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This table is maintained manually and therefore does not include all available rail icons but is only a subset of the icons available.
Refer to Rail Icons for a complete list of all icons unless you are using a non-CSS capable browser

Legend[modificare | modificare sursă]

Note that the number of metals (tracks) is not normally signified in the graphic.

dark colour means a currently open line / facility
light colour means either a closed line / route / facility or one under construction / planned
red colour indicates heavy rail or freight line
blue colour indicates light rail, metro or tram lin


t means 'tunnel'
u means 'unter'/'underground', eg metro and light rail
v indicates close parallel lines
mu (DE:Mischbetrieb mit U-Bahn) indicates that the icon contains both heavy and light rail in the same pictogram
d and ed (for DE:dünne) are half-width symbols, used in pairs and not shown on this page.
Full list of prefixes in table below


l normally means to left / links / gauche
r normally means to right / rechts / droit
a normally means at start / anfang
e normally means at end / ende / fin
f normally means forward (down) / fahrtrichtung
g normally means backward (up) / gegenrichtung
o normally means over /
u normally means under /
other codes are built up from joining these together
Prefix Example Line Type Feature Tunnel Note
(none) BSicon BHF.svg Open Heavy Open
xp BSicon xpBHF.svg Open Heavy Open Express service; doesn't stop here
x BSicon xABZgl+r.svg Part open Heavy Open will have suffix to show which part
e BSicon eBHF.svg Open Heavy Closed
ex BSicon exBHF.svg Closed Heavy Closed
t BSicon tBHF.svg Open Heavy Open Tunnel
et BSicon etBHF.svg Open Heavy Closed Tunnel
ext BSicon extBHF.svg Closed Heavy Closed Tunnel
d BSicon dSTR.svg Open Paired Open Half-width (dünne)
d Open Paired Open Full-width codes are in error: currently being changed
v BSicon vBHF.svg Open Paired Open
ev BSicon evBHF.svg Open Paired Closed
ve BSicon veBHF-BHF.svg Open Paired Open & Closed
xv BSicon vexSTR-xABZgl.svg Closed & Open Paired Open
exd Closed Paired Closed DO NOT USE:mis-code - should be exv
ve-x BSicon veBHF-exBHF.svg Closed & Open Paired Closed & Open
exv BSicon exvBHF.svg Closed Paired Closed
u BSicon uBHF.svg Open Metro Open
ux BSicon uxABZlf.svg Part Open Metro Open Through route closed, side route open
ue BSicon ueBHF.svg Open Metro Closed Through route open, side route or feature closed
uex BSicon uexBHF.svg Closed Metro Closed Through route and side route or feature closed
ut BSicon utBHF.svg Open Metro Open Tunnel
uxt BSicon uxtABZlf.svg Part Open Metro Open Tunnel Through route closed, side route open
uet BSicon uetBHF.svg Open Metro Closed Tunnel Through route open, side route or feature closed
uext BSicon uextBHF.svg Closed Metro Closed Tunnel Through route and side route or feature closed
um BSicon umKRZ.svg Open & Open Both Open Mischbetrieb mit U-Bahn
uxm BSicon uxmKRZ.svg Closed & Open Both Closed
uem BSicon uemKRZ.svg Open & Closed Both Open
uexm BSicon uexmKRZ.svg Closed & Closed Both Closed

Straight tracks[modificare | modificare sursă]

ID Heavy rail or freight line
Light rail or metro line
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
STR BSicon STR.svg BSicon exSTR.svg BSicon uSTR.svg BSicon uexSTR.svg Track vertical
tSTR BSicon tSTR.svg BSicon extSTR.svg BSicon utSTR.svg BSicon uextSTR.svg Track vertical
hSTR BSicon hSTR.svg BSicon exhSTR.svg BSicon uhSTR.svg BSicon uexhSTR.svg Track vertical
tWSTR BSicon tWSTR.svg BSicon extWSTR.svg BSicon utWSTR.svg BSicon uextWSTR.svg Track vertical
hWSTR BSicon hWSTR.svg BSicon exhWSTR.svg BSicon uhWSTR.svg BSicon uexhWSTR.svg Track vertical
STRq BSicon STRq.svg BSicon exSTRq.svg BSicon uSTRq.svg BSicon uexSTRq.svg Track horizontal
tSTRq BSicon tSTRq.svg BSicon extSTRq.svg BSicon utSTRq.svg BSicon uextSTRq.svg Track horizontal
hSTRq BSicon hSTRq.svg BSicon exhSTRq.svg BSicon uhSTRq.svg BSicon uexhSTRq.svg Track horizontal
LSTR BSicon LSTR.svg BSicon exLSTR.svg BSicon uLSTR.svg BSicon uexLSTR.svg Interruption vertical
LSTRq BSicon LSTRq.svg BSicon exLSTRq.svg BSicon uLSTRq.svg BSicon uexLSTRq.svg Interruption horizontal
STRg BSicon STRg.svg BSicon tSTRg.svg BSicon exSTRg.svg BSicon uSTRg.svg BSicon utSTRg.svg BSicon uexSTRg.svg Track upward
STRf BSicon STRf.svg BSicon tSTRf.svg BSicon exSTRf.svg BSicon uSTRf.svg BSicon utSTRf.svg BSicon uexSTRf.svg Track downward
STRl BSicon STRl.svg BSicon tSTRl.svg BSicon exSTRl.svg BSicon uSTRl.svg BSicon utSTRl.svg BSicon uexSTRl.svg Track leftward
STRr BSicon STRr.svg BSicon tSTRr.svg BSicon exSTRr.svg BSicon uSTRr.svg BSicon utSTRr.svg BSicon uexSTRr.svg Track rightward
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Stations and stops[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
BHF BSicon BHF.svg BSicon xpBHF.svg BSicon tBHF.svg BSicon eBHF.svg BSicon exBHF.svg BSicon uBHF.svg BSicon utBHF.svg BSicon ueBHF.svg BSicon uexBHF.svg Station
BHFq BSicon BHFq.svg BSicon tBHFq.svg BSicon eBHFq.svg BSicon exBHFq.svg BSicon uBHFq.svg BSicon utBHFq.svg BSicon ueBHFq.svg BSicon uexBHFq.svg Station on horizontal line
