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Seinfeld este un sitcom american, creat de Larry David și Jerry Seinfeld (care, în plus, joacă rolul principal). Episodul pilot al serialului a fost transmis în 5 iulie 1989, serialul propriu-zis debutând în mai 1990. Deși n-a avut succes imediat, popularitatea sa a crescut cu timpul, încetul cu încetul. În 1992 - 1993, în sezonul al IV-lea, s-a aflat pentru prima dată în topul 25 al serialelor după audiență, pentru ca în sezonul 1994 - 1995 să ajungă pe locul întâi. Când ultimul episod al serialului a fost transmis pe 14 martie 1998, a fost vizionat de 76 milioane de telespectatori.

Episoade[modificare | modificare sursă]

# Titlul Regia Scenariul Premiera[1] Cod de
1 1 The Seinfeld Chronicles Art Wolff Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld 5 iulie 1989 101 10.9/19[3]
Jerry tells George about a woman named Laura he met in Michigan who is coming to New York for a seminar. Jerry wonders if she has romantic intentions. The two continue to talk about her after they leave the luncheonette. Jerry then receives a telephone call from Laura, who asks if she can stay overnight at his apartment. Jerry invites her, but is still unsure whether or not her visit is intended to be romantic. Jerry and Laura arrive at the apartment. Laura then receives a call and when Laura gets off the phone she tells Jerry: "Never get engaged." Jerry then realizes that he has no chance with Laura, but has already committed himself to an entire weekend with her. 
2 2 The Stake Out Tom Cherones Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld 31 mai 1990 103 16.2/24[4]
During a party, Jerry flirts with a woman but fails to learn anything about her except her place of work. Jerry is reluctant to find out her phone number from Elaine because he does not talk about other women to her. Jerry's father, Morty Seinfeld, suggests that he should wait outside the building for the woman and pretend to meet her accidentally. Jerry goes along with the idea. He manages to meet the woman, whose name is Vanessa. The two then decide to go out on a date. 
3 3 The Robbery Tom Cherones Matt Goldman 7 iunie 1990 104 13.6/24[5]
Jerry is robbed after Kramer leaves Jerry's door open, so Jerry decides to find a new apartment. As a real estate broker, George finds a new apartment for Jerry, but then wants it for himself. The group argues about who should receive the apartment, with Elaine getting either George or Jerry's apartment, depending on who moves. Not wanting to hurt their friendship, Jerry and George decide not to move and give the apartment to someone else. After seeing how much the new owners enjoy the apartment, they regret their decision. 
4 4 Male Unbonding Tom Cherones Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld 14 iunie 1990 102 13.6/24[6]
Jerry tries to avoid meeting an old childhood friend, Joel Horneck, who persists in keeping in touch with him. Jerry claims that the reason he has not broken up the relationship is because Joel is a man. George suggests that Jerry should pretend that Joel is a woman and break up normally. Jerry attempts to break up with Joel, but Joel bursts into tears; Jerry changes his mind and agrees to take him to see the New York Knicks. Meanwhile, Kramer, working under the name Kramerica Industries, is working on the idea of building a pizza place where you make your own pizza pie. 
5 5 The Stock Tip Tom Cherones Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld 21 iunie 1990 105 13.5/24[7]
George gets a stock tip, and after investing $5,000, he passes the tip on to Jerry, who invests $2,500. Jerry goes on a first date with Vanessa; a weekend away at a place Elaine recommends. As George predicted, the date ends up being a disaster. Meanwhile, both George and Jerry are shocked to discover that the source of the stock tip had been admitted into the hospital. While they are unsure of when to sell the stock, the stock's value plummets. Jerry finally sells it, but its value subsequently begins to rise, and George ends up making an $8,000 profit. 

Note[modificare | modificare sursă]

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