkosi Gelei: his birth date is unknown, but he is the one who studied in Padova, then returned to Cluj in 1645 and got appointed as a teacher of the Unitarian college (also ran a physician practice), then died in 1647.
  • Benedek Árkosi Tegző: he was born around 1629/30, attended universities in Germany and the Netherlands, in 1654 returned back to Cluj, where he also was appointed as a teacher of the Unitarian college. He died in 1660 or 1661.
  • Benedek Árkosi Mihály: born in around 1614, had his doctorate in the Netherlands, then he was the teacher of the reformed college in Alba Iulia between 1647-1650. What happened to him after this date is unknown.

All this means that the birth year 1614 indicated in the articla is that of Benedek Árkosi Mihály, the death date 1661 and the category Nașteri în 1629 belongs to Benedek Árkosi Tegző. Pasztilla (discuție) 19 februarie 2019 21:19 (EET)

@Hkoala, Whitepixels, Wikizoli: Tudtok ebben segíteni, a román nyelv nem az erősségem. Köszönöm! Pasztilla (discuție) 19 februarie 2019 21:21 (EET)