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English: Currently circulating coins and banknotes in South Korea
한국어: 현재 대한민국에서 사용되고 있는 화폐들

All elements of this image are to scale at 3.7 px/mm
Dată Coins and notes issued between 1983 and 2007
Sursă Self-made composite of various images taken from the Bank of Korea website.
Autor EnglishThe Bank of Korea
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EnglishGuidelines for the Reproduction of Bank of Korea Notes and Coins
한국어한국은행권 및 주화의 도안 이용기준


This is a reproduction of a unit of currency from South Korea. The copyright owner of South Korean currencies, the Bank of Korea, allows anyone to reproduce its currencies without permission as long as it meets the reproduction criteria of Section 3 of the Guidelines for the Reproduction of Bank of Korea Notes and Coins, and reproductions may be used for any purpose except, as stated in Section 3.D, in the following ways:
  • Reproductions are prohibited that might undermine the integrity of the national currency through modifications to them, addition of advertising to them, or their distortion, mutilation.
  • Reproductions shall not be used for commercial advertising that may encourage obscenity, violence, extravagance or gambling, or in the advertising of photocopiers and scanners that might be used to counterfeit or forge banknotes.
To uploader: Please make sure the image meet the criteria in Section 3.C (Intangible reproductions) before uploading.

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