KBHFa BSicon KBHFa.svg BSicon tKBHFa.svg BSicon eKBHFa.svg BSicon exKBHFa.svg BSicon uKBHFa.svg BSicon utKBHFa.svg BSicon ueKBHFa.svg BSicon uexKBHFa.svg Terminal Line start
KBHFe BSicon KBHFe.svg BSicon tKBHFe.svg BSicon eKBHFe.svg BSicon exKBHFe.svg BSicon uKBHFe.svg BSicon utKBHFe.svg BSicon ueKBHFe.svg BSicon uexKBHFe.svg Terminal Line end
KBHFl BSicon KBHFl.svg BSicon tKBHFl.svg BSicon eKBHFl.svg BSicon exKBHFl.svg BSicon uKBHFl.svg BSicon utKBHFl.svg BSicon ueKBHFl.svg BSicon uexKBHFl.svg Terminal facing left
KBHFr BSicon KBHFr.svg BSicon tKBHFr.svg BSicon eKBHFr.svg BSicon exKBHFr.svg BSicon uKBHFr.svg BSicon utKBHFr.svg BSicon ueKBHFr.svg BSicon uexKBHFr.svg Terminal facing right
KBHFxa BSicon KBHFxa.svg BSicon tKBHFxa.svg BSicon eKBHFxa.svg BSicon uKBHFxa.svg BSicon utKBHFxa.svg BSicon ueKBHFxa.svg Terminal Line start
KBHFxe BSicon KBHFxe.svg BSicon tKBHFxe.svg BSicon eKBHFxe.svg BSicon uKBHFxe.svg BSicon utKBHFxe.svg BSicon ueKBHFxe.svg Terminal Line end
KBHFxl BSicon KBHFxl.svg BSicon tKBHFxl.svg BSicon eKBHFxl.svg BSicon uKBHFxl.svg BSicon utKBHFxl.svg BSicon ueKBHFxl.svg Terminal facing left
KBHFxr BSicon KBHFxr.svg BSicon tKBHFxr.svg BSicon eKBHFxr.svg BSicon uKBHFxr.svg BSicon utKBHFxr.svg BSicon ueKBHFxr.svg Terminal facing right
KBFl BSicon KBFl.svg BSicon xKBFl.svg BSicon eKBFl.svg BSicon exKBFl.svg Switchback left
KBFr BSicon KBFr.svg BSicon exKBFr.svg Switchback right
hBHF BSicon hBHF.svg BSicon uhBHF.svg Station on elevated line
hKBHFa BSicon hKBHFa.svg BSicon uhKBHFa.svg Terminal on elevated line Line start
hKBHFe BSicon hKBHFe.svg BSicon uhKBHFe.svg Terminal on elevated line Line end
DST BSicon DST.svg BSicon tDST.svg BSicon eDST.svg BSicon exDST.svg BSicon uDST.svg BSicon utDST.svg BSicon ueDST.svg BSicon uexDST.svg Station without passenger traffic Depot or freight station
DSTq BSicon DSTq.svg BSicon tDSTq.svg BSicon eDSTq.svg BSicon exDSTq.svg BSicon uDSTq.svg BSicon utDSTq.svg BSicon ueDSTq.svg BSicon uexDSTq.svg Station without passenger traffic Depot or freight station
KDSTa BSicon KDSTa.svg BSicon tKDSTa.svg BSicon eKDSTa.svg BSicon exKDSTa.svg BSicon uKDSTa.svg BSicon utKDSTa.svg BSicon ueKDSTa.svg BSicon uexKDSTa.svg Depot / freight station at line start
KDSTe BSicon KDSTe.svg BSicon tKDSTe.svg BSicon eKDSTe.svg BSicon exKDSTe.svg BSicon uKDSTe.svg BSicon utKDSTe.svg BSicon ueKDSTe.svg BSicon uexKDSTe.svg Depot / freight station at line end
KDSTl BSicon KDSTl.svg BSicon tKDSTl.svg BSicon eKDSTl.svg BSicon exKDSTl.svg BSicon uKDSTl.svg BSicon utKDSTl.svg BSicon ueKDSTl.svg BSicon uexKDSTl.svg Depot / freight station facing left
KDSTr BSicon KDSTr.svg BSicon tKDSTr.svg BSicon eKDSTr.svg BSicon exKDSTr.svg BSicon uKDSTr.svg BSicon utKDSTr.svg BSicon ueKDSTr.svg BSicon uexKDSTr.svg Depot / freight station facing right
KDSTxa BSicon KDSTxa.svg BSicon tKDSTxa.svg BSicon eKDSTxa.svg BSicon uKDSTxa.svg BSicon utKDSTxa.svg BSicon ueKDSTxa.svg Depot / freight station at line start
KDSTxe BSicon KDSTxe.svg BSicon tKDSTxe.svg BSicon eKDSTxe.svg BSicon uKDSTxe.svg BSicon utKDSTxe.svg BSicon ueKDSTxe.svg Depot / freight station at line end
KDSTxl BSicon KDSTxl.svg BSicon tKDSTxl.svg BSicon eKDSTxl.svg BSicon uKDSTxl.svg BSicon utKDSTxl.svg BSicon ueKDSTxl.svg Depot / freight station facing left
KDSTxr BSicon KDSTxr.svg BSicon tKDSTxr.svg BSicon eKDSTxr.svg BSicon uKDSTxr.svg BSicon utKDSTxr.svg BSicon ueKDSTxr.svg Depot / freight station facing right
hDST BSicon hDST.svg BSicon uhDST.svg Depot or freight station on elevated line
HST BSicon HST.svg BSicon xpHST.svg BSicon tHST.svg BSicon eHST.svg BSicon exHST.svg BSicon uHST.svg BSicon utHST.svg BSicon ueHST.svg BSicon uexHST.svg Stop, small station
HSTq BSicon HSTq.svg BSicon tHSTq.svg BSicon eHSTq.svg BSicon exHSTq.svg BSicon uHSTq.svg BSicon utHSTq.svg BSicon ueHSTq.svg BSicon uexHSTq.svg Stop, small on horizontal line
KHSTa BSicon KHSTa.svg BSicon tKHSTa.svg BSicon eKHSTa.svg BSicon exKHSTa.svg BSicon uKHSTa.svg BSicon utKHSTa.svg BSicon ueKHSTa.svg BSicon uexKHSTa.svg Small terminal at start of line
KHSTe BSicon KHSTe.svg BSicon tKHSTe.svg BSicon eKHSTe.svg BSicon exKHSTe.svg BSicon uKHSTe.svg BSicon utKHSTe.svg BSicon ueKHSTe.svg BSicon uexKHSTe.svg Small terminal at end of line
KHSTl BSicon KHSTl.svg BSicon tKHSTl.svg BSicon eKHSTl.svg BSicon exKHSTl.svg BSicon uKHSTl.svg BSicon utKHSTl.svg BSicon ueKHSTl.svg BSicon uexKHSTl.svg Small terminal facing left
KHSTr BSicon KHSTr.svg BSicon tKHSTr.svg BSicon eKHSTr.svg BSicon exKHSTr.svg BSicon uKHSTr.svg BSicon utKHSTr.svg BSicon ueKHSTr.svg BSicon uexKHSTr.svg Small terminal facing right
KHSTxa BSicon KHSTxa.svg BSicon tKHSTxa.svg BSicon eKHSTxa.svg BSicon uKHSTxa.svg BSicon utKHSTxa.svg BSicon ueKHSTxa.svg Small terminal at start of line
KHSTxe BSicon KHSTxe.svg BSicon tKHSTxe.svg BSicon eKHSTxe.svg BSicon uKHSTxe.svg BSicon utKHSTxe.svg BSicon ueKHSTxe.svg Small terminal at end of line
KHSTxl BSicon KHSTxl.svg BSicon tKHSTxl.svg BSicon eKHSTxl.svg BSicon uKHSTxl.svg BSicon utKHSTxl.svg BSicon ueKHSTxl.svg Small terminal facing left
KHSTxr BSicon KHSTxr.svg BSicon tKHSTxr.svg BSicon eKHSTxr.svg BSicon uKHSTxr.svg BSicon utKHSTxr.svg BSicon ueKHSTxr.svg Small terminal facing right
hHST BSicon hHST.svg BSicon uhHST.svg Stop, small on elevated line
