Joan Bennett

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Joan Bennett
The Woman in the Window 2.JPG
Bennett în Femeia din vitrină (1944)
Născut(ă) Joan Geraldine Bennett
27 februarie 1910(1910-02-27)
Fort Lee, New Jersey, SUA
Deces 7 decembrie 1990 (80 de ani)
Scarsdale, New York, SUA
Cauza decesului Infarct miocardic
Ocupație Actriță
Ani de activitate 1916–82
Soț(ie) John Marion Fox (c. 1926–28)(divorț) 1 copil
Gene Markey (c. 1932–37)(divorț) 1 copil
Walter Wanger (c. 1940–65)(divorț) 2 copii
David Wilde (c. 1978–90)
Joan Bennett

Joan Geraldine Bennett (n. 27 februarie 1910; d. 7 decembrie 1990) a fost o actriță americană.

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An Titlu Rol Note
1916 Valley of Decision, TheThe Valley of Decision Suflet nenăscut
1923 Eternal City, TheThe Eternal City Page Nemenționată
1928 Power O damă
1929 Divine Lady, TheThe Divine Lady extra Nemenționată
1929 Bulldog Drummond Phyllis Benton
1929 Three Live Ghosts Rose Gordon
1929 Disraeli Lady Clarissa Pevensey
1929 The Mississippi Gambler Lucy Blackburn
1930 Puttin' on the Ritz Delores Fenton
1930 Crazy That Way Ann Jordan
1930 Moby Dick Faith Mapple, his beloved
1930 Maybe It's Love (a.k.a. Eleven Men and a Girl) Nan Sheffield
1930 Scotland Yard Xandra, Lady Lasher
1931 Many a Slip Pat Coster
1931 Doctors' Wives Nina Wyndram
1931 Hush Money Joan Gordon
1932 She Wanted a Millionaire Jane Miller
1932 Careless Lady Sally Brown
1932 Trial of Vivienne Ware, TheThe Trial of Vivienne Ware Vivienne Ware
1932 Week Ends Only Venetia Carr
1932 Wild Girl Salomy Jane
1932 Me and My Gal Helen Riley
1933 Arizona to Broadway Lynn Martin
1933 Little Women Amy
1934 Pursuit of Happiness, TheThe Pursuit of Happiness Prudence Kirkland
1934 Man Who Reclaimed His Head, TheThe Man Who Reclaimed His Head Adele Verin
1935 Private Worlds Sally MacGregor
1935 Mississippi Lucy Rumford
1935 Two for Tonight Bobbie Lockwood
1935 She Couldn't Take It Carol Van Dyke
1935 Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, TheThe Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Helen Berkeley
1936 Big Brown Eyes Eve Fallon
1936 Thirteen Hours by Air Felice Rollins
1936 Two in a Crowd Julia Wayne
1936 Wedding Present Monica "Rusty" Fleming
1937 Vogues of 1938 Wendy Van Klettering
1938 I Met My Love Again Julie
1938 Texans, TheThe Texans Ivy Preston
1938 Artists and Models Abroads Patricia Harper
1938 Trade Winds Kay Kerrigan
1939 Man in the Iron Mask, TheThe Man in the Iron Mask Princess Maria Theresa
1939 Housekeeper's Daughter, TheThe Housekeeper's Daughter Hilda
1940 Green Hell Stephanie Richardson
1940 House Across the Bay, TheThe House Across the Bay Brenda Bentley
1940 Man I Married, TheThe Man I Married Carol Hoffman
1940 Son of Monte Cristo, TheThe Son of Monte Cristo Grand Duchess Zona of Lichtenburg
1941 She Knew All the Answers Gloria Winters
1941 Man Hunt Jerry Stokes
1941 Wild Geese Calling Sally Murdock
1941 Confirm or Deny Jennifer Carson
1942 Wife Takes a Flyer, TheThe Wife Takes a Flyer Anita Woverman
1942 Twin Beds Julie Abbott
1942 Girl Trouble June Delaney
1943 Margin for Error Sophia Baumer
1944 Woman in the Window, TheThe Woman in the Window Alice Reed
1945 Nob Hill Harriet Carruthers
1945 Scarlet Street Katharine "Kitty" March
1946 Colonel Effingham's Raid Ella Sue Dozier
1947 Macomber Affair, TheThe Macomber Affair Margaret Macomber
1947 Woman on the Beach, TheThe Woman on the Beach Peggy
1948 Secret Beyond the Door... Celia Lamphere
1948 Hollow Triumph Evelyn Hahn
1949 Reckless Moment, TheThe Reckless Moment Lucia Harper
1950 Father of the Bride Ellie Banks
1950 For Heaven's Sake Lydia Bolton
1951 Father's Little Dividend Ellie Banks
1951 Guy Who Came Back, TheThe Guy Who Came Back Kathy Joplin
1954 Highway Dragnet Mrs. Cummings
1955 We're No Angels Amelie Ducotel
1956 There's Always Tomorrow Marion Groves
1956 Navy Wife Peg Blain
1960 Desire in the Dust Mrs. Marquand
1970 House of Dark Shadows Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
1977 Suspiria Madame Blanc

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