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3RR[modificare | modificare sursă]

It doesn't work that way, MarkPen, and somehow I'm sure you know what the 3RR says about vandalism. I evaluated Khoikhoi and Artaxiad's edits as vandalism, and Alex:D's as protection against vandalism. Now you're going to prove me wrong, aren't you. — AdiJapan  6 martie 2007 03:32 (EET)

I'm afraid I don't understand "good faith" in the same way. Neither do I understand how you can judge anything about Khoikhoi's edits. — AdiJapan  6 martie 2007 03:54 (EET)
Whether those edits are vandalism or not is debatable. But what I saw was this:
  • The old version of the article had been vehemently criticized for pushing a strong POV. The article badly needed to be rewritten.
  • The article was being developed by Adrian Corvin, who had previously told us on the talk page his plan for rewriting the article. The plan had been largely accepted by the others.
  • The article was labeled "in use", to prevent edit conflicts. On ro.wp, that label is valid 24 hours.
  • Then a user (Khoikhoi) reverted the article to the old version without giving any kind of reason. Not a single word.
  • Another user (Alex:D) reverted back to the new version, explaining that the article was under construction and politely asking for patience.
  • Khoikhoi's repeated reverts were helped by another user, Artaxiad, registered that day and who hadn't contributed to any other articles.
  • Khoikhoi is a new user with about 50 edits. He doesn't master Romanian at any practical level, but has been moving the article around and making major edits to it.
  • Alex:D is an old and respected contributor, with almost 5000 edits.
Now given these facts I'm sure anyone would have done what I did -- block the new users and protect the page -- and that should include you, if you say you're a fellow admin; you ought to know more about not engaging in edit wars. You can report my decision to Wikimedia Foundation and wherever else you please, I'm ready to explain the way I handled the situation. — AdiJapan  6 martie 2007 04:58 (EET)
Isn't this funny? I just got a message from the real Khoikhoi, saying that while the same-name account on ro.wp is indeed his own, the edits made from that account today are not -- someone must have found his password -- [1]. So someone is playing around... — AdiJapan  6 martie 2007 05:36 (EET)

Pogromul de la Bucureşti[modificare | modificare sursă]

Why did you remove the labels and the leading paragraph in Pogromul de la Bucureşti?! They were all legitimate. — AdiJapan  6 martie 2007 06:12 (EET)

Suggestion[modificare | modificare sursă]

Maybe now that you see Adi actions were appropiate and yours were wrong you could at least apologize to him. For your info he is one of the most respected users on wiki-ro. And next time before judging what somenone edits in Romanian I suggest you to even learn some Romanian. Maybe it could help you? --R O A M A T A 2007 mesaj 6 martie 2007 09:28 (EET)

Your account will be renamed[modificare | modificare sursă]

20 martie 2015 10:26 (EET)