BST BSicon BST.svg BSicon tBST.svg BSicon eBST.svg BSicon exBST.svg BSicon uBST.svg BSicon utBST.svg BSicon ueBST.svg BSicon uexBST.svg Stop, small freight station
BSTq BSicon BSTq.svg BSicon tBSTq.svg BSicon eBSTq.svg BSicon exBSTq.svg BSicon uBSTq.svg BSicon utBSTq.svg BSicon ueBSTq.svg BSicon uexBSTq.svg Stop, small freight on horizontal line
KBSTa BSicon KBSTa.svg BSicon tKBSTa.svg BSicon eKBSTa.svg BSicon exKBSTa.svg BSicon uKBSTa.svg BSicon utKBSTa.svg BSicon ueKBSTa.svg BSicon uexKBSTa.svg Small freight terminal at start of line
KBSTe BSicon KBSTe.svg BSicon tKBSTe.svg BSicon eKBSTe.svg BSicon exKBSTe.svg BSicon uKBSTe.svg BSicon utKBSTe.svg BSicon ueKBSTe.svg BSicon uexKBSTe.svg Small freight terminal at end of line
KBSTl BSicon KBSTl.svg BSicon tKBSTl.svg BSicon eKBSTl.svg BSicon exKBSTl.svg BSicon uKBSTl.svg BSicon utKBSTl.svg BSicon ueKBSTl.svg BSicon uexKBSTl.svg Small freight terminal facing left
KBSTr BSicon KBSTr.svg BSicon tKBSTr.svg BSicon eKBSTr.svg BSicon exKBSTr.svg BSicon uKBSTr.svg BSicon utKBSTr.svg BSicon ueKBSTr.svg BSicon uexKBSTr.svg Small freight terminal facing right
KBSTxa BSicon KBSTxa.svg BSicon tKBSTxa.svg BSicon eKBSTxa.svg BSicon uKBSTxa.svg BSicon utKBSTxa.svg BSicon ueKBSTxa.svg Small freight terminal at start of line
KBSTxe BSicon KBSTxe.svg BSicon tKBSTxe.svg BSicon eKBSTxe.svg BSicon uKBSTxe.svg BSicon utKBSTxe.svg BSicon ueKBSTxe.svg Small freight terminal at end of line
KBSTxl BSicon KBSTxl.svg BSicon tKBSTxl.svg BSicon eKBSTxl.svg BSicon uKBSTxl.svg BSicon utKBSTxl.svg BSicon ueKBSTxl.svg Small freight terminal facing left
KBSTxr BSicon KBSTxr.svg BSicon tKBSTxr.svg BSicon eKBSTxr.svg BSicon uKBSTxr.svg BSicon utKBSTxr.svg BSicon ueKBSTxr.svg Small freight terminal facing right
ACC BSicon ACC.svg BSicon uACC.svg BSicon utACC.svg Station, with disabled access
ACCq BSicon ACCq.svg BSicon uACCq.svg Station on horizontal line, disabled access
KACCa BSicon KACCa.svg BSicon uKACCa.svg BSicon utKACCa.svg Station at start, disabled access
KACCe BSicon KACCe.svg BSicon uKACCe.svg BSicon utKACCe.svg Station at end, disabled access
KACCxa BSicon KACCxa.svg BSicon uKACCxa.svg Station at start, disabled access
KACCxe BSicon KACCxe.svg BSicon uKACCxe.svg Station at end, disabled access
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Cross junctions[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
TBHFo BSicon TBHFo.svg BSicon xTBHFo.svg BSicon eTBHFo.svg BSicon exTBHFo.svg BSicon uTBHFo.svg BSicon uxTBHFo.svg BSicon ueTBHFo.svg BSicon uexTBHFo.svg High level station
TBHFu BSicon TBHFu.svg BSicon xTBHFu.svg BSicon eTBHFu.svg BSicon exTBHFu.svg BSicon uTBHFu.svg BSicon uxTBHFu.svg BSicon ueTBHFu.svg BSicon uexTBHFu.svg Low level station
TBHFt BSicon TBHFt.svg BSicon xTBHFt.svg BSicon eTBHFt.svg BSicon exTBHFt.svg BSicon uTBHFt.svg BSicon uxTBHFt.svg BSicon ueTBHFt.svg BSicon uexTBHFt.svg Tunnel level station
tTBHF BSicon tTBHF.svg BSicon xtTBHF.svg BSicon etTBHF.svg BSicon extTBHF.svg BSicon utTBHF.svg BSicon uxtTBHF.svg BSicon uetTBHF.svg BSicon uextTBHF.svg Tunnel level station
tTBHFt BSicon tTBHFt.svg BSicon xtTBHFt.svg BSicon etTBHFt.svg BSicon extTBHFt.svg BSicon utTBHFt.svg BSicon uxtTBHFt.svg BSicon uetTBHFt.svg BSicon uextTBHFt.svg Tunnel level station
TBHFxo BSicon TBHFxo.svg BSicon eTBHFxo.svg BSicon exTBHFxo.svg BSicon uTBHFxo.svg BSicon ueTBHFxo.svg BSicon uexTBHFxo.svg High level station
TBHFxu BSicon TBHFxu.svg BSicon eTBHFxu.svg BSicon exTBHFxu.svg BSicon uTBHFxu.svg BSicon ueTBHFxu.svg BSicon uexTBHFxu.svg Low level station
TBHFxt BSicon TBHFxt.svg BSicon eTBHFxt.svg BSicon exTBHFxt.svg BSicon uTBHFxt.svg BSicon ueTBHFxt.svg BSicon uexTBHFxt.svg Tunnel level station
tTBHFx BSicon tTBHFx.svg BSicon etTBHFx.svg BSicon extTBHFx.svg BSicon utTBHFx.svg BSicon uetTBHFx.svg BSicon uextTBHFx.svg Tunnel level station
tTBHFxt BSicon tTBHFxt.svg BSicon etTBHFxt.svg BSicon extTBHFxt.svg BSicon utTBHFxt.svg BSicon uetTBHFxt.svg BSicon uextTBHFxt.svg Tunnel level station
THSTo BSicon THSTo.svg BSicon xTHSTo.svg BSicon eTHSTo.svg BSicon exTHSTo.svg BSicon uTHSTo.svg BSicon uxTHSTo.svg BSicon ueTHSTo.svg BSicon uexTHSTo.svg High level station
THSTu BSicon THSTu.svg BSicon xTHSTu.svg BSicon eTHSTu.svg BSicon exTHSTu.svg BSicon uTHSTu.svg BSicon uxTHSTu.svg BSicon ueTHSTu.svg BSicon uexTHSTu.svg Low level station
THSTt BSicon THSTt.svg BSicon xTHSTt.svg BSicon eTHSTt.svg BSicon exTHSTt.svg BSicon uTHSTt.svg BSicon uxTHSTt.svg BSicon ueTHSTt.svg BSicon uexTHSTt.svg Tunnel level station
tTHST BSicon tTHST.svg BSicon xtTHST.svg BSicon etTHST.svg BSicon extTHST.svg BSicon utTHST.svg BSicon uxtTHST.svg BSicon uetTHST.svg BSicon uextTHST.svg Tunnel level station
tTHSTt BSicon tTHSTt.svg BSicon xtTHSTt.svg BSicon etTHSTt.svg BSicon extTHSTt.svg BSicon utTHSTt.svg BSicon uxtTHSTt.svg BSicon uetTHSTt.svg BSicon uextTHSTt.svg Tunnel level station
THSTxo BSicon THSTxo.svg BSicon eTHSTxo.svg BSicon exTHSTxo.svg BSicon uTHSTxo.svg BSicon ueTHSTxo.svg BSicon uexTHSTxo.svg High level station
THSTxu BSicon THSTxu.svg BSicon eTHSTxu.svg BSicon exTHSTxu.svg BSicon uTHSTxu.svg BSicon ueTHSTxu.svg BSicon uexTHSTxu.svg Low level station
THSTxt BSicon THSTxt.svg BSicon eTHSTxt.svg BSicon exTHSTxt.svg BSicon uTHSTxt.svg BSicon ueTHSTxt.svg BSicon uexTHSTxt.svg Tunnel level station
