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Ovidiu was born Ovidiu Svart on 4th March 1963 in Suceava, an old town with strong historic traditions, situated in Bucovina in the north of Romania. He grew up among musicians and dancers as his father, Friedrich, was a professional dancer and later a choreographer.

 The panpipe was a popular instrument in southern Romania but Ovidiu was the first professional panpipe player to come from the north. His repertoire included music from Moldova and Bucovina,  played with great feeling in a new and original style.
 When he was only 17 years old, he began playing in large and small orchestras,                                      earning his bread and butter at concerts, parties, even weddings,working both day and night.
 Between 1981 and 1990 he won many national prizes for being the best young panpipe player in Romania. 
 He performed at festivals and in concerts, not only in his own country but in many other parts of Europe as well, becoming a music director and conductor in 1988.
 After the Romanian revolution in 1989, Ovidiu found a new love "evergreen" music, and began to develop an extensive repertoire of new adult contemporary music - a combination of pop, world and New Age - with his panpipe.
 In 1997 he moved to Northern Cyprus, becoming the first panpipe player to live there and combining this with singing in several languages and playing keyboards. Since then he has played in a great variety of hotels and restaurants and is currently at The Dome, one of the most famous hotels of the Mediterranean. 
 He has given solo performances in highly acclaimed concerts in Northern Cyprus and Turkey, with a wide-ranging repertoire including classics, gipsy music and some Romanian tunes. As one of the most popular musicians in Northern Cyprus today, he is frequently in demand to play at official functions, dinners and cocktail parties and has played and been interviewed on television and radio as well as producing several records, cassettes and CDs. 
 In short, Ovidiu is a panpipe virtuoso, a music arranger, singer and keyboard player and, not least, a charismatic person.