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Dragos Teglas - Film Editor, Director

With an over-arching experience of over 10 years in feature film, TV and advertising, Dragos worked on countless productions in the UK and across Europe. He brings to the table not only a unique style of directing and editing, but also the creative vision, flair and input necessary to produce outstanding films. He’s been passionate about films for as long as he can remember and started nurturing his passion from a very early age. His journey took him from the local TV studios in Brasov to national TV in Bucharest, Romania and eventually here in London, where at the end of 2013 he co-founded a film production company called This Is Insomnia. At This Is Insomnia, he acts as Director and Film Editor. He directed hist first feature documentary in 2015 called "13 Shades of Romanian[1]" a documentary born directly out of a community’s need to be perceived in a more balanced, equidistant light and a production that was lifted off the ground with the financial and moral support of the Romanians living in the UK. The film was co-directed with his sister Anda Teglas.

Director's Statement:

"As Romanian filmmakers living in London, we both felt the need to come up with more genuine stories than what the mainstream media was showing a year ago and decided that it’s about time we’ve said something about our cultural heritage and our actual integration in the UK through what we do best, filmmaking. Kick-started by a crowd-funding campaign, the film had sufficient funds to go into development and then production and this is how our feature documentary’s story began. It took almost a year to not only find and follow the presented stories, but also raise additional funding and manage to post-produce the film. We had high ambitions and we hope that these reflect in the production value invested in the film, as well as in the soul and effort put in there. We’re excited to be sharing with the world a universal film that speaks about love, passion, determination and life in general. Beyond stereotypes and nationalities, we’re all just human and that comes across through each of the 13 captured stories. We believe in an open-minded, culturally developed world and hope to be able to keep producing films that would strengthen our beliefs in equality and the beauty of diversity."

Editing Credits:

Selfie69 - Film Editor

Comedian's Guide to Survival - Film Editor/ Post-Production Supervisor

Awaiting - Film Editor/ Post-Production Supervisor

Metamorphosys - Film Editor

The Crypt - Film Editor

David Is Dying - Film Editor

Directing Credits:

13 Shades of Romanian (Documentary Feature) 2016

Be In Control (Inspirational Short Film) 2014

Reevive - What Am I to do (Music Video) 2014

Kingdom of Horses (Advert, finalist at Tribeca Film Festival) 2012

How It's Made - Betty Ice (TV series Discovery Channel) 2011

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