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  • Status: Conectat Ledgreen.svg - conectat
  • Status: Ocupat Ledorange.svg - ocupat
  • Status: Pe aici Ledblue.svg - pe wikipedia
  • Status: Custom Ledblue.svg - custom
  • Status: Neconectat Nuvola apps krec.svg – neconectat
  • Status: Dorm Nuvola apps krec.svg – dorm
  • Status: Neștiut Ledgray.svg – neștiut

  • {{Statustop|offset=30}}
    – the offset parameter is in px units
  • {{Statustop|link=User talk:Xenocidic/Status|offset=500}}
    – the default is to leave the text and image unlinked
  • {{Statustop|link=User talk:Xenocidic/Status|img_link=Template:Statustop|offset=10}}
    – the img_link parameter accepts both wikipages and external URLs
  • {{Statustop|User:SomeOtherUser/Status}}
    – could be used on a bot page to display the bot-op's status.
  • {{Statustop|sleep=IRC}} - for setting the custom parameter

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