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Format:Utilizator blocat

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This template is used to explicitly notify people of the blocked status of a certain user. While everyone can add this tag, it should typically only be placed by the blocking administrator. If the blocker doesn't think it's needed, the odds are it isn't.

If the "ip" parameter is used and the "time=" parameter is not specified, then the page will be added to Category:Indefinitely blocked IP addresses.

The template adds the __NOINDEX__ magic word.

Examples of usage

Account blocked indefinitely {{blocked user}}
Account blocked for six months {{blocked user|time=six months}}
IP blocked for six months {{blocked user|ip|time=six months}}
IP blocked for six months by Jimbo Wales {{blocked user|ip|time=six months|by=[[User:Jimbo Wales|Jimbo Wales]]}}
Account blocked for one year, with a link to a discussion {{blocked user|time=1 year|link=[[Wikipedia:Administrators noticeboard#User:Example block discussion|Block discussion]]}}

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