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3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)

Parteneri piață[modificare | modificare sursă]

Market Representation Partners
Organizația Pagina web
4G Americas 4gamericas
5G Automotive Association 5gaa
CDMA Development Group cdg
Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) coai
GSA gsacom
GSM Association gsmworld
IMS Forum imsforum
InfoCommunication Union icu
IPV6 Forum ipv6forum
Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) ngmn
Small Cell Forum (formerly Femto Forum) smallcellforum
TD-Forum tdscdma
TD SCDMA Industry Alliance tdscdma
TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) tcca
UMTS Forum umts

Standarde[modificare | modificare sursă]

Versiunea[1] Lansat[2] Info
Phase 1 1992 GSM Features
Phase 2 1995 GSM Features, EFR Codec,
Release 96 1997 Trimestrul 1 GSM Features, viteza de transfer 14.4 kbit/s,
Release 97 1998 Trimestrul 1 GSM Features, GPRS
Release 98 1999 Trimestrul 1 GSM Features, AMR, EDGE, GPRS for PCS1900
Release 99 2000 Trimestrul 1 Primele Specificație UMTS 3G, incorporează interfața radio CDMA[3]
Release 4 2001 Trimestrul 2 Originally called the Release 2000 - added features including an all-IP Core Network[4]
Release 5 2002 Trimestrul 1 Introduced IMS and HSDPA[5]
Release 6 2004 Trimestrul 4 Integrated operation with Wireless LAN networks and adds HSUPA, MBMS, enhancements to IMS such as Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC), GAN[6]
Release 7 2007 Trimestrul 4 Focuses on decreasing latency, improvements to QoS and real-time applications such as VoIP.[7] This specification also focus on HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access Evolution), SIM high-speed protocol and contactless front-end interface (Near Field Communication enabling operators to deliver contactless services like Mobile Payments), EDGE Evolution.
Release 8 2008 Trimestrul 4 First LTE release. All-IP Network (SAE). New OFDMA, FDE and MIMO based radio interface, not backwards compatible with previous CDMA interfaces. Dual-Cell HSDPA. UMTS HNB.
Release 9 2009 Trimestrul 4 SAES Enhancements, WiMAX and LTE/UMTS Interoperability. Dual-Cell HSDPA with MIMO, Dual-Cell HSUPA. LTE HeNB.
Release 10 2011 Trimestrul 1 LTE Advanced fulfilling IMT Advanced 4G requirements. Backwards compatible with release 8 (LTE). Multi-Cell HSDPA (4 carriers).
Release 11 2012 Trimestrul 3 Advanced IP Interconnection of Services. Service layer interconnection between national operators/carriers as well as third party application providers. Heterogeneous networks (HetNet) improvements, Coordinated Multi-Point operation (CoMP). In-device Co-existence (IDC).
Release 12 2015 Trimestrul 1 Enhanced Small Cells (higher order modulation, dual connectivity, cell discovery, self configuration), Carrier Aggregation (2 uplink carriers, 3 downlink carriers, FDD/TDD carrier aggregation), MIMO (3D channel modeling, elevation beamforming, massive MIMO), New and Enhanced Services (cost and range of MTC, D2D communication, eMBMS enhancements)[8]
Release 13 2016 Trimestrul 1 LTE in unlicensed, LTE enhancements for Machine-Type Communication. Elevation Beamforming / Full-Dimension MIMO, Indoor positioning.[9] LTE-Advanced Pro.
Release 14 Planificat pentru Iunie 2017 Energy Efficiency, Location Services (LCS), Mission Critical Data over LTE, Mission Critical Video over LTE, Flexible Mobile Service Steering (FMSS), Multimedia Broadcast Supplement for Public Warning System (MBSP), enhancement for TV service, massive Internet of Things, Cell Broadcast Service (CBS)[10]
Release 15 Planificat pentru Septembrie 2018 Support for 5G Vehicle-to-x service,IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS), Future Railway Mobile Communication System[11]
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