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Pentru pușcașul vestului american, vedeți Franklin Leslie.
Frank Leslie
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New York, New York, SUA Modificați la Wikidata
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Diagrama lui Frank Leslie a primului cablu de comunicaţii transatlantic, 1858.

Frank Leslie, numele la naștere Henry Carter (n. 29 martie 1821, Ipswich, Anglia - 1880) a fost un gravor, ilustrator și director de publicații familiale american de origine engleză.

Biografie[modificare | modificare sursă]

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, April 1883

Leslie s-a năcut în Anglia la 29 martie 1821,[4] în orașul Ipswich, ca Henry Carter, ca fiu al unui fabricant de mănuși. Educația elementară și-a primit-o în Ispswich, iar ulterior a studiat la o școală de comerț din Londra.

Carter showed a natural bent for art and contributed sketches to the Illustrated London News, signing them as Frank Leslie. These were so cordially welcomed that he gave up commerce and was made superintendent of engraving on that journal. He made himself an expert and inventor in his new work and in 1848 he came to the United States. In 1854 he began publishing the first of his many illustrated journalistic ventures, The Gazette of Fashion. The New York Journal soon followed, with Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper (1855) (called Leslie's Weekly), The Boy's and Girl's Weekly, The Budget of Fun, and many others. Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, which included news as well as fiction, survived until 1922.[5]

Illustrations made by Leslie and his artists on the battlefield during the American Civil War are well-regarded for their historical value.

He was commissioner to the Paris Exhibition of 1867 and received a prize there for his artistic services. His second wife, Miriam Florence Leslie, ably managed his business after his death and was a notable feminist and author in her own right.

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