tTHSTx BSicon tTHSTx.svg BSicon etTHSTx.svg BSicon extTHSTx.svg BSicon utTHSTx.svg BSicon uetTHSTx.svg BSicon uextTHSTx.svg Tunnel level station
tTHSTxt BSicon tTHSTxt.svg BSicon etTHSTxt.svg BSicon extTHSTxt.svg BSicon utTHSTxt.svg BSicon uetTHSTxt.svg BSicon uextTHSTxt.svg Tunnel level station
KRZ BSicon KRZ.svg BSicon xKRZ.svg BSicon eKRZ.svg BSicon exKRZ.svg BSicon uKRZ.svg BSicon uxKRZ.svg BSicon ueKRZ.svg BSicon uexKRZ.svg Flat crossing
KRZt BSicon KRZt.svg BSicon xKRZt.svg BSicon eKRZt.svg BSicon exKRZt.svg BSicon uKRZt.svg BSicon uxKRZt.svg BSicon ueKRZt.svg BSicon uexKRZt.svg Crossing tunnel
tKRZ BSicon tKRZ.svg BSicon xtKRZ.svg BSicon etKRZ.svg BSicon extKRZ.svg BSicon utKRZ.svg BSicon uxtKRZ.svg BSicon uetKRZ.svg BSicon uextKRZ.svg Crossing tunnel
tKRZt BSicon tKRZt.svg BSicon xtKRZt.svg BSicon etKRZt.svg BSicon extKRZt.svg BSicon utKRZt.svg BSicon uxtKRZt.svg BSicon uetKRZt.svg BSicon uextKRZt.svg Crossing tunnel
KRZo BSicon KRZo.svg BSicon xKRZo.svg BSicon eKRZo.svg BSicon exKRZo.svg BSicon uKRZo.svg BSicon uxKRZo.svg BSicon ueKRZo.svg BSicon uexKRZo.svg Bridge over other line
KRZu BSicon KRZu.svg BSicon xKRZu.svg BSicon eKRZu.svg BSicon exKRZu.svg BSicon uKRZu.svg BSicon uxKRZu.svg BSicon ueKRZu.svg BSicon uexKRZu.svg Other line on bridge
hKRZ BSicon hKRZ.svg BSicon xhKRZ.svg BSicon ehKRZ.svg BSicon exhKRZ.svg BSicon uhKRZ.svg BSicon uxhKRZ.svg BSicon uehKRZ.svg BSicon uexhKRZ.svg Crossing high level
KRZh BSicon KRZh.svg BSicon xKRZh.svg BSicon eKRZh.svg BSicon exKRZh.svg BSicon uKRZh.svg BSicon uxKRZh.svg BSicon ueKRZh.svg BSicon uexKRZh.svg Crossing high level
hKRZt BSicon hKRZt.svg BSicon xhKRZt.svg BSicon ehKRZt.svg BSicon exhKRZt.svg BSicon uhKRZt.svg BSicon uxhKRZt.svg BSicon uehKRZt.svg BSicon uexhKRZt.svg Crossing tunnel/high level
tKRZh BSicon tKRZh.svg BSicon xtKRZh.svg BSicon etKRZh.svg BSicon extKRZh.svg BSicon utKRZh.svg BSicon uxtKRZh.svg BSicon uetKRZh.svg BSicon uextKRZh.svg Crossing tunnel/high level
hKRZho BSicon hKRZho.svg BSicon xhKRZho.svg BSicon ehKRZho.svg BSicon exhKRZho.svg BSicon uhKRZho.svg BSicon uxhKRZho.svg BSicon uehKRZho.svg BSicon uexhKRZho.svg Crossing high level
hKRZhu BSicon hKRZhu.svg BSicon xhKRZhu.svg BSicon ehKRZhu.svg BSicon exhKRZhu.svg BSicon uhKRZhu.svg BSicon uxhKRZhu.svg BSicon uehKRZhu.svg BSicon uexhKRZhu.svg Crossing high level
mKRZ BSicon mKRZ.svg BSicon xmKRZ.svg BSicon emKRZ.svg BSicon exmKRZ.svg BSicon umKRZ.svg BSicon uxmKRZ.svg BSicon uemKRZ.svg BSicon uexmKRZ.svg Flat crossing mixed
mKRZt BSicon mKRZt.svg BSicon xmKRZt.svg BSicon emKRZt.svg BSicon exmKRZt.svg BSicon umKRZt.svg BSicon uxmKRZt.svg BSicon uemKRZt.svg BSicon uexmKRZt.svg Crossing mixed, tunnel
mtKRZ BSicon mtKRZ.svg BSicon xmtKRZ.svg BSicon emtKRZ.svg BSicon exmtKRZ.svg BSicon umtKRZ.svg BSicon uxmtKRZ.svg BSicon uemtKRZ.svg BSicon uexmtKRZ.svg Crossing mixed, tunnel
mtKRZt BSicon mtKRZt.svg BSicon xmtKRZt.svg BSicon emtKRZt.svg BSicon exmtKRZt.svg BSicon umtKRZt.svg BSicon uxmtKRZt.svg BSicon uemtKRZt.svg BSicon uexmtKRZt.svg Crossing mixed, tunnel
mKRZo BSicon mKRZo.svg BSicon xmKRZo.svg BSicon emKRZo.svg BSicon exmKRZo.svg BSicon umKRZo.svg BSicon uxmKRZo.svg BSicon uemKRZo.svg BSicon uexmKRZo.svg Crossing mixed, overhead
mKRZu BSicon mKRZu.svg BSicon xmKRZu.svg BSicon emKRZu.svg BSicon exmKRZu.svg BSicon umKRZu.svg BSicon uxmKRZu.svg BSicon uemKRZu.svg BSicon uexmKRZu.svg Crossing mixed, underneath
mhKRZ BSicon mhKRZ.svg BSicon xmhKRZ.svg BSicon emhKRZ.svg BSicon exmhKRZ.svg BSicon umhKRZ.svg BSicon uxmhKRZ.svg BSicon uemhKRZ.svg BSicon uexmhKRZ.svg Crossing high level
mKRZh BSicon mKRZh.svg BSicon xmKRZh.svg BSicon emKRZh.svg BSicon exmKRZh.svg BSicon umKRZh.svg BSicon uxmKRZh.svg BSicon uemKRZh.svg BSicon uexmKRZh.svg Crossing high level
mhKRZt BSicon mhKRZt.svg BSicon xmhKRZt.svg BSicon emhKRZt.svg BSicon exmhKRZt.svg BSicon umhKRZt.svg BSicon uxmhKRZt.svg BSicon uemhKRZt.svg BSicon uexmhKRZt.svg Crossing tunnel/high level
mtKRZh BSicon mtKRZh.svg BSicon xmtKRZh.svg BSicon emtKRZh.svg BSicon exmtKRZh.svg BSicon umtKRZh.svg BSicon uxmtKRZh.svg BSicon uemtKRZh.svg BSicon uexmtKRZh.svg Crossing tunnel/high level
mhKRZho BSicon mhKRZho.svg BSicon xmhKRZho.svg BSicon emhKRZho.svg BSicon exmhKRZho.svg BSicon umhKRZho.svg BSicon uxmhKRZho.svg BSicon uemhKRZho.svg BSicon uexmhKRZho.svg Crossing high level
mhKRZhu BSicon mhKRZhu.svg BSicon xmhKRZhu.svg BSicon emhKRZhu.svg BSicon exmhKRZhu.svg BSicon umhKRZhu.svg BSicon uxmhKRZhu.svg BSicon uemhKRZhu.svg BSicon uexmhKRZhu.svg Crossing high level
KRZBHF BSicon TBHF.svg 4-way with station
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Interchange with rapid transit[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
INT BSicon INT.svg BSicon exINT.svg BSicon uINT.svg BSicon utINT.svg BSicon uexINT.svg Interchange with rapid transit
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Berlin S-Bahn junctions[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
S+BHF BSicon S+BHF.svg BSicon xS+BHF.svg BSicon tS+BHF.svg BSicon eS+BHF.svg BSicon exS+BHF.svg BSicon uS+BHF.svg BSicon uxS+BHF.svg BSicon utS+BHF.svg BSicon ueS+BHF.svg BSicon uexS+BHF.svg Station regional/long distance
