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arΧiv:[[arXiv:{{{1}}} |{{{1}}}]]

Documentație format
Această documentație este adusă de la pagina Format:Arxiv/doc.


Provides a uniform method of formatting arXiv links, and makes it simpler to update if the format of those links changes in future.


This template can be used in the following ways:

  • {{ arxiv | archive=arch-ive | id=0123456 }}
  • {{ arxiv | arch-ive | 0123456 }}
  • {{ arxiv | id=0123456 }}
  • {{ arxiv | 0123456 }}

The first two calling sequence are to be used for old-style identifiers (i.e., those before 1 April 2007), while the latter two are for newer papers (after 31 March 2007).

The parameters have the following meaning:

  • archive specifies the arXiv archive (full list here) using the abbreviated code
  • id specifies the ID of the particular entry


Code Result
{{arxiv|archive=cs.DL|id=0005003}} arΧiv:cs.DL/0005003
{{arxiv|cs.DL|0005003}} arΧiv:cs.DL/0005003
{{arxiv|id=0704.0001}} arΧiv:0704.0001
{{arxiv|0704.0001}} arΧiv:0704.0001