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„Cite GREC”. l’Enciclopèdia. Enciclopèdia Catalana.  ca

Purpose[modificare sursă]

Acest format pune referințe către Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana (Marea Enciclopedie Catalană). Este o resursă utilă de citări pentru articole despre limba catalană și zona Cataloniei.

Usage[modificare sursă]

Find the article in the Encyclopedia. The main entry point is . The "Enciclopèdia" button searches for the topic in the Catalan language. Some articles in that encyclopedia also have an English version; you may try searching for them using the "Encyclopaedia" button.

After you found the article you searched for, find the NDCHEC part of the URL. For example, the articles on Pompeu Fabra are located at these URLS:

The value of NDCHEC is 0025722. So the template must be used like this:

  • {{Cite GREC|title=Pompeu Fabra i Poch|NDCHEC=0025722|en=1}}

If the title parameter is not specified, the title of the article is used. If the article does not have an English version, use "en=0" instead of "en=1".