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Acest format permite pasarea de parametri lui {{Coord}} la construirea de Infocasete ce necesită acces la coordonate pentru utilizarea pe hărți. Întrucât transclude {{Coord}}, acest ormat expune toate funcționalitățile lui.


Field Description
lat_d Degrees of latitude (can be in decimal degrees).
lat_m Minutes of latitude.
lat_s Seconds of latitude.
lat_NS N for north or S for south of the equator.
long_d Degrees of longitude (can be in decimal degrees).
long_m Minutes of longitude.
long_s Seconds of longitude.
long_EW  E for east or W for west of the prime meridian.
type See Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates/type:.
pop Population, for use with type:city.
region See Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates/region:.
dim See Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates/dim:.
scale See Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates/scale:.
source See Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates/source:.
globe See Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates/globe:.
display inline,title, the default, or inline.
format dms for degree, minutes, second output, the default, or dec for decimal degree output.
name For information about name see Template:Coord/doc#Usage.
notes For information about notes see Template:Coord/doc#Usage.

Degrees must be specified. If degrees are not signed then NS and EW must also be specified.

For advice on creating new templates that include coordinate data see Creating new templates. See {{coord}} for allowable values.

Template blank

{{Infobox coord
| lat_d   = 
| lat_m   = 
| lat_s   = 
| lat_NS  = 
| long_d  = 
| long_m  = 
| long_s  = 
| long_EW = 
| type    = 
| pop     = 
| region  = 
| dim     = 
| scale   = 
| source  = 
| globe   = 
| display = 
| format  = 
| name    = 
| notes   =

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