S+BHFq BSicon S+BHFq.svg BSicon xS+BHFq.svg BSicon tS+BHFq.svg BSicon eS+BHFq.svg BSicon exS+BHFq.svg BSicon uS+BHFq.svg BSicon uxS+BHFq.svg BSicon utS+BHFq.svg BSicon ueS+BHFq.svg BSicon uexS+BHFq.svg Station regional/long distance
KS+BHFa BSicon KS+BHFa.svg BSicon tKS+BHFa.svg BSicon eKS+BHFa.svg BSicon exKS+BHFa.svg Terminal station regional/long distance, start
KS+BHFe BSicon KS+BHFe.svg BSicon tKS+BHFe.svg BSicon eKS+BHFe.svg BSicon exKS+BHFe.svg Terminal station regional/long distance, end
KS+BHFr BSicon KS+BHFr.svg BSicon tKS+BHFr.svg BSicon eKS+BHFr.svg BSicon exKS+BHFr.svg Terminal station regional/long distance, to the left
KS+BHFr BSicon KS+BHFr.svg BSicon tKS+BHFr.svg BSicon eKS+BHFr.svg BSicon exKS+BHFr.svg Terminal station regional/long distance, to the right
KS+BHFxa BSicon KS+BHFxa.svg BSicon tKS+BHFxa.svg BSicon eKS+BHFxa.svg Terminal station regional/long distance, start
KS+BHFxe BSicon KS+BHFxe.svg BSicon tKS+BHFxe.svg BSicon eKS+BHFxe.svg Terminal station regional/long distance, end
KS+BHFxr BSicon KS+BHFxr.svg BSicon tKS+BHFxr.svg BSicon eKS+BHFxr.svg Terminal station regional/long distance, to the left
KS+BHFxr BSicon KS+BHFxr.svg BSicon tKS+BHFxr.svg BSicon eKS+BHFxr.svg Terminal station regional/long distance, to the right
SBHF BSicon SBHF.svg BSicon tSBHF.svg BSicon eSBHF.svg BSicon exSBHF.svg BSicon uSBHF.svg BSicon utSBHF.svg BSicon ueSBHF.svg BSicon uexSBHF.svg Station
SBHFq BSicon SBHFq.svg BSicon tSBHFq.svg BSicon eSBHFq.svg BSicon exSBHFq.svg BSicon uSBHFq.svg BSicon utSBHFq.svg BSicon ueSBHFq.svg BSicon uexSBHFq.svg Station
KSBHFa BSicon KSBHFa.svg BSicon tKSBHFa.svg BSicon eKSBHFa.svg BSicon exKSBHFa.svg Terminal station start
KSBHFe BSicon KSBHFe.svg BSicon tKSBHFe.svg BSicon eKSBHFe.svg BSicon exKSBHFe.svg Terminal station end
KSBHFr BSicon KSBHFr.svg BSicon tKSBHFr.svg BSicon eKSBHFr.svg BSicon exKSBHFr.svg Terminal station to the left
KSBHFr BSicon KSBHFr.svg BSicon tKSBHFr.svg BSicon eKSBHFr.svg BSicon exKSBHFr.svg Terminal station to the right
KSBHFxa BSicon KSBHFxa.svg BSicon tKSBHFxa.svg BSicon eKSBHFxa.svg Terminal station start
KSBHFxe BSicon KSBHFxe.svg BSicon tKSBHFxe.svg BSicon eKSBHFxe.svg Terminal station end
KSBHFxr BSicon KSBHFxr.svg BSicon tKSBHFxr.svg BSicon eKSBHFxr.svg Terminal station to the left
KSBHFxr BSicon KSBHFxr.svg BSicon tKSBHFxr.svg BSicon eKSBHFxr.svg Terminal station to the right
SHST BSicon SHST.svg BSicon tSHST.svg BSicon eSHST.svg BSicon exSHST.svg BSicon uSHST.svg BSicon utSHST.svg BSicon ueSHST.svg BSicon uexSHST.svg Stop
SHSTq BSicon SHSTq.svg BSicon tSHSTq.svg BSicon eSHSTq.svg BSicon exSHSTq.svg BSicon uSHSTq.svg BSicon utSHSTq.svg BSicon ueSHSTq.svg BSicon uexSHSTq.svg Stop
KSHSTa BSicon KSHSTa.svg BSicon tKSHSTa.svg BSicon eKSHSTa.svg BSicon exKSHSTa.svg Terminal stop start
KSHSTe BSicon KSHSTe.svg BSicon tKSHSTe.svg BSicon eKSHSTe.svg BSicon exKSHSTe.svg Terminal stop end
KSHSTr BSicon KSHSTr.svg BSicon tKSHSTr.svg BSicon eKSHSTr.svg BSicon exKSHSTr.svg Terminal stop to the left
KSHSTr BSicon KSHSTr.svg BSicon tKSHSTr.svg BSicon eKSHSTr.svg BSicon exKSHSTr.svg Terminal stop to the right
KSHSTxa BSicon KSHSTxa.svg BSicon tKSHSTxa.svg BSicon eKSHSTxa.svg Terminal stop start
KSHSTxe BSicon KSHSTxe.svg BSicon tKSHSTxe.svg BSicon eKSHSTxe.svg Terminal stop end
KSHSTxr BSicon KSHSTxr.svg BSicon tKSHSTxr.svg BSicon eKSHSTxr.svg Terminal stop to the left
KSHSTxr BSicon KSHSTxr.svg BSicon tKSHSTxr.svg BSicon eKSHSTxr.svg Terminal stop to the right
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Parallel interchange[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
CPIC BSicon CPIC.svg cross-platform interchange no track passing
CPICl BSicon CPICl.svg BSicon tCPICl.svg BSicon eCPICl.svg BSicon exCPICl.svg BSicon uCPICl.svg BSicon utCPICl.svg BSicon ueCPICl.svg BSicon uexCPICl.svg interchange left (large)
CPICm BSicon CPICm.svg BSicon tCPICm.svg BSicon eCPICm.svg BSicon exCPICm.svg BSicon uCPICm.svg BSicon utCPICm.svg BSicon ueCPICm.svg BSicon uexCPICm.svg interchange middle (large)
CPICr BSicon CPICr.svg BSicon tCPICr.svg BSicon eCPICr.svg BSicon exCPICr.svg BSicon uCPICr.svg BSicon utCPICr.svg BSicon ueCPICr.svg BSicon uexCPICr.svg interchange right (large)
CPICla BSicon CPICla.svg BSicon xCPICla.svg BSicon tCPICla.svg BSicon exCPICla.svg BSicon uCPICla.svg BSicon uxCPICla.svg BSicon utCPICla.svg BSicon uexCPICla.svg interchange Line start left (large)
CPICma BSicon CPICma.svg BSicon xCPICma.svg BSicon tCPICma.svg BSicon exCPICma.svg BSicon uCPICma.svg BSicon uxCPICma.svg BSicon utCPICma.svg BSicon uexCPICma.svg interchange Line start middle (large)
CPICra BSicon CPICra.svg BSicon xCPICra.svg BSicon tCPICra.svg BSicon exCPICra.svg BSicon uCPICra.svg BSicon uxCPICra.svg BSicon utCPICra.svg BSicon uexCPICra.svg interchange Line start right (large)
CPICle BSicon CPICle.svg BSicon xCPICle.svg BSicon tCPICle.svg BSicon exCPICle.svg BSicon uCPICle.svg BSicon uxCPICle.svg BSicon utCPICle.svg BSicon uexCPICle.svg interchange Line end left (large)
CPICme BSicon CPICme.svg BSicon xCPICme.svg BSicon tCPICme.svg BSicon exCPICme.svg BSicon uCPICme.svg BSicon uxCPICme.svg BSicon utCPICme.svg BSicon uexCPICme.svg interchange Line end middle (large)
CPICre BSicon CPICre.svg BSicon xCPICre.svg BSicon tCPICre.svg BSicon exCPICre.svg BSicon uCPICre.svg BSicon uxCPICre.svg BSicon utCPICre.svg BSicon uexCPICre.svg interchange Line end right (large)
