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Un demistificator este un individ care discreditează și contrazice pretenții ca fiind false, exagerate sau ridicole. Termenul, care este evident derivat din verbele a mistifica și a demistifica, este strâns conectat cu investigarea sceptică în subiecte controversate așa cum ar fi OZN-uri, fenomene paranormale, en:cryptids, teorii conspirative, medicină alternativă precum și în cazul cercetărilor pseudoștiințifice.

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  2. ^ The wizard gets a windfall--even the Amazing Randi needs advice on how to keep his $272,000 prize from vanishing, CNN Money, 1 septembrie 1986, "Randi began his campaign against fakes in earnest in 1964, during a stint as the host of a radio talk show in Manhattan. He had become disturbed by the number of listeners phoning in with such flummery as tales of self-styled clairvoyants' uncannily correct forecasts. Gradually, his work as a debunker began to rival his show-business career, gathering momentum in the early 1970s, when Uri Geller caught Randi's attention."
  3. ^ Review/Theater; Penn and Teller Offer Several Variations On a Magic Theme, New York Times, 4 aprilie 1991, "As debunkers, they seek to remove the mystique from magic, to demonstrate the digitation behind the presti."
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  6. ^ Area parents seek answer for Autism, The Times Leader, 1 aprilie 2002, "That is coincidence, said Dr. Stephen Barrett of Allentown, a veteran debunker and operator of"

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