Lista episoadelor din Beyblade G-Revolution

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Această listă reprezintă toate episoadele celui de-al treilea sezon Beyblade, G-Revolution.

Lista episoadelor[modificare | modificare sursă]

  1. New Kid in Town
  2. A Team Divided
  3. Invitation to Battle
  4. We Were Once Bladebreakers...
  5. A League of His Own
  6. You're The Man, Kai!
  7. Take Your Best Shot!
  8. Roughing It
  9. Swiped On The Streets
  10. It's a Battle Royale...!
  11. The Blame Game
  12. When in Rome... Let it Rip!
  13. Kenny's Big Battle
  14. Picking Up The Pieces
  15. Sleepless in Madrid
  16. Fire and Water
  17. Same Old Dirty Tricks...
  18. Beyblade Like an Egyptian
  19. One For All...Free For All
  20. Burdens of a Champion
  21. Under Pressure
  22. Sibling Rivalry
  23. Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face Off!
  24. Down Under Thunder
  25. Max Attacks!
  26. Familiar Faces
  27. What a Blast!
  28. Changing Gears
  29. And Then There Were Two
  30. Let the Games Begin...Again!
  31. Runaway Daichi
  32. Beyblade Idol
  33. Out of Their League
  34. The Mysterious Mystel
  35. Pros and Ex-cons
  36. Boris, The Blade Stops Here!
  37. The BEGA Challenge
  38. BEGA on the Rise
  39. Rebel Alliance
  40. Back to Basics
  41. And Justice-Five For All
  42. When You Wish Upon A Star
  43. Sing Ming Ming Sing!
  44. Refuse to Lose
  45. Max to the Max
  46. The Return of Kai
  47. Now You're Making Me Mad
  48. The Beyblading Spirit
  49. Principles of Victory
  50. Welcome to my Nightmare!
  51. Brooklyn's Back
  52. Beybattle for the Ages