CPICpasso BSicon CPICpasso.svg BSicon tCPICpasso.svg BSicon exCPICpasso.svg BSicon uCPICpasso.svg BSicon utCPICpasso.svg BSicon uexCPICpasso.svg interchange non-stop track over
CPICpassu BSicon CPICpassu.svg BSicon tCPICpassu.svg BSicon exCPICpassu.svg BSicon uCPICpassu.svg BSicon utCPICpassu.svg BSicon uexCPICpassu.svg interchange non-stop track under
vBHF BSicon vBHF.svg BSicon evBHF.svg interchange (small)
vKBHFa BSicon vKBHFa.svg interchange line start (small)
vKBHFe BSicon vKBHFe.svg interchange line end (small)
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Parallel interchange with Disabled Access[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
CPICAl BSicon CPICAl.svg BSicon uCPICAl.svg BSicon utCPICAl.svg interchange left (large)
CPICAm BSicon CPICAm.svg BSicon uCPICAm.svg BSicon utCPICAm.svg interchange middle (large)
CPICAr BSicon CPICAr.svg BSicon uCPICAr.svg BSicon utCPICAr.svg interchange right (large)
CPICAla BSicon CPICAla.svg BSicon uCPICAla.svg BSicon utCPICAla.svg interchange Line start left (large)
CPICAma BSicon CPICAma.svg BSicon uCPICAma.svg BSicon utCPICAma.svg interchange Line start middle (large)
CPICAra BSicon CPICAra.svg BSicon uCPICAra.svg BSicon utCPICAra.svg interchange Line start right (large)
CPICAle BSicon CPICAle.svg BSicon utCPICAle.svg interchange Line end left (large)
CPICAme BSicon CPICAme.svg BSicon uCPICAme.svg BSicon utCPICAme.svg interchange Line end middle (large)
CPICAre BSicon CPICAre.svg BSicon utCPICAre.svg interchange Line end right (large)
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

2-way branches and junctions[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
ABZlf BSicon ABZlf.svg BSicon xABZlf.svg BSicon tABZlf.svg BSicon eABZlf.svg BSicon exABZlf.svg BSicon uABZlf.svg BSicon uxABZlf.svg BSicon utABZlf.svg BSicon ueABZlf.svg BSicon uexABZlf.svg Branch down direction: to left
ABZrf BSicon ABZrf.svg BSicon xABZrf.svg BSicon tABZrf.svg BSicon eABZrf.svg BSicon exABZrf.svg BSicon uABZrf.svg BSicon uxABZrf.svg BSicon utABZrf.svg BSicon ueABZrf.svg BSicon uexABZrf.svg Branch down direction: to right
ABZlg BSicon ABZlg.svg BSicon xABZlg.svg BSicon tABZlg.svg BSicon eABZlg.svg BSicon exABZlg.svg BSicon uABZlg.svg BSicon uxABZlg.svg BSicon utABZlg.svg BSicon ueABZlg.svg BSicon uexABZlg.svg Branch up direction: to left
ABZrg BSicon ABZrg.svg BSicon xABZrg.svg BSicon tABZrg.svg BSicon eABZrg.svg BSicon exABZrg.svg BSicon uABZrg.svg BSicon uxABZrg.svg BSicon utABZrg.svg BSicon ueABZrg.svg BSicon uexABZrg.svg Branch up direction: to right
ABZlr BSicon ABZlr.svg BSicon ABZlxr.svg BSicon tABZlr.svg BSicon ABZrxl.svg BSicon exABZlr.svg BSicon uABZrl.svg BSicon ueABZrl.svg BSicon utABZrl.svg BSicon ueABZlr.svg BSicon uexABZrl.svg Fork down direction
ABZ+lr BSicon ABZ+lr.svg BSicon ABZ+lxr.svg BSicon tABZ+lr.svg BSicon ABZ+rxl.svg BSicon exABZ+lr.svg BSicon uABZ+lr.svg BSicon uxABZ+lr.svg BSicon utABZ+lr.svg BSicon ueABZ+lr.svg BSicon uexABZ+lr.svg Fork up direction
ABZl+l BSicon ABZl+l.svg BSicon ABZl+xl.svg BSicon tABZl+l.svg BSicon ABZxl+l.svg BSicon exABZl+l.svg BSicon uABZl+l.svg BSicon uxABZl+l.svg BSicon utABZfg.svg BSicon ueABZl+l.svg BSicon uexABZfg.svg Fork left direction
ABZr+r BSicon ABZr+r.svg BSicon ABZr+xr.svg BSicon tABZr+r.svg BSicon ABZxr+r.svg BSicon exABZr+r.svg BSicon uABZgf.svg BSicon uxABZr+r.svg BSicon utABZgf.svg BSicon ueABZr+r.svg BSicon uexABZgf.svg Fork right direction
ABZql BSicon ABZql.svg BSicon xABZql.svg BSicon tABZql.svg BSicon eABZql.svg BSicon exABZql.svg BSicon uABZql.svg BSicon uxABZql.svg BSicon utABZql.svg BSicon ueABZql.svg BSicon uexABZql.svg Branch across and to left
ABZqr BSicon ABZqr.svg BSicon xABZqr.svg BSicon tABZqr.svg BSicon eABZqr.svg BSicon exABZqr.svg BSicon uABZqr.svg BSicon uxABZqr.svg BSicon utABZqr.svg BSicon ueABZqr.svg BSicon uexABZqr.svg Branch across and to right
ABZq+l BSicon ABZq+l.svg BSicon xABZq+l.svg BSicon tABZq+l.svg BSicon eABZq+l.svg BSicon exABZq+l.svg BSicon uABZq+l.svg BSicon uxABZq+l.svg BSicon utABZq+l.svg BSicon ueABZq+l.svg BSicon uexABZq+l.svg Branch across and from left
ABZq+r BSicon ABZq+r.svg BSicon xABZq+r.svg BSicon tABZq+r.svg BSicon eABZq+r.svg BSicon exABZq+r.svg BSicon uABZq+r.svg BSicon uxABZq+r.svg BSicon utABZq+r.svg BSicon ueABZq+r.svg BSicon uexABZq+r.svg Branch across and from right
ABZgl+l BSicon ABZgl+l.svg BSicon xABZgl+l.svg BSicon eABZgl+l.svg BSicon exABZgl+l.svg Branch straight, to left, from left
ABZgl+xl BSicon ABZgl+xl.svg BSicon xABZgl+xl.svg Branch straight, to left, from left
ABZgxl+l BSicon ABZgxl+l.svg BSicon xABZgxl+l.svg Branch straight, to left, from left
ABZgr+r BSicon ABZgr+r.svg BSicon xABZgr+r.svg BSicon eABZgr+r.svg BSicon exABZgr+r.svg Branch straight, to right, from right
ABZgr+xr BSicon ABZgr+xr.svg BSicon xABZgr+xr.svg Branch straight, to right, from right
ABZgxr+r BSicon ABZgxr+r.svg BSicon xABZgxr+r.svg Branch straight, to right, from right
ABZgl+l BSicon .svg BSicon uABZgl+l.svg BSicon uxABZgl+l.svg BSicon utABZgl+l.svg BSicon ueABZgl+l.svg BSicon uexABZgl+l.svg Branch both directions: to left
ABZgr+r BSicon .svg BSicon uABZgr+r.svg BSicon uxABZgr+r.svg BSicon utABZgr+r.svg BSicon ueABZgr+r.svg BSicon uexABZgr+r.svg Branch both directions: to right
