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Asalouyeh se află în Iran
Asalouyeh (Iran)
Poziția geografică
Coordonate: Coordonate: 27°28′34″N 52°36′27″E / 27.47611°N 52.60750°E / 27.47611; 52.6075027°28′34″N 52°36′27″E / 27.47611°N 52.60750°E / 27.47611; 52.60750

Țară  Iran
Provincie Bushehr
Comitat Asaluyeh
Bakhsh Central

Populație (2006)
 - Total 4.746 locuitori

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 - Ora de vară (DST) IRDT (+4:30)

Asaluyeh (persană: عسلويه, also Romanized as ‘Asalūyeh; also known as Asalu, and sometimes prefixed by bandar, meaning port)[1] is a city in and the capital of Asaluyeh County, in Bushehr Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 4,746, in 875 families.[2]

Located on the shore of the Persian Gulf some 270 km SE of the provincial capital of Bushehr, it is best known as the site for the land based facilities of the huge PSEEZ (Pars Special Energy Economic Zone) project. The town itself is of minor significance, although it is common practice to refer to PSEEZ (established 1998) and Asaluyeh town collectively as Asaluyeh.

Asaluyeh was chosen as the site of the PSEEZ facilities due to it being the closest land point to the largest natural gas field in the world, the South Pars / North Dome Gas-Condensate field. In addition, an existing airport and direct access to international waters via a deep water port were already present.[3]

PSEEZ[modificare | modificare sursă]

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The PSEEZ (Pars Special Energy/Economic Zone) as it is known has been allocated 100 square kilometres of land at Asaluyeh for the various complexes and facilities. The site is a collection of different plants and refineries (known as "phases") and is administered by the PSEEZ agency onsite.

A total of 27 phases are envisaged (12 gas, 15 petrochemical), plus a mix of light and heavy industry, and associated support facilities such as factories and warehouses. The scale of the project is huge. Some 28 refineries and 25 petrochemical complexes are scheduled to be established in Asalouyeh, in southern Bushehr province. Of these, 10 refineries and 7 petrochemical complexes were already operational in 2009.[4]

PSEEZ is a workers town - tourism is non-existent. Currently there are no hotels in Assalouyeh, although plans exist to construct a hotel between the airport and the Industrial area. Once completed, the Sadaf International Hotel will consist of 400 rooms in three buildings, on 1 square kilometre of land. A visa is required to enter Iran for most nationalities, and is therefore needed to visit the PSEEZ. The only exception to the visa requirement is if you visit Kish Island, which allows visitors to enter visa-free.

As of August 2005, US$20 billion of foreign money had been invested in PSEEZ since 1997. According to Iran's oil ministry, sales of products from PSEEZ could be as much as $11 billion per year, over 30 years.

Private companies are also constructing a business park and warehouses.

Internet access and telephony facilities are also available via a Tehran based Internet Service Provider, Pars Online. No other ISP's are present at PSEEZ. In 2010, a large power plant with 1,000 megawatts output was inaugurated in Asalouyeh, aiming to supply electricity to the refineries of South Pars gas field phases 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, and 18.[5]

Special economic zone[modificare | modificare sursă]

Vezi și: Foreign Direct Investment and Special Economic Zones in Iran

The Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) is a special economic zone. PSEEZ was established in 1998 for the utilization of South Pars oil and gas resources. Goods can be brought in duty-free, but cannot leave the PSEEZ and enter the rest of Iran. This is to encourage construction within and development of the PSEEZ. The private sector has invested some $1.5 billion in the PSEEZ during the past 4 years (2009). Foreign entities have invested some $36 billion in the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) during the past 10 years (2009).[6]

Assalouyeh Town[modificare | modificare sursă]

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Assalouyeh town is surrounded by PSEEZ, but is still geographically separate and a few minutes drive from the nearest PSEEZ facility. Before the arrival of PSEEZ, the primary industry was fishing, albeit a very small one. Asalouyeh was a sleepy coastal hamlet, on a narrow strip of land between the Persian Gulf and the Zagros Mountains. Poverty existed in the small town, and it remains. Today it is the most knows akak shops.Format:Clarify In 2006 part of the town's seafront was given a promenade with some landscaping and decoration.

Construction[modificare | modificare sursă]

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The PSEEZ is one of the busiest ongoing construction sites in the world. At any one time up to 60,000 workers are onsite, mostly employed in construction of further gas and petrochemical refineries.

Airport[modificare | modificare sursă]

Vezi și: Asalouyeh Airport și Transport in Iran

Construction of a new airport began in 2003. The new Persian Gulf International Airport (IATA code: YEH) opened to traffic in July 2006, replacing the original temporary airport. The volume of construction works for facilities such as runways and aircraft parking area, fence, and patrol roads and access routes to the airport's boulevard, construction of terminals with Jetways to handle ‏750,000‏ passengers per year. Control tower and technical buildings as well as supporting buildings such as fire station, meteorology section and so on have been started. Airport characteristics are the runway with length of ‏4000‏ meters asphalt paved, width of ‏45‏ meters with two ‏7.5‏m shoulders along the runway. Aircraft parking area is ‏330‏ × ‏150‏ Sqm concrete paved. Airport area and peripheral buildings will be constructed on ‏18‏ hectares of land. Iranian specialists are undertaking execution works for this airport and installation of the airport's navigation and lighting systems will be performed by foreign companies.

Pars-Port Complex[modificare | modificare sursă]

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Asalouyeh este un oraș din Iran.

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