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Culture Canada[modificare sursă]

Why is this artist referenced in the Wikipedia article on Canada Culture if non-noteable? Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_Canada#cite_note-23 ^ Saguenay 2000 Canadian Health Services Research Foundation report cover

Cross wiki spam?[modificare sursă]

Please note that this article has been created on many projects by what seems to be the artist herself. It has been nominated for deletion at nlwiki and simplewiki. --Erwin (discuție) 21 august 2008 18:43 (EEST)

Deletion advice[modificare sursă]

This article is a crosswiki self-promotion and it may be a machine translation in Your language. It was already deleted from English Wikipedia, Simple, Bulgarian Wikipedia and Greek Wikipedia. Please, also check the global contributions of and en:Special:WhatLinksHere/Terry_Ananny. --Spiritia (discuție) 31 august 2008 10:03 (EEST)

Please Keep This Article[modificare sursă]

This article is not "spam". This is a factual article of a contemporary Canadian artist and painter. The article is now featured on en Wikiversity. Wikiversity was contacted by an editor to have the article removed, but Wikiversity decided the article was worthy of keeping. Wikiversity Article. The article is still featured on de.wikipedia and nl.wikipedia, although it is noted that they have been under pressure by an individual remove the article.

Not actually true. One editor was asked if they thought it should stay. It has now been put up for speedy deletion. -Djsasso (discuție) 4 septembrie 2008 04:54 (EEST)

Vă rugăm să păstrați acest articol[modificare sursă]

Acest articol nu este "spam". Acest fapt este un articol al unui artist canadian contemporan și pictor. Articolul este acum inclus pe ro de bucate. Wikibooks a fost contactat de un editor pentru a avea articol eliminat, dar de bucate a decis articol a fost demnă de păstrare. Wikiverstiy. Articolul este încă inclus în de.wikipedia și nl.wikipedia, deși se remarcă faptul că acestea au fost sub presiune de către o persoană eliminați articolul.

Please delete this[modificare sursă]

This user has been using machine translated articles to spam multiple wikis with articles about herself. As is evidenced by the discussion above, this page has been deleted before, and on many wikis at that. The whole story is here. Petropoxy (Lithoderm Proxy) (discuție) 11 noiembrie 2010 08:33 (EET)