ABZgl+r BSicon ABZgl+r.svg BSicon xABZgl+r.svg BSicon eABZgl+r.svg BSicon exABZgl+r.svg Branch both directions
ABZgl+xr BSicon ABZgl+xr.svg BSicon xABZgl+xr.svg Branch both directions
ABZgxl+r BSicon ABZgxl+r.svg BSicon xABZgxl+r.svg Branch both directions
ABZgr+l BSicon ABZgr+l.svg BSicon xABZgr+l.svg BSicon eABZgr+l.svg BSicon exABZgr+l.svg Branch both directions
ABZgr+xl BSicon ABZgr+xl.svg BSicon xABZgr+xl.svg Branch both directions
ABZgxr+l BSicon ABZgxr+l.svg BSicon xABZgxr+l.svg Branch both directions
ABZqlr BSicon ABZqlr.svg BSicon xABZqlr.svg BSicon eABZqlr.svg BSicon exABZqlr.svg Triangle
ABZqlxr BSicon ABZqlxr.svg BSicon xABZqlxr.svg Triangle
ABZqrxl BSicon ABZqrxl.svg BSicon xABZqrxl.svg Triangle
ABZq+lr BSicon ABZq+lr.svg BSicon xABZq+lr.svg BSicon eABZq+lr.svg BSicon exABZq+lr.svg Triangle
ABZq+lxr BSicon ABZq+lxr.svg BSicon xABZq+lxr.svg Triangle
ABZq+rxl BSicon ABZq+rxl.svg BSicon xABZq+rxl.svg Triangle
ABZql+r BSicon ABZql+r.svg BSicon xABZql+r.svg BSicon eABZql+r.svg BSicon exABZql+r.svg Branch both directions
ABZql+xr BSicon ABZql+xr.svg BSicon xABZql+xr.svg Branch both directions
ABZqxl+r BSicon ABZqxl+r.svg BSicon xABZqxl+r.svg Branch both directions
ABZqr+l BSicon ABZqr+l.svg BSicon xABZqr+l.svg BSicon eABZqr+l.svg BSicon exABZqr+l.svg Branch both directions
ABZqr+xl BSicon ABZqr+xl.svg BSicon xABZqr+xl.svg Branch both directions
ABZqxr+l BSicon ABZqxr+l.svg BSicon xABZqxr+l.svg Branch both directions
hABZgr+r BSicon hABZgr+r.svg BSicon uhABZgr+r.svg Branch elevated both directions: to right
hABZlf BSicon hABZlf.svg BSicon uhABZlf.svg Branch elevated down direction: to left
hABZrg BSicon hABZrg.svg BSicon uhABZrg.svg Branch elevated up direction: to right
hABZlg BSicon hABZlg.svg BSicon uhABZlg.svg Branch elevated up direction: to left
hABZrf BSicon hABZrf.svg BSicon uhABZrf.svg Branch elevated down direction: to right
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

3-way branches and junctions[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
ABZglr BSicon ABZglr.svg BSicon xABZglr.svg BSicon tABZdf.svg BSicon eABZglr.svg BSicon exABZglr.svg BSicon uABZdf.svg BSicon uxABZglr.svg BSicon utABZglr.svg BSicon ueABZglr.svg BSicon uexABZdf.svg Branch down direction: to left and right
ABZgrxl BSicon ABZgrxl.svg BSicon xABZgrxl.svg BSicon uABZgrxl.svg 20px Branch down direction: to left and right
ABZglxr BSicon ABZglxr.svg BSicon xABZglxr.svg BSicon uABZglxr.svg BSicon uxABZglxr.svg Branch down direction: to left and right
ABZg+lr BSicon ABZg+lr.svg BSicon xABZg+lr.svg BSicon tABZg+lr.svg BSicon eABZg+lr.svg BSicon exABZg+lr.svg BSicon uABZg+lr.svg BSicon uxABZg+lr.svg BSicon utABZdg.svg BSicon ueABZdg.svg BSicon uexABZdg.svg Branch up direction: to left and right
ABZg+lxr BSicon ABZg+lxr.svg BSicon xABZg+lxr.svg BSicon uABZg+lxr.svg BSicon uxABZg+lxr.svg Branch up direction: to left and right
ABZg+rxl BSicon ABZg+rxl.svg BSicon xABZg+rxl.svg BSicon uABZg+rxl.svg 20px Branch up direction: to left and right
ABZqr+r BSicon ABZqr+r.svg BSicon xABZqr+r.svg BSicon tABZqr+r.svg BSicon eABZqr+r.svg BSicon exABZqr+r.svg BSicon uABZqr+r.svg 20px 20px BSicon ueABZqr+r.svg 20px Branch left direction: up and down
ABZqxr+r BSicon ABZqxr+r.svg BSicon xABZqxr+r.svg 20px 20px Branch left direction: up and down
ABZqr+xr BSicon ABZqr+xr.svg BSicon xABZqr+xr.svg 20px 20px Branch left direction: up and down
ABZql+l BSicon ABZql+l.svg BSicon xABZql+l.svg BSicon tABZql+l.svg BSicon eABZql+l.svg BSicon exABZql+l.svg BSicon uABZql+l.svg BSicon uxABZql+l.svg 20px BSicon ueABZql+l.svg BSicon uexABZql+l.svg Branch right direction: up and down
ABZql+xl BSicon ABZql+xl.svg BSicon xABZql+xl.svg 20px 20px Branch right direction: up and down
ABZqxl+l BSicon ABZqxl+l.svg BSicon xABZqxl+l.svg 20px 20px Branch right direction: up and down
uABZdrl3 BSicon uABZdrl3.svg Branch left direction:up and down
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Curves for multicolumn templates like BS2 and BS3[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
STRlf BSicon STRlf.svg BSicon tSTRlf.svg BSicon exSTRlf.svg BSicon uSTRlf.svg BSicon utSTRlf.svg BSicon uexSTRlf.svg Curve down direction: to left
STRrf BSicon STRrf.svg BSicon tSTRrf.svg BSicon exSTRrf.svg BSicon uSTRrf.svg BSicon utSTRrf.svg BSicon uexSTRrf.svg Curve down direction: to right
STRlg BSicon STRlg.svg BSicon tSTRlg.svg BSicon exSTRlg.svg BSicon uSTRlg.svg BSicon utSTRlg.svg BSicon uexSTRlg.svg Curve up direction: to left
STRrg BSicon STRrg.svg BSicon tSTRrg.svg BSicon exSTRrg.svg BSicon uSTRrg.svg BSicon utSTRrg.svg BSicon uexSTRrg.svg Curve up direction: to right
hSTRlf BSicon hSTRlf.svg BSicon exhSTRlf.svg BSicon uhSTRlf.svg 20px Elevated curve down direction: to left
hSTRrf BSicon hSTRrf.svg BSicon uhSTRrf.svg Elevated curve down direction: to right
hSTRlg BSicon hSTRlg.svg BSicon uhSTRlg.svg Elevated curve up direction: to left
hSTRrg BSicon hSTRrg.svg BSicon exhSTRrg.svg BSicon uhSTRrg.svg 20px Elevated curve up direction: to right
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Branching symbols[modificare | modificare sursă]

  • Use of a single branching symbol (with supplementary corner symbol) to illustrate the branching of BS2 from the main line.
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
BS2l BSicon BS2l.svg BSicon eBS2l.svg BSicon exBS2l.svg BSicon uBS2l.svg BSicon ueBS2l.svg BSicon uexBS2l.svg Mainline splits to the left
BS2r BSicon BS2r.svg BSicon eBS2r.svg BSicon exBS2r.svg BSicon uBS2r.svg BSicon ueBS2r.svg BSicon uexBS2r.svg Mainline splits to the right
BS2+l BSicon BS2+l.svg BSicon eBS2+l.svg BSicon exBS2+l.svg BSicon uBS2+l.svg BSicon ueBS2+l.svg BSicon uexBS2+l.svg Junction enters mainline from the left
BS2+r BSicon BS2+r.svg BSicon eBS2+r.svg BSicon exBS2+r.svg BSicon uBS2+r.svg BSicon ueBS2+r.svg BSicon uexBS2+r.svg Junction enters mainline from the right
BS2c1 BSicon BS2c1.svg BSicon exBS2c1.svg BSicon uBS2c1.svg BSicon uexBS2c1.svg Corner (for standalone BS2lf symbol)
BS2c2 BSicon BS2c2.svg BSicon exBS2c2.svg BSicon uBS2c2.svg BSicon uexBS2c2.svg Corner (for standalone BS2rg symbol)
BS2c3 BSicon BS2c3.svg BSicon exBS2c3.svg BSicon uBS2c3.svg BSicon uexBS2c3.svg Corner (for standalone BS2lg symbol)
BS2c4 BSicon BS2c4.svg BSicon exBS2c4.svg BSicon uBS2c4.svg BSicon uexBS2c4.svg Corner (for standalone BS2rf symbol)
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Sidings and Endings[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
ENDEa BSicon ENDEa.svg BSicon ENDExa.svg BSicon exENDEa.svg BSicon uENDEa.svg BSicon uENDExa.svg BSicon utENDEa.svg BSicon uexENDEa.svg Line end on open line Start
ENDEe BSicon ENDEe.svg BSicon ENDExe.svg BSicon exENDEe.svg BSicon uENDEe.svg BSicon uENDExe.svg BSicon utENDEe.svg BSicon uexENDEe.svg Line end on open line End
ENDEl BSicon ENDEl.svg BSicon exENDEl.svg Line end on siding Left
ENDEr BSicon ENDEr.svg BSicon exENDEr.svg Line end on siding Right
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Other tunnels[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
TUNNEL1 BSicon TUNNEL1.svg BSicon exTUNNEL1.svg BSicon uTUNNEL1.svg BSicon uexTUNNEL1.svg Tunnel
TUNNEL2 BSicon TUNNEL2.svg BSicon exTUNNEL2.svg Tunnel Use when several in a row
TUNNEL2q BSicon TUNNEL2q.svg Tunnel (horizontal) Use when several in a row
TUNNELa BSicon TUNNELa.svg BSicon exTUNNELa.svg BSicon uTUNNELa.svg BSicon uexTUNNELa.svg Tunnel Start
TUNNELe BSicon TUNNELe.svg BSicon exTUNNELe.svg BSicon uTUNNELe.svg BSicon uexTUNNELe.svg Tunnel End
TUNNELlu BSicon tSTRaq.svg BSicon utSTRaq.svg Tunnel
TUNNELru BSicon tSTReq.svg BSicon utSTReq.svg Tunnel
WTUNNEL BSicon WTUNNEL.svg BSicon uWTUNNEL.svg BSicon uexWTUNNEL.svg Tunnel under water
WTUNNEL1 BSicon WTUNNEL1.svg BSicon exWTUNNEL1.svg BSicon uWTUNNEL1.svg BSicon uexWTUNNEL1.svg Tunnel under water
WTUNNEL2 BSicon WTUNNEL2.svg BSicon exWTUNNEL2.svg Tunnel under water
xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex

Miscellaneous infrastructure[modificare | modificare sursă]

xp x t e ex u ux ut ue uex
BRÜCKE BSicon BRÜCKE.svg BSicon exBRÜCKE.svg BSicon uBRÜCKE.svg BSicon uexBRÜCKE.svg Bridge
BRÜCKEq BSicon BRÜCKEq.svg BSicon exBRÜCKEq.svg Bridge (horizontal)
BRÜCKE1 BSicon BRÜCKE1.svg BSicon exBRÜCKE1.svg Bridge
BRÜCKE2q BSicon BRÜCKE2q.svg BSicon exBRÜCKE2q.svg Bridge (horizontal)
BRÜCKE2 BSicon BRÜCKE2.svg BSicon exBRÜCKE2.svg Bridge
BRÜCKE2q BSicon BRÜCKE2q.svg BSicon exBRÜCKE2q.svg Bridge (horizontal)
BRÜCKEa BSicon hSTRag.svg BSicon uhSTRag.svg Elevated line Start
BRÜCKEe BSicon hSTRef.svg BSicon uhSTRef.svg Elevated line End
BRÜCKEl BSicon BRÜCKEl.svg Elevated line (horizontal) Start
BRÜCKEr BSicon BRÜCKEr.svg Elevated line (horizontal) End
WBRÜCKE BSicon WBRÜCKE.svg BSicon exWBRÜCKE.svg BSicon uWBRÜCKE.svg BSicon uexWBRÜCKE.svg Bridge across water
WBRÜCKEq BSicon WBRÜCKEq.svg BSicon exWBRÜCKEq.svg Bridge across water (horizontal)
WBRÜCKE1 BSicon WBRÜCKE1.svg BSicon exWBRÜCKE1.svg BSicon uWBRÜCKE1.svg Bridge across water
WBRÜCKE1q BSicon WBRÜCKE1q.svg BSicon exWBRÜCKE1q.svg Bridge across water (horizontal)
WBRÜCKE2 BSicon WBRÜCKE2.svg BSicon exWBRÜCKE2.svg Bridge across water
WBRÜCKE2q BSicon WBRÜCKE2q.svg BSicon exWBRÜCKE2q.svg Bridge across water (horizontal)
WBRÜCKEa BSicon WBRÜCKEa.svg BSicon uWBRÜCKEa.svg Elevated across water At start of elevated line
WBRÜCKEe BSicon WBRÜCKEe.svg BSicon uWBRÜCKEe.svg Elevated across water At end of elevated line
SBRÜCKE BSicon SBRÜCKE.svg BSicon exSBRÜCKE.svg BSicon uSBRÜCKE.svg Road bridge
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Others[modificare | modificare sursă]

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KMW BSicon KMW.svg BSicon tKMW.svg BSicon exKMW.svg BSicon uKMW.svg BSicon utKMW.svg BSicon uexKMW.svg Change of kilometrage
cf. Template:BSkm
GRENZE BSicon GRENZE.svg BSicon xGRENZE.svg BSicon tGRENZE.svg BSicon eGRENZE.svg BSicon exGRENZE.svg BSicon uxGRENZE.svg BSicon uetGRENZE.svg BSicon ueGRENZE.svg BSicon uexGRENZE.svg Border
GRENZE+WBRÜCKE BSicon GRENZE+WBRÜCKE.svg BSicon xGRENZE+WBRÜCKE.svg BSicon eGRENZE+WBRÜCKE.svg BSicon exGRENZE+WBRÜCKE.svg Border on bridge over water
GIP BSicon GIP.svg Summit
GIPl BSicon STRSUMMITl.svg BSicon tGIPl.svg BSicon exGIPl.svg BSicon uGIPl.svg 20px Summit
GIPr BSicon GIPr.svg BSicon tGIPr.svg BSicon exGIPr.svg Summit
ÜST BSicon ÜST.svg BSicon tÜST.svg BSicon eÜST.svg BSicon exÜST.svg BSicon uÜST.svg BSicon utÜST.svg Track switch
BUE BSicon BUE.svg BSicon eBUE.svg BSicon exBUE.svg Level crossing
TRAJEKT BSicon TRAJEKT.svg BSicon exTRAJEKT.svg Ferry (integral part of route)
BOOT BSicon BOOT.svg BSicon exBOOT.svg Ferry (independent)
WASSER BSicon WASSER.svg Water
FLUG BSicon FLUG.svg BSicon exFLUG.svg Airport
TRAM BSicon TRAM.svg BSicon exTRAM.svg Tram/light rail Not mapped but does connect
AKRZo BSicon AKRZo.svg BSicon exAKRZo.svg BSicon uAKRZo.svg BSicon uexAKRZo.svg Motorway underpass (German symbol)
hAKRZo BSicon hAKRZo.svg BSicon uhAKRZo.svg Motorway underpass (German symbol)
AKRZu BSicon AKRZu.svg BSicon exAKRZu.svg BSicon uAKRZu.svg BSicon uexAKRZu.svg Motorway overpass (German symbol)
AKRZ-UKo BSicon AKRZ-UKo.svg BSicon exAKRZ-UKo.svg Motorway underpass (UK symbol)
hAKRZ-UK BSicon hAKRZ-UK.svg Elevated line over motorway (UK symbol)
AKRZ-UKu BSicon AKRZ-UKu.svg BSicon exAKRZ-UKu.svg Motorway overpass (UK symbol)
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For 'Legend' page, or line-side features[modificare | modificare sursă]

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lBHF BSicon lBHF.svg BSicon exlBHF.svg BSicon ulBHF.svg BSicon uexlBHF.svg Major station
lHST BSicon lHST.svg BSicon exlHST.svg BSicon ulHST.svg BSicon uexlHST.svg Minor station
lDST BSicon lDST.svg BSicon exlDST.svg BSicon ulDST.svg BSicon uexlDST.svg Freight station/depot
lBST BSicon lBST.svg BSicon exlBST.svg BSicon ulBST.svg BSicon uexlBST.svg Freight stop/siding
lINT BSicon lINT.svg BSicon exlINT.svg Interchange with rapid transit
lGRENZE BSicon lZOLL.svg BSicon exGRENZE legende.svg Border/divider
lENDE BSicon ENDE legende.svg Border/divider
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